Eat and lose weight: make up a diet forslimming

kak-sostavit-ratsion-pitaniya-dlya-pohudeniyaThe eternal question of
that is to lose weight, remains open to most

While some people in social networks discuss the dangers of green apple
or glasses of kefir before bedtime, others “sit down” on trendy fat
diets or in the old manner adhere to the rule “do not eat after
six ”.

Meanwhile, the kilos stubbornly do not want to leave the waist and hips.
Or do it extremely reluctantly, taking advantage of any opportunity.
come back again. What is the reason?

Classical dietetics answers – in the wrong and
unbalanced diet. No matter what the followers of fashion
diets and trends, physiology takes its toll. So, the banal shortage
of vitamins B or D provokes weight gain, and such nuances –

So stop – do not exhaust the body once
hunger strike. It is best to make your own diet.
proper nutrition, reducing weight is tasty and effective. Like this
do? Follow the simple and clear tips.

Правильный рацион питания для slimming – какой он?

A proper diet should include sufficient
amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals
and other beneficial substances. A cipher truth which, however,
often ignored in pursuit of harmony.

Also, do not forget that the calorie content of the diet should
be equal to the energy costs of the body; if you want to
lose weight then 20% lower.

how рассчитать калорийность рациона для slimming?

Using a simple formula, you can calculate
energy value of your diet to maintain
существующего веса или для slimming.

655 + (9.6 * body weight) + (1.8 * height in cm) – (4.7 * age in
years) = level of the main metabolism in kcal.

Now the resulting figure (an indicator of the level of the main
metabolism) must be multiplied by the following factors:

  • 1.2 with a “sedentary” lifestyle, without significant physical
  • 1.375 in the case when you play sports, but not more than 1-3 times
    in Week;
  • 1.55 with active sports, i.e. at least 3-5 times a
    a week;
  • 1.725 – when you are super-active: exercise 6-7 times
    week, walk to work and not used to sit still.

The resulting figure after multiplying – your caloric
ration. И if you want to похудеть, уменьшите ее на 20%. it
optimal and quite enough to get rid of unnecessary

Basic principles of proper nutrition: theory

But back to the issue of proper nutrition. Your diet, more precisely,
its calorie content, should not be “collected” from fast food, cutlets in
breaded or rich borscht with sour cream. �”Bricks”
proper nutrition are seasonal vegetables and fruits, germinated
cereals, lean meat and fish, dairy products and cereals.

Per day you should receive 80-100 grams of protein – this
required minimum, 70-80 grams of fat and 250-400 grams
carbohydrates. That is, the percentage ratio of the ideal diet
состоит из 30% белков, 20% жиров и 50% carbohydrates.

For greater clarity, imagine that your plate – let
it will be lunch or dinner, half filled with greens or fresh
vegetables, a quarter – cereals or legumes, i.e. complex
carbohydrates, and another quarter – proteins: meat, fish or other

This is an exemplary meal. Although at breakfast you are quite
можете позволить большую порцию carbohydrates. They will charge you with energy
for the whole day, will help avoid snacking before lunch and will save
possible food breakdowns. Lunch itself should be at 14-15
hours, and for 4-5 hours of bedtime, prepare yourself an easy

Nutrition highlights: practice

Simple rules to help you eat less, but
better quality. Even if you never managed to start “with
Monday “new life, remember – the formation of a new habit,
especially very simple, takes no more than a week.

  • Many people confuse hunger with banal thirst. Listen
    to your body. Perhaps you want to eat and drink? If so,
    Slowly drink a glass of water with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice.
    Hunger did not pass? Eat
  • Chew food thoroughly. Nutritionists recommend doing this.
    at least 30-40 times per serving. In this case, the saturation will come
    faster, as a result, portions and calorie content will decrease
  • Try to eat only seasonal vegetables and fruits. It is better –
    local growing. Pineapple and papaya, of course, tasty, but my own
    carrots or blueberries will give your body much more
    nutrients than their overseas counterparts.
  • Refuse from fast food, convenience foods and canned
    products. Start cooking healthy foods: on the stove or in
    steamer Try to expose products to minimal thermal
    processing in order to keep them more useful

Following the principles outlined, you will easily form the habit
eat fully and properly. Your weight will surely decrease,
and the bonus will be excellent health and vigor throughout the day.
Believe me, those who adhere to the basic canons of the correct
power, enough power for everything.

how to make an individual diet?

The complexity of most diets is not only in the sharp
reduction of diet, but also in a predetermined set of products and
well-defined meal times.

For example, what to do if you are recommended to have breakfast
buckwheat cereal, and you can not stand it on the spirit? Or mythical
�“Second breakfast” according to the schedule costs 11-00, but in this
being the boss at work scheduled a meeting.

With proper nutrition, this will not happen, because buckwheat porridge
you can replace rice or oatmeal – the same “long-playing”
carbohydrates, and snack to transfer to a convenient time for you.

We make a complete diet: an example

And again a bit of theory: nutritionists advise correctly
distribute food load throughout the day. For breakfast should
account for 30% of daily calories, for lunch – 40%, and for dinner
25%. The remaining 5% take a snack. If the theory is complicated in
understanding, you can go to practice. For example, it looks like this
идеальный рацион питания для slimming.

  • Завтрак: горсть овсяных хлопьев, лучше просто запаренных
    boiled water, with dried fruit, apple and herbal tea without sugar.
  • Обед: салат из свежих овощей с маслом, горсть тушеных
    vegetables or a side dish of cereals and steam chicken cutlets.
  • Ужин: овощной салат с большим количеством свежей зелени,
    a small piece of steamed fish, a cup of tea.

During the day it is recommended to drink plenty of fluid – herbal
tea or water, eat unsweetened fruits, berries and fresh vegetables.

Of course, the proposed menu is just an example. If you do not like fish,
replace it with chicken or lean beef. Do not carry oatmeal –
eat buckwheat porridge. A herbal tea, you can prefer the usual, but
without sugar and milk. The main thing is to eat varied. Fresh or
freshly prepared food, and then the result – getting rid of excess
kilograms, not long in coming.

And so that your diet is not only full, but also tasty,
think, and better write down what kind of vegetables, fruits, cereals,
meat and dairy products you love the most.

Surely get a long list. From him and worth
build on a food plan as outlined
formula 30-40-25%. So you will find a compromise between delicious food and
slim figure, and, finally, get an answer to the question: “What is,
to lose weight”.

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