Exercises for weight loss at homeconditions

Tight body, well-groomed skin, the gleam in the eyes are capable of pleasant �”Adjust” the age of the woman. Похудение в домашних conditions for young ladies it comes down to diets and light physical exertion on hips and waist. Forgetting that the skin is above the elbow, shoulders and chest �”Helpfully” hint to others, how old are you, girls give insufficient load on these not less “problem” parts of the body. Consider what exercises you need to do to lose weight. arms strengthened muscles of the chest.


What do slimming hands – general recommendations

Elegant, beautifully contoured neckline attracts attention of the fair sex is not less large bust or slim figurines. Balanced nutrition, homemade masks, wraps, so that the skin does not hang unattractive folds, the program exercises for weight loss will tone the muscles of the body, creating exquisite silhouette.

Want to hear admiring reviews about losing weight from around? Try to follow the recommendations of leading nutritionists, famous fitness trainers, and a week – two Intensive course your hands, neckline, shoulders strike perfect proportions:

  • Compliance with water and electrolyte balance организма. The amount of fluid drunk per day should not be less than 1.5-2 liters.
  • Белковый рацион и растительная клетчатка. To achieve effective weight loss is not enough to reduce calorie intake. Tighten skin, removing stretch marks, flabbiness, folds, help food rich in proteins and microelements.
  • Прием витаминов. Balance diet filling the lack of individual microelements in home weight loss, Allows a course of vitamin-mineral complex, taken after consultations with experts.
  • Интенсивные упражнения для мышц рук при Slimming will help to form beautiful proportions of a figure, to give muscle tone, emphasize youth, beauty of the body.


Warm up

Starting daily training (at least half an hour 2 times a day), do not forget to perform a preliminary warm-up, which warm up the muscles, prepare the joints of the shoulder girdle to the main load. For warm-up exercises, give 10-15 minutes Charging for weight loss is based on the simplest movements, familiar to us from childhood:

  • Вращения плечами. To work the joints biceps, circular motions will help to warm up the deltoid muscle (rotation) shoulders from a standing position.
  • Рывки. By jerking straight limbs, you stretching the muscles, while increasing blood flow and stimulating метаболические функции organism.
  • �”Mill”. Lean forward, arms raised on body height. For weight loss, do well this exercise with weighting. Alternately touch the palms of the opposite legs, leaving the back level.
  • Круговые вращения. To tighten the skin when losing weight was more effective, perform movements with all the tension body muscles, as if you need to overcome the resistance of the invisible springs.
  • Прыжки с поднятием рук. Bouncing, spread feet at a distance of 50 cm, at the same time lifting palms over head.

Basic set of exercises for the hands < / h2>

Силовые упражнения в домашних conditions хороши в чередовании с жиросжигающими, аэробными занятиями, а также выполнением отдельных видов комплекса стретчинга. Dreaming of quick results, get ready for “disappointment”: in a week you will not find the desired parameters, so tune in to a long course of weight loss.

With dumbbells < / h3>

Exercise for slimming arms and shoulders with dumbbells will require strength and endurance. If you are afraid to build muscle like a bodybuilder, take it easy: daily workouts for half an hour will help draw lines of biceps, triceps and .. everything. The first month should be done lightweight version of the exercises, increasing the load gradually. < P>

The weight loss training program at home includes:

  • Press up < / strong>. Take a classic stand. Lift up your arms with weights above your head at the same time, straightening your elbows. Try to fix the position. < / Li>
  • Turns with extra weight < / strong>. Для подтягивания кожи, похудения талии, эффективны в домашних conditions упражнения с поворотами вправо-влево. Bend your arms with weights at a right angle and turn the body as far as possible. < / Li>
  • Dumbbell lift with tilt forward < / strong>. Lean forward, as shown in the photo, with elbows slightly bent over. Put dumbbells behind your back, trying to raise them as high as possible. < / Li>
  • Push-ups with dumbbells < / strong>. Take an emphasis lying down, leaning on dumbbells and toes (the first month – on your knees). Pull out from the floor while simultaneously pulling one of the hands with the weighting agent to the side. < / Li> < / ul>

    without dumbbells < / h3>

    The most effective exercises for losing weight without dumbbells are performed in 3 stages 10 times. Classical push-ups, “plank”, aerobic jumps with and without rope will help to bring muscles into perfect shape. Complex power, fat burning and cardio exercises include:

