Exercises with elastic tape

uprazhneniya-s-elastichnoy-lentoyThe main advantage
which gives us an elastic tape for fitness, is an increase
muscle training efficiency due to additional load
material resistance.

As a result, the muscles are strengthened, and to ensure their
health is wasting more energy.

As a result, much more efficient burning occurs.
calories due to adipose tissue. The body takes on slender forms,
even if the numbers on the scales are not decreasing as quickly as desired
would. This is because the weight of the muscle fibers is double
exceeds the weight of fat reserves.

But from training with an elastic band, or teraband (second
the name of the projectile), the body becomes slim, the back is strengthened,
relieves pressure on the spine, hips tighten, buttocks
Get a beautiful oval.

Simplicity and ease of use of an elastic tape at home
training, its high performance make this sports equipment
optimal. A piece of latex in any place instantly turns into
perfect simulator, just hitting your hands.


How to choose the appropriate shock absorber?

Experts advise when choosing to focus on the manufacturer
and the color of a convenient simulator.

Some companies produce terabands according to the classification:

  • Yellow color – the easiest resistance of the fabric;
  • Red – low;
  • Green – average;
  • Blue – provides the strongest load.

Other sellers can find such elastic bands:

  • Yellow – with a weak load;
  • Light green – with light;
  • Pink – with an average;
  • Violet (lilac) – strong;
  • Red – help create the most powerful load on the muscles.

There are other types of elastic bands, but yellow is also
is the easiest option. In this case, the red tone has
average resistance of the material, blue – stronger, but
black and silver teraband sports stores offer
extremely avid athletes.

When buying, marketers are advised to stretch (if possible)
several times the tape. If you get tired 5 times – take a simulator
a little weaker.

In the office, at home, and even in a stuck elevator …

The charm of the rubberized tape of several layers, like
shock absorber, in that it is weightless, comfortable and extremely
effective. Any exercise with it can be performed as in
home environment, and on a business trip, on vacation, on the beach, on
cottage or in the park. The length and hardness of the projectile is regulated by grip
hands, ringing and other tricks. Elasticity same
depends on the color of the tape.

Effectively perform stretching, build muscle, improve them
relief and increase the body’s energy consumption allow classes with
elastic tape. Not only training with a teraband-expander
improve coordination, make the deep muscle layers work and
muscle “stabilizers.” In this exercise do not require any
special acrobatic skills!

Exercise preparation with a soft and lightweight shock absorber
also not complicated: you only need to warm up your muscles a little, for that to be
just a little walking on the spot or a light warm-up. After
workouts can be stretched to restore
muscle performance.


Exercise with a tape is necessary at a slow pace and
monitor proper breathing. At the end points of the movement –
fix the position of the body for a few seconds. If a
it is necessary to increase the load, then for this elastic tape can
fold double.

It is strictly forbidden to exercise with a teraband, causing
severe discomfort! If a ослабление ленты не помогает утихомирить
pain, then this exercise should be excluded from their classes.

Exercises for the back and hands

To work out the muscles of the upper part of the body:

1. Take the ends of the elastic tape in your hands, put your feet on
one step apart, your front foot stepping on
the middle of the rubberized expander. Overcoming his resistance,
raise your hands up to straightening. Performing any exercise with
elastic tape for the back, do not bend it, shoulders try
keep down You can do this exercise until you feel a burning sensation.
in triceps and shoulders (15-25 times).

2. Then, in the same initial position (PI), after a pause,
raise straight arms with the ends of the tape and pull them back all the way.
Raise your hands high during the exercise is not worth it,
it is enough to strain them at the belt level. The back should also be
straight, shoulders – naturally lowered.

3. Wrap the tape around your wrists, bend your arms at the elbow
at right angles, fingers pull out. We spread our hands to the maximum
distance from each other is slow. Then perform the same action.
over your head. The third approach – we reduce and spread our hands behind our backs.

4. A more difficult version of exercise number 3 – skip the tape
vertically behind your back, holding her bent arms on top and
from below. Alternately maximally straighten the upper arm, then the right,
then left, stretching the teraband from behind vertically between
shoulder blades.

5. Fold the tape in half, hold the ends in your hands. Lie down on
stomach, feet, perpendicular to the floor. Slightly raise
arms and body stretching the folded ribbon behind the head. Wherein
you can not strain your neck and turn your head, look should be
looking to the floor.

6. Stretch the ribbon in the half-seat, fixing one of its ends
foot (Right foot – we pull the expander with our right hand, left foot
– left.) With the arm bent at the elbow, hold the other of the ends
teraband, then straighten it and lift up. Making 10-15
smooth sweeps, holding the hand at the end point, then repeat
exercise is a mirror.

Exercises for the hips and legs

More often than other workouts, girls are interested in what exercises with
Elastic tape for buttocks are the most effective. Not
the secret is that this part of the body needs to be maintained elastic and
Tightened to look spectacular in fashionable shorts.

The teraband helps to bring the muscles of the buttocks into good shape. Exactly
shock absorber makes these exercises the most effective.

  • Connect the ends of the elastic “shell” into the ring. Put it on
    legs at knee level. Let’s rise on socks and we will spread legs
    approximately at shoulder level so that the ring is stretched. Sit down slightly
    perform steps forward, each time pulling the ring. This load
    allows you to work the rear and front thigh muscles, as well as
  • Lying on the floor on your stomach, wear a ring at the level of your ankles.
    Lift the legs alternately, stretching the tape until it stops. In the ultimate
    point – we hold the leg to train the muscles of the buttocks.
  • Squatting “plié” with a ring simulator on your lap. Legs set
    shoulder width apart, turn them parallel to the body. Crouch up
    full belt tension and do not bend your back!

For legs, we perform waving moves both standing and lying on one side with
elastic shock absorber ring at the ankles.

Latex elastic tape for fitness – a real find, she
allows you to adjust the load on the muscles not only with
modeling, grips, tension, but also changing the simulator for more

If a ваш амортизатор стал привычным и мышцы уже не реагируют на
the resistance of its material – there is always the possibility to change
teraband to more powerful. The main thing is not to forget to train your
body with elastic tape every other day or keep fit
1-2 times a week.

Full Body Stretch Training – Video Lesson

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