Fashionable hairstyles for guys: stylish for everyoneday. What kinds of cool hairstyles for guys are more common

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Every day more and more guys, as well as girls, want
look stylish, fashionable, cool. The hairstyle conveys the mood and
state of mind, says to others: “I better not come, I
aggressive and angry “or vice versa:” I am sloppy and lazy, everything to me
as I look. “

Hairstyles for guys: features

The social style has its own hairstyle. So
office workers won’t shave their temples and grow a mohawk, but
self-confident gop-stoppers never make a stylish
hairstyle a la Elvis Presley. But statistics pleases, for today
Day rows of stylish guys replenished. Those who have never seen
yourself in a stylish way, lost in their choice.

The desire to wear a cool hairstyle for guys is destructive. They
rush from one extreme to another: first they will grow long strands,
then shave off half of the hair, leaving an awkward tuft. Good
should be in moderation. If you are over twenty years old and you are already
planning to work in a serious company, you should not
shave patterns on the temples and paint the strands in green tones.

Do not forget that only clean and well-groomed hair
will make any hairstyle truly stylish. On the contrary, easy
dirty hair can ruin even the most fashionable hairstyle.

Fashionable hairstyles for guys: classic

Strict classic hairstyles are also categorized as trendy,
if you put them right.

The hairstyle of the intellectual in different styles

This is a strict hairstyle, which can make yourself any office
Worker without a twinge of conscience. No boss would mind
such a stylish solution to this unnatural at first
look hairstyles. Fashionable styling of this hairstyle differs in

– with a parting and a raised bang;

– with a parting and a smooth bang.

In order to do this kind of styling you need
ordinary haircut “classic.” In order for the hair to be correct
went to bed and held on for a long time; special means would be required
styling. It can be both mousses and gels. Their main difference
in that the gel after its drying remains more noticeable on
hair, and mousse is almost invisible. So if you don’t want
what would you have declassified, apply the styling gel as much as possible
thin layer. A man with thickly gelled hair immediately
it is seen.

Disheveled style

This hairstyle stacks without parting. Raised with gel or mousse
upstairs hair looks cool and restrained at the same time. Tidy
classic haircut gives you the opportunity not to become a freak among
ordinary people, and stylish styling will give a special charm to
unusual image.

Cool hairstyles for guys: long hair

If you like how long hair looks on guys, and already
have grown their curls, but do not know what fashionable hair can be
do long hair then you in this section. Collected here
The most fashionable hairstyles for guys for long hair.

Long crown and shaved whiskey

Option 1

This is an unusually stylish hairstyle. Upper hair
grows to any length, and whiskey, behind the ear and the back of the head
mowed under the machine with the smallest nozzle. Long hair
tied or braided. It happens that the braids
It is possible to braid several pieces at once, as in the photo below.

You can make this hairstyle yourself. Divide hair into
three or more stripes and braid each one in a pigtail style
�”Spike”. On the back of the head tie the loose ends of the braids in a tight

So же можно пустить одну косичку по границе между длинными и
short hair She braids from a piece of long hair and
tied in the tail on the back of the head along with the total weight. Soой
The transition looks stylish.

Option 2

This is the same haircut, only hair, compared with the first
option dissolved. Laying is best done with a gel.
or mousse in order to give the necessary volume. Hair
combed to one side, exposing the shaved part of the head. If the ends
hair is not even, then they can be straightened with a special iron for

It became fashionable for guys to dye their hair. Hairstyles of this style will be
look even more unusual when the hair on the head and beard will
vary dramatically in color. For example, on the head will be
ashy blond, and dark chocolate on his beard. It looks like
The combination is very cool.

Fashionable hairstyles for guys: unisex

Hairstyles, called unisex, refer to universal
hairstyles, which are often preferred by representatives of both

Long option

Soие универсальные прически на длинные волосы красиво смотрятся
both on women and guys. The main condition is beautiful
hairstyles for guys here is the lack of bangs. Will be better,
if hair is combed back. Looking for a man with long hair
the struggle of the masculine and the brutal with the feminine and the lung is noticed.
Terrible features echo with flowing hair on the shoulders.
Not everyone can decide on this hairstyle the man.


Hair has ceased to be either female or male, the brink
blurred. The guy who braided himself two pigtails for long hair
should be condemned by society. Make this hairstyle can only
по-настоящему стильный и уверенный в себе the man.

For weaving braids, you must have the skill. On their own
braid your braid is even harder, but if you train often, it will be
get better every day.

Cool hairstyles for guys: with shaved patterns

Stylishly made drawing of shaved areas on the head gives
guys confidence and share brutality.

Patterns at the temples

With this kind of hairstyle hair bangs, crown, and from the neck to
the neck remains long, and the temples and the area behind the ears are clipped
clippers. The smallest or
the penultimate nozzle. In this area, the same machine, but without
nozzles, a pattern is made. Some hair in the figure is amended

The remaining long hair grows to a certain length. Him
You can completely paint in any color, or just the ends. With
If desired, you can braid him or put him in a hairdo
of any kind, for example mohawk.

Patterns on the back of the head

These patterns semicircle cover the head, passing from one ear,
on the head and to the other ear. The picture may be varied, but
most often choose strict geometric patterns. Hair на макушке
can be both very long and very short. In both
variants of coolness from the figure will not decrease.

Patterns all over the head

These hairstyles make themselves very confident guys who
minute no doubt its appeal. Head completely
covered with a pattern, with hair having different lengths along the line of the pattern
and away from him. If you look closely, you will see that
in order to create a blackout effect the hairdresser leaves
part of the hair is longer than the rest. Soая прическа может заслуженно
be called a cool hairstyle for guys.

Variants of drawings do not count. It can be like animals of all
suits and complex geometric shapes, people, nature,
individual items, the list goes on and on.

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