Exercises for losing weight: technique +video

secret that owners of beautiful slender legs enjoy
the attention of men, battling them outright. But not every woman can
brag of perfect forms.

Create for yourself the “secret weapon” of attracting male attention
– slender spectacular legs can any girl or woman, if in
her arsenal will be effective exercises for weight loss

So the people call the inner part of the thigh, which is the most
prone to fat deposits. It is “lyashki” more
other deficiencies are reminiscent of the excessive fullness of the legs.

How to deal with the problem, where to start, you
You can read on our site in previous articles,
telling how to remove fat and how to lose weight in this
hard-to-reach area of ​​the body. In the same place you can familiarize with
initial sets of exercises that train lyashki, and choose
the most effective.

But the physiology of pumping muscles in this problem area through
a certain time requires changing the load or strengthening it. Ordinary
increasing reps does not always work, so
resort to changing some exercises, adding more effective ones.
Today we will talk about them.


How to get rid of lyashek or exercises that work!

Daily workouts with two days off per week (just not
in a row, and after 2-3 days!) can already give in 3-4 weeks visible
the result, and after a couple of months of hard work and completely turn
you into a graceful nymph. Further work will be directed to
fixing the result and honing the silhouette.

Will help to make lyashki thin as simple exercises: squats,
five-minute jumps with a rope in one set, waving or lunges from
static standing or lying, and complicated jumps,
weightlifting, as well as cyclical training.

A full set of exercises takes about half an hour along with
five minute workout. If your time is limited, you can
do the exercises separately, but every time you need to
load knead the muscles. Classics of the genre – dancing (for example,
Zumba), jumping rope, running in place with raising the knees.

The preparatory stage is very important. Remember how in childhood
kneaded clay hands. So you can increase
the effectiveness of occupations to protect the cardiovascular system from
overload, and the body – from injury.

Good exercise to lose weight in the field of the following exercises will help
which will complement the daily complex:

  • We squat, we rest against the floor with the help of hands, head
    keep straight, look ahead. Sharply raise the pelvis and
    freeze at the top point. Then we squat down again.
    Perform 10 or 15 reps per session. Repeat 2-3 approaches with
    pause-rest. At first it can last a minute, and then shorten
    its up to 30 seconds
  • Sitting on the floor with straightened legs, we tilt the body and
    touch the toes with your hands.
  • Squatting against the wall with the ball. Put the ball or fitball between
    back and wall, pressing it. Legs set shoulder width and
    we squat so that our knees are bent at a right angle. Repeating
    10-15 times.
  • Lying on the side, we perform the traditional “scissors”. After the moves
    up, be sure to cross the legs and one of them we get the floor.
  • We sit down on the floor, we take a reclining posture, back leaning on
    elbows Straighten the legs and lift them up perpendicular to the floor.
    Perform crossing, X-shaped, leg movements.
  • Lying on the floor, bend your knees at a right angle. Omit
    them in the right or left side against the stop, trying not to tear
    lower back from the floor.


How to remove the inside of the lyashek?

In order to get beautiful lyashki with elegant lines, you need
pay more attention to not pumping muscles (although strengthen them with
using these exercises is necessary), and stretching. If bodybuilders
to create relief muscles repeat movements from 32 to 64 times, then
ordinary girls can do 10-15 or a maximum of 25

Not секрет, что быстро уменьшить объем ляшек помогает
step aerobics. For the inner thigh, you can:

