Elegant black jacket for strict ladies

French in the classic version – will always remain an ideal
sophistication and elegance, but agree to wear it every
week can not every woman. We always want
diversity, some trends are replaced by others, and now pastel
manicure bored and want something new. In this case, not
be sure to give up the French manicure as such –
You can vary it with bright colors that will not give
get bored. Here, the usual beige will be replaced by the classic
the black.

Black jacket features

Despite the slight simplicity of the French, most women are
do not want to give it up at all, so the designers and craftsmen
nail art is trying to offer its clients new approaches,
satisfying all wishes. Use black in this
manicure allows you to not only preserve the inherent French
option aesthetics, but also to achieve some additional

  • ease of drawing the necessary pattern;
  • harmonious combination with almost any style of clothing;
  • hands with such a coating in black blooms look very

The shape of the nail plate – the latest trends

Any professional will say that the chosen design is not so important.
nails, how much the correct shape of the nail and its length. If this stage
do not pay due attention, even the most luxurious pattern and color
will look untidy and ugly.

There are many options for choosing one form or another – this is
the anatomical shape of the brush, the length of the fingers and nail. Of course master
nail art will take into account the wishes of the woman, but it is desirable that this issue
the professional himself decided.

In addition, it is necessary to determine the desired effect of the manicure.
If you want to look bold and sexy, you can black jacket
create on sharp nails – stilettos still in trend, so the resulting
the result will not look too vulgar. If ready
manicure should be quieter, then you can opt for
short oval or square nails.

The latter option is often replaced by the so-called soft
a square that goes well with both black and
French The length of the nails is not very important – it can be
short or medium. Cuticle when making dark saturated
the color is necessarily well moistened and processed to
perfect condition.

The most suitable shape and length of nails in combination with black
french sure to please its owner and others.

Matte version of the French manicure in black

Matte finish on black in appearance
resembles a luxurious velvet, which attracts the views.
This manicure looks very expensive, but to do it completely
not difficult. The key role is played by the finish, which creates the necessary
Effect. The colors used in the design itself are not so important – this is
may be black free edge, or vice versa, black
painted over the main surface. Additional shades may
be any: natural, beige or color.

Another design option deserves special attention –
combination of matte and glossy finish. This is the latest trend.
a nail art that looks just great. In this case, may
the main part can be black matte and the tip is painted
glossy black. The shape of the nail is better to choose a specific:
almond-shaped, oval or soft square. Length recommended
leave medium or short.

Drawings and patterns on a black jacket

By itself, the black color does not allow to perform absolutely any
pattern or pattern, but there is still diversity. The most common choice
stop at one of the following prints:

  • floral or floral pattern;
  • geometry;
  • animal image;
  • monogram or lace;
  • abstraction, etc.

The colors used for drawing may be different –
from related monochrome to bright color. The first look very
stylish – this option is very much appreciated not only in nail art, but also in
other areas, such as interior design. For color drawings
are used more often than others – all shades of red, pink,
emerald. Such drawings are recommended to be applied to the nail hole, or
in the center.

The undoubted advantage of a black jacket with a picture remains
opportunity to express not only your style, but also individuality.
Drawing on the nails reserves the right to be funny, cocky,
romantic, playful, etc., so do not deny yourself
flight of your own fantasy.

Stones and rhinestones for service in black

Stones – almost a mandatory attribute of female marigold, and black
French manicure surface is not an exception to the general rules.
The combination of rich color and shiny rhinestones – it is very successful
a combination if you want to get a bright and noticeable image. Wherein,
if you make the nails in a similar way, then think long
suitable outfit is not worth it – we stop our choice on
Classic or small black dress. Stunning effect –

As an alternative to already annoying rhinestones recommend
use white pearls – they give freshness and
finesse dark manicure. In this case, be sure to comply
the accent rule is to decorate in this way only one is needed
nail, for example, ring finger.

Other design options with stones and rhinestones are also possible.
but do not forget that an excessive amount of bright decor
would look ridiculous. At the size of the pebble also need to pay
attention – they should not be too big. Huge rhinestones are not
not only decorate, but also spoil the whole manicure and image in general.

In addition to all the other advantages of black jacket, there is another
important quality – it is universal almost the same as
classic version. For example, in the evening it is great to add
an evening dress, and in the afternoon – it is wonderfully combined with jeans,
jacket and voluminous sweater.

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