    • Pushups < / strong>. Performed lying with emphasis on the hands and toes. The lightweight version assumes emphasis on the knees with their legs raised up. Try to fix the position of the body in the upper and lower points. < / Li>
    • Push-ups < / strong> “reverse action”. Half open, lean back on a chair or elevation. Pull up your own body weight by straightening your arms. < / Li>
    • Exercise “table”. < / strong> Rest your hands at shoulder-level to the floor, and spread your legs a little wider. Try to raise the body so that your limbs form perpendicular straight lines (relative to the floor), and the body is parallel to the horizontal surface. This exercise effectively burns fat and gives a load for slimming the back of the hands. < / Li> < / ul>

      How to tighten the muscles of the arms after losing weight? < / h2>

      Most girls, trying to get rid of excess weight, resort to a variety of diets or miraculous means of losing weight, not paying attention to the state of the muscles. The consequences are often deplorable: the rapid weight loss causes skin to sag on the problem areas of the hands, and the line of the shoulders and back has become inexpressive.

      What exercises to strengthen the hands for a woman will bring muscle mass in tone, opening up “access” to exquisite neckline and sleeveless clothing? Alternating the strength of the triceps, cardio workouts with jumps and swinging, pumping up the muscles of the chest and working on the joints of the upper body will give a pleasant feeling of strength and lightness.

      The hand drying program includes a complex with and without dumbbells, consisting of 7 exercises:

      1. Dumbbell Lifting < / strong>. В домашних conditions воспользуйтесь парой килограммовых гантелей для похудения. Take the “classic” rack. Slowly bend the arm in the elbow, trying with the effort to touch the shoulder. < / Li>
      2. “Butterfly swing” < / strong> with a load. Effectively contributes to slimming and strengthening the muscles of the chest, neckline. Bend forward at right angles. Dumbbell arms pointing to the floor. Bend slowly in the elbows, pulling them to the body. < / Li>
      3. Breeding hands < / strong> using yoga practices. Take a sitting position with your legs under you. Raise your bent arms 90⁰ in front of you. Breathe slowly and deeply. Stretching out to the sides, tighten the muscles of your forearm and back, as if you are trying to unclench a tight spring. < / Li>
      4. Pushup < / strong>. Lightweight exercise is ideal for burning fat on the back, working out the deltoid muscles, and also helps to make sure that the skin of the hands does not hang after losing weight. Take an emphasis lying down, legs bent at the knees. The pivot points are the knees and palms. Slowly go down on your wide-spread arms without arching your back. < / Li>
      5. Plank. < / strong> A great way to build muscle. Well helps to pump up the triceps while losing weight. Spread your arms wider than shoulders, bending your elbows. Slowly, gradually raise the body, starting from the floor until the elbow joint is fully extended. Hold at this point, counting to 50. Then, lower yourself, slightly bending your arms. Lock position again. < / Li>
      6. Muscle stretching < / strong>. Lie on your stomach, resting your hands on the chest to the floor. Slowly lift your upper body up, pressing your hips and legs to the floor. The frequency of repetitions – 10 exercises for 2-3 approaches. < / Li>
      7. Forward tilts < / strong>. Go to a vertical surface or a Swedish ladder. Lean forward, keeping your back straight, at right angles. Extend outstretched straight arms forward, pressing your palms to the surface of the wall or clasping the ladder bar. < / Li> < / ol> |

        Video: slimming arms exercises < / h2>

        Beautiful hands, tight skin, harmonious proportions of the body distinguish well-groomed women. When losing weight, the body loses extra pounds and muscle mass. The result is loose, wrinkled skin, hanging in the form of ugly folds on the sides, thighs and shoulders. Подтянуть обвисшие мышцы в домашних conditions поможет сочетание силовой, аэробной и жиросжигающей нагрузок. Find out which hand slimming exercises for women are most effective by watching training videos.