Exercises breathing exercises for weight losson Strelnikova

  • 1 Принципы дыхательной гимнастики по Стрельниковой
    • 1.1 Для детей
    • 1.2 With bronchitis
    • 1.3 For hypertension
    • 1.4 When sinusitis
  • 2 How to do breathing exercises
    по Стрельниковой для похудения

    • 2.1 Set of exercises
    • 2.2 Contraindications
    • 2.3 Benefit and harm
  • 3 Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova – video

Normalization of weight is a necessary condition for a healthy body and
inner harmony. To achieve this task with the help of diets is not easy,
a quickly achieved result is not always fixed for a long
time. But there is a method that helps to achieve the effect.
losing weight by regularly performing uncomplicated sports
— это упражнения известной дыхательной
гимнастики Стрельниковой, называемой также парадоксальной
This technique makes it possible not only to treat diseases like
antritis, bronchitis, hypertension, but also reduce weight.

Alexandra Wellness Complex
Николаевны Стрельниковой allows укреплять
organism, improve the efficiency of metabolic processes, reduce
. Therefore, weight loss occurs naturally.
without heavy restrictions.


Принципы дыхательной гимнастики по Стрельниковой

Парадоксальная дыхательная гимнастика Стрельниковой имеет
unique, different from most other known techniques
therapeutic breathing principle. The uniqueness of the method is
in a strong, fast, sharp breath.
 Not allowed
breath holding, slow exhalation. According to Strelnikova, exhale
should be natural, free, without the slightest effort.

The principle of performing physical exercises complex conjugated
с дыхательными, основан на сжимании грудной клетки на
. This technique of breathing exercises allows
develop the muscles involved in the admission and withdrawal process
air in the lungs.

The method of exercise exercises gymnastics Strelnikova based
на маршевом ритме с четным количеством вдохов.
Usually the number of approaches and breaths of the complex is a multiple of four.

The essence of the healing effect when performing
breathing exercises
гимнастики Стрельниковой

  • blood oxygenation;
  • improving the nutrition of organs and tissues of the body;
  • stimulation of abdominal breathing;
  • acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • reinforcement of the diaphragm;
  • improve digestion;
  • stimulation of the nasal receptor zone has a positive effect on
    internal organs;
  • increase in effective lung volume.

Initially, Strelnikova’s breathing method was aimed at
voice restoration, treatment of diseases of the respiratory system. AT
further, the effectiveness of the complex for
лечения вегето-сосудистых неврозов, решения
проблем ЖКТ, излечения кожных, сердечно-сосудистых
diseases, improving the state of the nervous system – and all this
thanks to the respiratory system and complex movements.

There was a high health effect, a significant decrease
weight. The unique respiratory method
гимнастики Стрельниковой allows
strengthen the human body and accelerates recovery after severe
diseases. Slimming occurs through effective splitting
fat cells, reducing hunger, speeding up exchange
processes. Even this Strelnikova method alone allows
контролировать вес
. And in combination with physical activity
and proper nutrition, the result of losing weight can be achieved where

Breathing exercises
методу Стрельниковой доказала свою

  • when posing the voice of singers, actors, public people,
    high ranking officials;
  • in the prevention and treatment of diseases such as asthma,
    hypertension, bronchitis;
  • effectively treats obesity, sinusitis, skin diseases,
    depression, nervous diseases;
  • gives a noticeable healing effect;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • allows you to strengthen the immune system.

Для детей

Respiratory gymnastics for children
по Стрельниковой допустима с трехлетнего
. Usually parents help children recover
after frequent colds and bronchitis with simple exercises
paradoxical breathing.

The basis of the complex for children is simple
Strelnikova breathing exercises:

  • �”Pump”;
  • �”Palm”;
  • �”Shoulder straps.”

As they grow up and increase the level of training, to the complex
for children, you can add more complex movements.

Упражнения дыхательной гимнастики Стрельниковой для
детей показаны также при заикании. They will become
A good addition to the speech therapist with speech disorders.
Especially great effectiveness in the treatment of stuttering differ
exercises “Pump” and “Hug the shoulders.” Such light gymnastics for children
need to perform twice a day.

