Effigy on Maslenitsa with their own hands: from a broom, frombast by hand without a needle. Great effigy for bright burning onShrovetide

Вт, 11 окт 2016 Автор: Ксения Рахимова

In ancient times, the Russians celebrated the New Year in March.

The holiday lasted a whole week and was accompanied by massive folk
festivities. Every day of the week was marked by its rite: when
mother in length, when to relatives, when to dead ancestors.
It was obligatory to burn a big stuffed animal.

So happy were the arrival of the new spring sun and the beginning of the New
of the year.

Чучело на Shrovetide своими руками из веника

Making such a small stuffed animal can be entrusted to children.
It is done in 1 hour from improvised means. For this you need to advance
buy in the store an ordinary broom for home.

Материалы и инструментарий: веник, тонкая
satin ribbon, thick wire for the base of the doll, scissors,
wire cutters.

Stage 1

A purchased broom is taken and disassembled into twigs. With help
Cutters The thickest twigs are separated from the broom. In work
only soft and thin straws are required. Solid –
not needed.

Stage 2

A bundle of straws is bent on a wire, the tips of which
pliers bend into the beam. The resulting bundle will be
head for stuffed do it yourself.

Stage 3

In the same way, the body and skirt for the stuffed animal are formed. Here you need
use a bunch with a lot of straw.

Stage 4

The head is placed on the body. In the neck, twigs are tied
satin ribbon. In the waist – it is too early.

Stage 5

A bunch of straw is taken for hands. Immediately for both. Bundle
inserted into the middle of the torso. Satin Ribbon Baby Doll
bandaged wrists. Excess sticking straw is cut off.

Stage 6

With a satin ribbon, the effigy is tied tightly at the waist.
It is recommended to fluff the skirt by hand.

Чучело на Shrovetide своими руками готово!

Лыковое чучело на Shrovetide своими руками

Such crafts will require more attention and perseverance. Scheme of her
making a little harder than the previous dolly. Feature of this
stuffed stuff in the material used – bast.

Материалы и инструментарий: небольшая палка
50 cm long, bright-colored fabric, children’s tights, old children’s
shirt, bast, cardboard, thread, satin ribbon, cotton wool or crumpled
paper, transparent adhesive tape, colored markers.

Stage 1

It takes the most ordinary stick found in the forest. Not required her
process or chop off the knots. From the fabric is formed
head. On top of a piece of fabric is tied a knot of thread. Inside
cotton or crumpled paper. The resulting design
sits on a stick. The fabric is tied at the neck.

Stage 2

A bastard bought at a hardware store is wrapped around
sticks. Straws are evenly distributed and fixed manually.

Stage 3

Cardboard is taken to create hands. It rolls up into 2 tubes and
wrapped with duct tape. The resulting tubes for stuffed
with their own hands wrapped in one long fabric. It is fixed
on homemade pens with threads. The resulting blank leans
behind the stuffed hands. She binds to

Stage 4

Take children’s tights. They are stuffed with cotton. In the area of
Ankles and knees for visual beauty can be tied up
ribbons of satin or thread.

Stage 5

In children’s tights stuffed cotton or crumpled paper for
giving the effigy of the outline of the chest. Then they become attached under
by the neck.

Stage 6

An old shirt is worn on the scarecrow, which is in the waist area.
tied with a ribbon.

Stage 7

Получившемуся чучелу на Shrovetide рисуется лицо. For this you can
use markers. Let the face be good.

Чучело на Shrovetide для народных гуляний

This stuffed animal is made specifically for burning during
folk festivals. It burns quickly and there is little smoke from it.

Материалы и инструменты: две толстые длинные
sticks (one should be curved), cloth for skirts and shirts,
head cloth, large quantities of straw, linen yarn,
yellow cardboard for making sun, twine or jute
thick thread, scissors, thread and needle, sewing machine,

Stage 1

Two sticks are fastened crosswise. Curved shape
stick will hands. Their direction if desired can be up or
way down. The center stick should protrude more than 1 meter from
куклы way down. It is possible to fix the sticks with a jute thread or a nail. So
as tradition demands that all scarecrows burn without a trace –
use better fastening of the thread.

Stage 2

Hands are formed from straw. Ниткой они крепятся к torso.

Stage 3

From bunches of straw the breast is formed and tied with threads.

Stage 4

From straw gathers fluffy skirt. On a waist a straw becomes attached
thread for reliability.

Stage 5

A stuffed cloth is put on a stuffed animal as a
skirts. She is tied at the waist.

Stage 6

A shirt is worn over a straw doll from another fabric
It is tied at the waist and elbows.

Stage 7

Two circles are cut out of yellow fabric. Manually he
сшиваются иглой и thread. During stitching inside getting stuffed

Stage 8

From a yarn to a solar head hair are made. For this thread
cut to lengths of 20 cm. Then they are laid out on
simple paper for each other from top to bottom vertically. On sewing
typewriter in the middle of the seam is laid. If you take your hands by the seam –
pieces of yarn will fold themselves twice. For this seam turned out
hair is sewn by hand to the doll.

Stage 9

Yellow cardboard is used to make something like the sun. For this
the sheets are first glued together in a large square. It should be more
head circumference. The sun is cut out of the square with scissors

Stage 10

A cardboard sun is sewn behind a stuffed head. Important
Sew on in several places. Strong gust of wind with ease
tear off insecurely sewn sun.

Stage 11

Фломастерами чучелу на Shrovetide рисуются глаза, бровки, нос,
smile and blush. For reliability, all this can be drawn in advance
sewing pencil, which has in the kit a colorless marker for
erasing drawn lines. It can be purchased at any store.
sewing accessories.

Stage 12

The last stage of work – soaking. In order to
the resulting doll is well and brightly burning, you want to moisten
liquid from water and saltpeter. It is recommended to work more carefully with
explosive nitrate. It is better to carry out final manipulations.
away from children: in the garage, on the street, in the back room.

The resulting doll is required before burning well.
to dry

Scarecrow is ready!

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