Facial care after 40 years – the law of youth.Without intensive facial skin care after 40 years of agehard to stop

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People have long said that 40 years is a woman’s age, but looking into
mirror, we understand that this saying is long outdated.

Women looking after their appearance relate to people
whose age is only in the passport, but do not forget,
that skin aging has not been canceled, and by the age of 50 this happens
especially intense.

Why is skin care at the age of forty so important?

Noticeable skin changes after forty years

Ladies who started caring for their skin as early as 25 years old may not
notice special changes in 40, but not all of us can
honestly admit that I didn’t hope that her age was past, and you can
to postpone with the complex of all those sentences about which they write on
each page.

In adulthood, facial skin begins to noticeably change:

• quantitative changes are increasing – nasolabial appear
folds, deep crow’s feet;

• cells lose their ability to regenerate;

• sebaceous glands do not produce enough

• the dead layer of dead cells increases;

• obvious changes under the eyes are visible.

At this age, our face slowly recovers after
sleepless nights, solar treatments, stress.

A real woman will never give up, she will oppose
the laws of nature their persistence and desire to be beautiful and young,
making the care of your appearance an integral part of your life,
like washing, brushing your teeth.

They say little about it and do not think about it; they do it!

Mandatory stages of facial skin care after 40 years

Only in the complex of exercises and means you can achieve
maintaining or restoring youth and freshness of the skin of the face. If a
before this stage, it was still possible to allow ourselves some randomness in
face care, now the following procedures are mandatory:

• cleansing;

• moistening;

• nutrition.

When cleansing the skin, we try not to disturb the lipid layer,
trying to apply regenerating regenerative agents

Taboo is superimposed on soap and coarse scrubs.

Water for washing should not be cold, because it leads to
dry skin, no hot, after which the skin pores hard
are expanding.

For wiping, you can use pieces of ice cooked
based on herbal infusions of such components:

• chamomile;

• orange peel;

• mineral water;

• lavender;

• calendula;

• rowan and many others.

To get a feeling of freshness, wash with infusion of mint or
oregano, an infusion of linden blossom or raspberry flowers and leaves will
help reduce wrinkles. Rejuvenating effect has
on the skin of the face and washing with milk.

After sleeping and preparing for night rest
tonic or lotion corresponding to skin and age.

If a по молодости мы могли себе позволить уснуть с накрашенными
eyelashes, then in adulthood makeup removal is the law, not
subject to discussion.

Cosmetology industry offers a huge amount
affordable cream, foam, tonics, the use of which
perfectly cleanse the skin and prepare it for applying the cream.

It is proved that the use of tonic before applying the cream increases
40% efficiency.

Apply the cream both day and night after cleansing and
moisturizing the face should be strictly on the massage lines, light
clap, not forgetting to do with the simplest tricks

Do not forget about the area around the eyes, which needs a special
protection and care.

Purchased anti-aging cosmetics for face care after 40
years old

Remember that miracles do not happen, and we regularly use
cosmetics, or give up and rapidly grow old.

Anti-aging, properly selected cosmetics
quite effective, but there is a huge minus – after
termination of its application disappears and the effect of rejuvenation.

Be sure to pay attention to the age indicated on the label.
I personally do not believe creams that say “For all skin types.”
Не стоит в 40 years old покупать кремы для 50-years oldних, надеясь на более
strong effect, everything has its time.

Be sure to buy 3 creams, for eyes, day and night.
Day cream, as a rule, moisturizes and protects against the effects of harmful
substances, and night regenerates and nourishes.

It is desirable that the composition of the cream included:

• fruit acids;

• selenium;

• vitamin E;

• hyaluronic acid;

• retinol;

• herbal ingredients.

In all ages, a reliable tool for rejuvenating the skin
creams and masks based on natural products were used,
cooked according to popular recipes.

Народные методы ухода за кожей лица после 40 years old

Applying face masks 2-3 times a week has
positive long-term effect for facial rejuvenation. Wherein
It is desirable to change the composition of the mask, if this week she
nutritional, then the next we do a cleansing mask, and after 7 days on
queue lifting composition.

