Effective exercises for slim legs: and youperfect

stroinie-nogiAlthough the warm time is coming soon
running out why not start putting yourself in order to
winter holidays when you have the opportunity often
meet with many relatives and friends
is not it?

So, if you want to quickly become the owner of slender
and beautiful legs, try the following exercises. And you
Get the result you dreamed about!


TOP-9 exercises for beautiful and slim legs:

1. Intense walking

The simplest exercise that will help you become slimmer
in the legs, is walking. While moving your legs will be
get good exercise but for greater efficiency
you need to put extra effort on your feet, for example
Great idea – go up the hill.

If for training you decide to use a treadmill, you
It is necessary to set the running belt at a 15% angle of inclination. Although,
20% will be even better. I recommend you use intensive
walking up to 30 minutes daily.

2. Weights for legs

Using legs for legs would be a good idea
because it increases the payload from running
exercise. For example, when you walk or run,
removable weighting will be for you a very relevant addition. 3

Have you ever heard of home mini trampolines? Jumps на них
are a great exercise that will help bring your legs
in order. For this you can use short sets that last
just two minutes, at any time convenient for you. You can also
engage in the evening while watching TV.

4. Jogging

In terms of efficiency, running has more advantages than intensive
walking since your legs get much more useful
physical activity.

5. Squats

Do you know anything about quadriceps? Squats are quite
effective exercise option that will be
aimed specifically at the core muscles of the thigh.

6. Leg lifts

To do this exercise, lie on your right side, lift
head up and lean your right hand on the floor for better
maintain balance. Then slowly lift your left leg up
as far as possible, count to 20 and then slowly
lower it. Repeat 8-10 times and roll over to the other side. 7

In order to get slender legs soon, you also
It is necessary to direct the load on the hamstring. For
perform the exercises alternately bend your legs, trying to press
your heels, as tight as possible to the buttocks.

8. Active sports

You can effectively replace daily jogging with active
sports You will be so passionate that you won’t even
notice how intense the workout is. Tennis,
basketball, football, badminton provide an excellent load for
rapid loss of extra pounds in the legs.

9. Hike to the gym

In the gym you have a unique opportunity
use a huge arsenal of simulators to complete work on
slender and beautiful legs. In addition, you will be easy
stay motivated in a circle of people doing the same thing.

Video exercises for slim legs

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