In more detail the implementation of a set of exercises we will consider

With bronchitis

Лечение бронхита, особенно, запущенного —  длительный
difficult process. And taking antibiotics is fraught with
complications. Respiratory гимнастика Стрельниковой при
bronchitis has proven excellent performance in the recovery process

The main benefits of paradoxical breathing

  • reduces the intensity of inflammatory processes;
  • allows you to restore and strengthen the mucous
  • eliminates stagnation of mucus;
  • allows develop and strengthen defensive reactions
    the human body;
  • provides a general improvement of the body;
  • is the prevention of complications for example

With hypertension

Is it possible to do breathing exercises with
гимнастика Стрельниковой при гипертонии демонстрирует
good efficacy in lowering blood pressure.

The main benefits of the complex
гимнастики Стрельниковой при гипертонии:

  • restoration of effective blood circulation;
  • general health promotion;
  • strengthening the nervous system;
  • reducing anxiety, stress.

At the same time, breathing exercises are auxiliary.
средством, и не заменяет основное лечение.
Permission to use it must give the doctor.

Should знать, что при очень высоком значении давления и
hypertensive crisis breathing exercises can cause

When sinusitis

Разрешение на применение парадоксального
дыхания Стрельниковой при гайморите должно
выдаваться врачом
. Respiratory
гимнастика Стрельниковой при гайморите показана
when sluggish during the process of sinusitis in the period

The main use of breathing exercises for

  • opportunity to develop, improve blood flow in the nasal
  • ability to strengthen the immune system;
  • normalization of body weight;
  • the ability to saturate body tissue with oxygen;
  • the weakening of inflammatory processes;
  • mucosal recovery;
  • wellness overall effect.

How to properly do breathing

  • daily in the fresh air;
  • before training to clear the nasal sinuses.

How to do breathing exercises
по Стрельниковой для похудения

So that the exercises do not harm, but bring the greatest
favor, they need to be done correctly. ATажнейшее условие,
allowing to achieve the greatest health effect and achieve
похудения – выполнять упражнения каждый день.

Суть метода парадоксального дыхания: ключевой
element of breathing exercises
авторства Стрельниковой –
performed as energetically, swiftly, and noisily.
is he
looks like cotton. After a short, sharp, fast breath
natural light exhalation without any delay
by mouth.
No exhalation effort
need to.

Physical exercise that accompanies paradoxical breathing
методике Стрельниковой, осуществляется во время вдоха.
Movements make rhythmically.

Основное положение во время выполнения
оздоровительных упражнений — стоя. But with heavy
Diseases or feeling sick can be done complex
exercises sitting and even lying down.

Для лечения заболеваний и для похудения дыхательная
 Стрельниковой должна
выполняться дважды в день
. Maintain health and
normal weight can be a single implementation of the complex – in the morning
или вечером. ATыполнение дыхательной
гимнастики Стрельниковой начинают через полтора часа после
food, or on an empty stomach.

ATремя отдыха между сериями упражнений — не
more than ten seconds. AT первые пару дней выполняются 24 серии по
4 вдоха. Комплекс на третий и четвертый дни включает 12
подходов по 8 time. Observing the principle of gradualness, on the fifth and
шестой дни можно делать 6 серий с 16 повторами. From the seventh day
It is necessary to do 3 series of 32 breaths.

A complex of breathing exercises is performed daily.
without gaps.
After a month of classes, the pause between
in series reduced first to 5 seconds. In good condition
You can allow a 3 second break.

ATозможна небольшая усталость после упражнений. Method can
create a state of lightness, euphoria. ATозможные
dizziness speaks of saturation of the body with oxygen. Wherein
training can continue to sit. In the presence of diseases, occupations
must be approved by a doctor.

Properly do a wellness breathing complex with good
mood, confidence in success.

Set of exercises

Комплекс breathing exercises
гимнастики Стрельниковой для похудения начинается
с разминки
. ATремя ее выполнения — от 15-20 минут.

AT разминку включают несколько

  • “Palm”;
  • “Epaulets”;
  • “Pump”.

Exercise “Palm”. We stand straight. Hands off
bodies bent at the elbows. Elbows straight down. Ladoshi
deployed from us. The shoulders are immobile. Inhaling sharply, clench your fists.
ATыполняем 24 серии по 4 движения с пятисекундными перерывами.
Exercise is as simple as possible, and children can do it.

Exercise “epaulettes”. carried out from the main
positions with a straight back, the location of the legs shoulder-width apart
head up. Palms at waist level clenched into fists. ATдыхая,
unclench fists, throwing the hand down, spreading his fingers. Arms
straightened to the full length. Shoulders, arms, hands tighten. Should
делать 12 серий по 8 движений.

