Fashionable chiffon dresses: choose yourstyle

Chiffon is a very popular fabric. It is thin, light, transparent
or translucent. It is made of tightly twisted threads.

Платья из шифона. Фасоны и модели платьев из шифона
Платья из шифона. Фасоны и модели платьев из шифона

Chiffon can be either natural, silk or synthetic.
It is logical that most of all it is used for sewing summer clothes –
first of all, various blouses and dresses.

Dresses made of chiffon are often found in fashion collections. They
loved by designers and fashionistas for lightness, airiness, brightness
and versatility. Chiffon dress styles are enough
varied so that you can choose the option for the office and for
Beach, and for a party. Such dresses, along with silk and
satin models are clear favorites for the 2017 season (although
note, and in 2016 they were quite popular, and, quite likely,
will still be in demand in 2018).

Which models of chiffon dresses are the most relevant? it
may be layered outfits. Chiffon dresses are very effective,
decorated with lots of ruffles and ruffles, draperies, lush
dresses As for the color range, the absolute hit is bright,
juicy shades: scarlet, ruby ​​red, emerald green,
sapphire blue, turquoise, sunny yellow, orange, mauve,
fuchsia color, etc. If you prefer more delicate, pastel
shades, you should not refuse them: light sky-blue,
pale pink and lilac, beige, cream dresses will be
look feminine and charming. Do not forget about white is
The most winning color of the season.

And we are not talking only about monophonic copies: floral and
geometric patterns are also a fashion choice.

Как уже упоминалось, styleы платьев из шифона очень
versatile. We offer you a mini-review of the most spectacular chiffon
dresses from this year’s designer collections.

Turquoise color in combination with light green and pink with soft
Terracotta – two sexy mini-dresses from the house Blumarine.
It would have seemed quite simple if it were not for the spectacular “pressed” fabric and
original top cut – open shoulders and small sleeves –
short or three quarters. These dresses designers offer
bright sandals in tone with curly rivets and the same

The peculiar style of Stella McCartney is reflected in the free
loose dress length slightly above the ankles of transparent
deep blue chiffon, with a long front closure and wide,
slightly cropped sleeves.

The legendary house Christian Dior also paid tribute to the popular
trend. Dior chiffon dresses are short, catchy and bright:
delicious raspberry, juicy lime color, bright yellow. The shoulders are open
top – straps on the shoulders or around the neck. Models spectacularly
decorated; This decor may seem frivolous to someone,
but from this it does not become less summer and feminine: belts with
tassels, crochet-like laces,
corrugated elements, fabric flowers, embroidery, merezhki. Sandals
This dress should be with high lacing at the ankles,
contrast or in tone, but no less vivid.

Delicate coral color just fascinates in a dress from Valentino:
modest dress in retro style, just above the knees, with long
sleeves and no neckline. The front is decorated with narrow
vertical frills. The only accessory is a thin belt.
sand beige. This dress designer proposed
shoes-ballet shoes of the same sand-beige color.

A delightful short dress canary-yellow shade can
found in the Paul & Joe collection. Flowing skirt, original
decorated top in the form of a scarf, draped over the neck and the most spectacular
detail – a wide gold belt, decorated with a cord with tassels.

Alberta Feretti has lots of long loose dresses,
resembling country or peasant style. Soft shades
(gray-green, pale herbal, dairy), floral and vegetable
prints, lace inserts and wide-brimmed hats as accessories
– femininity itself!

Многочисленные styleы платьев из шифона позволяют подобрать
option for every taste. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Платья из шифона: модные styleы на любой вкус

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