Fashion trends in the education of children: what areeffects?

Wed, May 14, 2014

Young parents often find themselves at a crossroads: how to raise
baby? Should I choose the classic proven for decades
parenting methods or pay attention to modern
pedagogical development? This is the personal choice of each family. but
scientists have studied the most fashionable trends of education today
day and identified those that in any case would be dangerous for

  • Excessive sports activity from the first days of life, which
    so fond of young fitness moms are not helpful to the child.
    Combine baby swimming with gymnastics and active
    massage is fraught with defects in physical development and even injury at
    heavy duty. In addition, in an atmosphere of constant
    competition with himself a child can grow selfish and
    cruel as well as treating your mistakes too
    is critical.
  • Limiting the nutrition of newborns will not make them slimmer
    in future. The baby should be fully fed, because
    An immune system and eating habits are formed at this age.
    �”Baby fat” can not be dumped with the help of a diet: becoming a bit
    older, the child will begin to actively move and will cease to be
    chubby. Unless, of course, to form him the correct system
    power supply.
  • The lack of a normal mode of the day and night of the mother is negative
    reflected on the child. If parents stay up in games and
    social networks in the long evenings, work at night, not paying attention to
    child, he begins to feel unnecessary and loses confidence in
    senior. It is worth thinking about why this baby was born?
    Is that so that mom had to rest from him for
    computer? Any gaming entertainment can be shared with the child …
    or wait a couple of years until he starts school, leaving his mom
    free time for a hobby and work.
  • Some moms make over-caregivers from children unsure of themselves.
    �”Hlyupikov.” If parents do everything for the child, he cannot
    future self-reliance and forms dozens of
    complexes. Especially if the parents do any work for him,
    stating that he is not smart enough, strong or resilient to
    cope with it.
  • Contests and competitions that moms get involved in to
    to amuse your own pride may turn into suffering for
    baby Countless sports congresses and talent shows make
    baby afraid to bring mom disappointment if you fail
    win a victory. A child should not be an achievement of parents,
    it is important not to forget – from an early age he is already
    a person who is able to make decisions and choose their own

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