Упражнение “Насос”. From the main rack with a straight
with your back and arms down, slightly bend down, rounding the torso.
We look at the floor. AT наклонном положении делаем вдох, выпрямляемся.
It is necessary to do 12 series of 8 наклонов. Between the series
maintain three to five seconds, as far as fitness.

To warm-up exercises, there are the following

  • glaucoma;
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • high rise in blood pressure;
  • cranial injuries;
  • spinal injury;
  • old osteochondrosis;
  • the presence of kidney stones, gall bladder.

One by one added to the main complex
exercise per day:

Упражнение «Кошка» необходимо делать из прямой
racks with relaxed shoulders and lowered hands. Feet wide
shoulders, toes slightly shifted inward. Sharply inhaling, slightly squat,
turning the body to the right. The legs do not come off the floor. Arms
bend in elbows. Fingers clench into fists. Exhale
return to the main rack. Then repeat the execution of movements.
to the left. Should выполнять 12 серий по 8 раз в обе стороны.

Упражнение «Обними плечи» нужно делать из
straight rack. Arms согнуты в локтях на уровне плечевого пояса.
The hands are placed at the shoulders, and the arms themselves are parallel.
each other. ATдыхая, резко бросаем руки, так чтобы одна кисть
grabbed the shoulder and the second went under the inside of the shoulder
fold. Exhale происходит возврат в исходное положение. Should
делать 12 серий по 8 движений.

The great benefit of doing this exercise is to

But he has
и contraindications:

  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • heart disease;
  • heart attack

Упражнение «Большой маятник» включает
consistent without interruption performance of the “Pump” and “Hug the shoulders.”
It is necessary to do 12 episodes 8 times.

Не следует выполнять упражнение при: смещениях
intervertebral discs, old osteochondrosis, injuries

Тренинг «Повороты» делаем из позиции стоя.
We set our legs a little bit already shoulders. Turn your head without stopping at
average pace. Strong breath when turning. 12 повторов по 8

Тренинг «Ушки». Body position and number of repetitions
do not change. ATдыхая, наклоняем голову вправо и to the left.

Training “Small pendulum head.” Position
and the number of repetitions is the same. ATдыхая, опускаем и
raise your head.

The last three exercises have several

  • a large excess of normal ocular, arterial,
    intracranial pressure;
  • chronic osteochondrosis of the neck;
  • epilepsy;
  • вегето-сосудистая дистония;
  • head injuries.

Упражнение «Перекаты». We pull the left leg
forward, right – back. ATдыхая, сгибаем правое колено и слегка
squat on the left leg. ATыпрямляем сразу после приседания левую
leg and squat with a breath on the right. It is necessary to do 12 series of
8 time.

Contraindications include cardiovascular

The main principle of implementation

  • accented quick breath;
  • calm exhalation through the mouth without effort;
  • движение следует делать на inhale.


Breathing exercises методу Стрельниковой для
weight loss, like any highly effective treatment method, has its
contraindications. Most often, exercise is prohibited after
тяжелых травм и diseases.

Contraindications для дыхательной гимнастики

  • thrombophlebitis;
  • cranial injuries;
  • acute heart attacks;
  • high values ​​of intracranial, arterial, ocular
  • spinal injuries;
  • high temperature, inflammatory processes;
  • severe organ disease;
  • second degree myopia;
  • a variety of bleeding;
  • gallbladder stones, kidneys;
  • тяжелые сердечные diseases.

Benefit and harm

ATыбирая этот метод оздоровительного снижения веса, многие
are wondering: what is the use and harm of the respiratory system?
гимнастики Стрельниковой при похудении?

The beneficial effect of respiratory
гимнастики Стрельниковой при похудении возможен
thanks to:

  • acceleration of the body’s metabolic processes;
  • significant improvement in digestion;
  • saturation of the body with oxygen;
  • restoration of disturbed processes of the nervous system,
    blood circulation, respiration;
  • reduce hunger;
  • opportunities to strengthen the immune system.

Парадоксальное дыхание allows делать тело красивым и
strengthen with health.

ATозможный вред дыхательной
гимнастики Стрельниковой 
связан с
violation of gradualness in the development of exercises, ignoring
contraindications, lack of regularity of classes, wrong
doing exercises.

Respiratory гимнастика Стрельниковой — видео

Чтобы выполнять гимнастику по методу Стрельниковой без
damage to health is better first time learning to do breathing
complex video tutorial. This will protect and help achieve
maximum success in losing weight and healing.

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