Eating fatty fish can prolonglife for several years

Sat, 08 Feb 2014

Experts have long struggled with the problem of extending human
of life. But there is a fairly simple solution found
harvard scientists.

It turned out that regular consumption of fatty fish (at least two
servings per week) can prolong life for two whole years. TO
this conclusion American experts pushed the study of 3000
medical records of very elderly patients.

Not only doctors, but almost everyone knows that
Omega-3 fatty acids are unique substances found in the body.
fatty marine fish. These fats are essential for human health,
that is why they are constantly being discussed.

The data obtained studying the diet of long-livers allow
maintain that regular consumption of fatty fish
can reduce the risk of heart disease by almost 35%

American scientists studied medical books for people from the age of 67
years old. As a result, it became known that people who consumed
Adequate Omega-3 fats, were quite strong

Today, maintaining the right concentration of omega-3 fats in
body, scientists promise the prolongation of life, even those who started
eat fatty fish at a fairly mature age.

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