The composition of the mask must be changed and the seasons.

– Wonderful rejuvenating the sea buckthorn mask has an effect,
made from an equal mixture of crushed berries and vegetable

– After an apricot mask, the skin of the face becomes smooth and smooth.
We mix apricot pulp and fat sour cream in equal proportions.
(replace at will with cottage cheese or cream) and apply for a third of an hour
on clean washed face.

– Country cream itself is a beautiful mask,
just put them in several layers and wash off after a third of an hour
input, after which the cream can not be applied.

– For dry skin, you can mix the cream with the yolk, then we get
moisturizing effect.

– Regenerate the skin and reduce wrinkles will help the mixture of
cream, egg yolk, honey and aloe squeezed juice. All components
take 1 tsp, mix and apply for a quarter of an hour.

– Perfectly tones up normal and oily skin and cognac,
mixed with yolk, vegetable oil and honey, taken on 1 tsp.
The mixture is whipped to a white state and applied to the face on 15.

Маски из овощей для ухода за лицом после 40 years old

Fresh cucumbers and ask for the face, the masks of them are very
simple, available at any time of the year.

Cucumber mass miraculously refreshes, tones, moisturizes and
evens out skin tone. Due to the presence of potassium in cucumbers, iodine,
sodium, silicon, vitamins, after regular use of cucumber
face skin masks:

• becomes lighter;

• freckles and pigment spots disappear; smoothness and

• oily shine is eliminated.

Fresh cucumbers can wipe the skin or simply apply to
face mug, after which you should not wash.

Cucumber masks on dry skin have a good effect.
providing it with moisture, after which the peeling is reduced and

Огуречная маска рекомендована особенно после сорока years old, так как
has a rejuvenating effect.

To obtain a lasting effect, do cucumber masks
every other day for a month.

Attention! Very rare cases
when there is an allergy to the cucumber mass, in this case
stop making masks.

The best time to apply the mask will be the weekend or after
work, when you can impose the composition and relax a third

1. Moisturize and whiten the skin of the face a mixture of cucumber mass, honey and
1 tsp lemon juice

2. Small wrinkles will disappear and deep ones will be less noticeable.
with regular use of the mask from chilled in the refrigerator
потертого огурца с несколькими каплями растительного oils. Such
The mask is recommended to be applied on the face, including the eyes, by a quarter

3. Dry and sensitive skin will look much younger.
when using a mixture of shabby cucumber and sour cream. Little
squeeze the cucumber mass and add sour cream, immediately apply to the skin
лица и полежите так 15 minutes

4. If a после 40 years old вы все еще страдаете от высыпаний на коже и
acne, then soda mask will be a godsend for you. 1 hl soda
mix with 2 tbsp. shredded cucumber and put on face, making
круговые движения, на четверть hours

5. A mixture of egg white and protein will help soothe inflammations on the skin.
shredded cucumber, which we carefully beat and put on face until
easy drying Egg protein will also create a lifting effect.

The benefits of carrots are many, but few know that
regular masks from this vitamin-rich vegetable mineral
literally transform the skin of the face when properly applied.


– The use of nicotine and carrots is incompatible, so at the same time
могут образовываться раковые кyears oldки.

– For some people, carrots are an allergen, so before
using a carrot mask, perform a test, leaving a few
minutes carrot mass on the wrist.

– When applying the carrot mask should strictly withstand time
7 — 10 minutes In this case, carrots no longer mean better.
has a coloring effect, so failure to comply with the conditions may
make the complexion yellow or orange. Apply carrot mask
no more than two times a week.

– Milk will be an ideal flushing when applying carrot mass.
or an infusion of herbs, although you can wash and water.

Carrot masks can be prepared for any skin type, varying
additional components.

1. Normal skin will rejuvenate the mask of carrot mass without any

2. Mature skin will receive full nutrition when applying a mask.
from such components:

• 2 tbsp. carrot juice;

• 1 tbsp. vegetable oil;

• beaten egg;

• 1 tbsp. greasy sour cream;

• 2 tbsp. flour from oatmeal.

The choice of means is yours, the main thing is to preserve youth care for
Mature skin should be permanent.

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