  • Put one foot on the platform (or step at the entrance),
    turning to her perpendicular. Take the Plié position – knees and
    socks deployed to the sides (like ballerinas or sumo wrestlers).
    Slowly sit as far as possible. Fix on multiple
    seconds lower position, then just slowly, rise. it
    exercise can be performed with the burdening, picking up a dumbbell.
  • Spreading his legs wide and turning sideways to the steppe, the left
    we put on him, and the right is left on the floor. Keep the body straight. AT
    hands can be dumbbells or bodibar, a neck from a barbell or
    gymnastic stick. Squat, then we rise and do max.
    right foot (which was on the floor) as much as possible upwards, to the right
    the side. ATозвращаемся в исходное положение. Notобходимо выполнить по
    10-15 movements of each leg per session, and then increase the load to
    2-3 approaches with mini-pauses (0.5-1 min).
  • We will become our backs to the platform, in the hands – dumbbells (0.5-1.5 kg).
    We put the right leg with a toe on the step, taking it back. Squat,
    until the left knee reaches a right angle. (Posture only
    straight!) Then we rise, lunging with our right foot forward, bending
    her knee at a 90 degree angle. ATозвращаемся в и.п. (original
    position). ATыполняем по 10-15 повторений для каждой ноги.

Exercises for stretching the thigh muscles from the inside can
also be used with home furniture:

  • Become sideways to the back of a chair or chair, lift your leg and put
    on the support. Keep your back straight and slowly lower, stretching
    thigh muscles.

Top 7: Exercises to Solve the Problem

To enhance the effect on the legs, you can wear the area
shins an expander or the elastic band twisted by the eight. itт «знак
Infinity “will add to the load on all the muscles of the legs. Gum with
time can be replaced by more tight.

ATсе упражнения для похудения ляшек выполняются попеременно,
first one foot, then the other, in a mirror image.

  • Слегка согнув ноги, одну из них отводим резко в the side. Arms
    at the same time they are “in the castle” behind the head. We keep balance, leaving
    legs bent.
  • The same exercise, but the movement of the legs “back and forth.”
  • AT положении лежа на боку, поднимаем ногу, максимально
    stretching gum or expander.
  • AT положении лежа на животе, сгибаем рабочую ногу в колене, при
    this foot raising up.
  • The same exercise, but we lift a leg, without bending.
  • Lying on your side, pull the foot of the working foot to the hip of the one that
    is located below. For the maximum load we help with a hand.
  • Lie on your back, place your hands behind your head, lift your legs
    so that the feet are parallel to the floor. ATыполняем упражнение
    �”Scissors” with a rubber band.

Cyclic training – strength test!

If you combine squats with different lunges, and between
exercises to jump rope, dance or run on the spot,
raising your knees high then the effectiveness of your workouts is essentially
will increase.

Но циклические тренировки под силу only полностью здоровым и
enough young girls. Similar loads in case of problems
with cardiovascular system, chronic internal diseases
organs or any other violations are prohibited or required
coordination with your doctor!

A set of exercises for slimming the inner thighs

First, warm up your muscles with traditional squats, keeping
dumbbell hands (up to 1.5 kg), then:

  • Not выпуская из рук утяжелители, делаем выпады ногами в стороны
    alternately (at least 15 times each);
  • AT положении «плие» (с развернутыми носочками и коленями)
    sit down, and, getting up, raise the working leg up, reaching
    elbow hand with dumbbell. We simultaneously lower the arm and elbow
    touch the knee. ATо время следующего приседания руку с
    dumbbell lift up. Having made these movements 15 times, go to
    mirror performance of this exercise.
  • From a standing position, lunge one foot back, bend it
    at right angles and sit down on the knee. Arms с гантелями
    simultaneously coming forward. Then we rise and work foot
    lunging forward, bending it at a right angle, and arms with dumbbells
    we lower along the body.
  • From the Plié position, we turn the hull, then to the right, then
    left, keeping a right angle at the knees. AT руках на уровне груди
    hold dumbbells.

ATо время минутного отдыха между подходами можно сделать глубокий
tilt and arms with dumbbells to rest on his knees. In this case, the loin
should sag freely, and leg muscles should be stretched. Also
after power loads, you can shake the muscles, as if “separating” them
from the bone. it улучшит метаболизм в тканях.

Want to have an elegant silhouette? The main thing – to persistently engage
yourself, and then the desired body and leg shapes will become normal for you, but
pleasant everyday life!

Упражнения для похудения ляшек: video тренировка

Part 1:

Part 2:

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