Estonian diet for 6 days

The Estonian diet, reviews of which are ambiguous – this is one of complex techniques for quick weight loss. He who decides to pass it before the end, must necessarily consult with a doctor and have no contraindications to health. Fast Estonian diet will help remove the extra 3 to 6 kg for 6 дней. This Estonian weight loss method is applied in exceptional cases and not more often than once a month and a half, so how the body is shaken up while the diet lasts. Reviews and the results after using this type of Estonian weight loss, you can find below.

Estonian diet for 6 days


Essence of the diet

The main essence of a fashionable diet is to become beautiful and slim, what about say reviews thinner girls. Limiting itself in consumption calories for a week every day have to use certain mono products. It’s hard to start a diet without motivation. so set yourself a goal: the coming holiday, the new dress, surprise beloved man. For these or other purposes, a woman able to withstand a lot, not to mention the Estonian strict diet In order for the result of the proposed diet to justify expectations, do not forget to follow the mandatory rules diets:

  1. Eliminate salt and sugar completely.
  2. Break into 5-6 receptions all the daily norm of products.
  3. The last meal should be no later than 4 hours before sleep.
  4. If you feel a strong feeling of hunger, it is allowed to add 0.5 kg of carrots, radishes, cucumbers.
  5. Liquid to be consumed in large quantities, at least two liters. per day, preferably mineral water without gas, green tea.
  6. Drink a glass of liquid before each meal.
  7. Do not forget about walking in the fresh air and small physical exertion.

The diet of the Estonian diet is based on the use of lean meat. birds that can be replaced with lean fish oceanic origin. List of products you can use during the Estonian method of losing weight, consume in strictly defined sequence. Deciding to sit on diet, stock up: chicken eggs, low-fat cottage cheese; white meat Chicken; which must be degreased by removing the skin; rice preferably brown; potatoes; green apples.


Pros and cons of losing weight in Estonian

As in any diet aimed at weight loss, the Estonian there are also attractive sides and disadvantages.

Плюсы diets:

  • Rapid weight loss.
  • Exit toxins and slags along with excess fluid.
  • The acquisition of the desired harmony. 

Минусы diets:

  • If non-compliance with low-calorie diet after the end of the diet – the weight can return.
  • Side effects in the form of weakness, drowsiness or, conversely, insomnia
  • Hunger.
  • Contraindications use during pregnancy, feeding breastfeeding, menstruation.

Estonian diet menu for 6 days < / h2>

How to make a six-day diet menu with weight and quantity of products:

  • First day < / strong> – boil eggs in the amount of 6 pieces. Consume in six steps. Do not limit non-carbonated water and green tea. < / Li>
  • Second day < / strong> – cottage cheese with a maximum fat content of 1% (500 grams) divided into five parts, one per reception. < / li>
  • The third day < / strong> – white meat of chicken, preferably breast, boil. 700 grams to eat for five meals. < / Li>
  • Fourth day < / strong> – boiled brown unpeeled or brown rice weighing 200 grams divided into five parts. < / li>
  • Fifth day < / strong> – six medium-sized potatoes, cook in uniform. Eat one potato at one meal. < / Li>
  • The sixth day < / strong> – green apples without restriction, in any quantity. < / li> < / ul>

    Recipes of dishes < / h2>

    The approach to cooking during the diet should be a crucial step. Compliance with all the rules will provide an opportunity to achieve a more effective weight loss result. Examples of cooking methods without salt during the Estonian diet.

    1. Boiled soft-boiled eggs. < / strong> Taking a small fireproof container, pour cold water and gently place the previously washed eggs with a spoon. Heating should be of average power. From the moment you boil water, stop for a hundred seconds and turn off the heat. Put the eggs under running cold water. < / Li>
    2. Boiled poultry meat. < / strong> Put the cooled portion of chicken meat into the water and set on fire. Before boiling, carefully remove the foam that appears so that the broth is clear. After half an hour, check the meat for readiness by piercing with a knife in several places. If it has become soft, the chicken is ready to eat. The smaller portions of meat, the faster the ready time. < / Li>
    3. Boiled rice. < / strong> Bring one liter of water to a boil. At this time, 200 grams of rice is rinsed several times in water. In boiling water pour the washed rice. Constantly stirring, cook for 20 minutes. When rice increases in size and becomes soft, rinse it under running water. water through a colander. < / li>
    4. Potatoes in uniform. < / strong> Select 2-3 potatoes of the same size and rinse well with a brush in running water. Put in cold water and put on fire. Medium-sized potatoes are cooked for 25-30 minutes from the moment of boiling water, depending on the variety of root vegetables. Using a knife, check the readiness by piercing the skin. If the potato has become soft or the skin has burst slightly, remove from boiling water and cool at room temperature. < / Li> < / ol>

      Exit from the diet < / h2>

      In order for an organism that has experienced a shock during an Estonian tight diet, do not begin to make reserves after it has ended, try for some time to count the calories of foods eaten during the day. Their total amount should not exceed 1500-1700 kcal. Focus on protein foods, drink more water. In this case, the result will be persistent.

      Eat more fruits, green vegetables, a variety of cereals, dairy products with a low percentage of fat. Poultry, veal, lean sea or ocean fish is better to use boiled or baked. For a lasting effect after the end of the diet, refrain from sugar, seasonings, preservatives, flour products that have high calorie content.