Dropsy – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Sat, Mar 19, 2016

Водянка подразумевает собой разбухание, а также
accumulation of fluid in the tissues of the body. Can with certainty
say that dropsy is not a disease, it is a sign of disease
internal organs, which include the heart, liver, kidneys and
others. They are accompanied by edemas, capable of reaching quite
large sizes. In order to get rid of the swelling, you need to
first of all, treat the main disease. Most often
there is dropsy of the testicle and brain.

Dropsy – causes

As for dropsy of the testicles, it can occur, as in
newborns as well as adults. Dropsy can occur
unilateral and bilateral. During fetal growth,
testicular formation takes place directly in the abdominal
cavities. The testicles descend into the scrotum only at the end
of pregnancy. The duct that connects the scrotum to the abdominal cavity
must be overgrown. In case the fusion
did not happen completely, there is a high probability that
appears communicating dropsy.

Among the main causes of dropsy of the testicles can be noted
the following: was injured scrotum, inflammatory process
яичка, тяжёлая сердечная недостаточность, филляриоз и others.
This disease can acquire both acute and chronic
form. The first form occurs due to inflammation or swelling.
testicles. If in this case the corresponding
medical attention, the disease can become chronic

Dropsy – symptoms

Among the most popular symptoms of the disease can be noted
elevated temperature. During a large accumulation of fluid,
obstructed movement and wearing of underwear is observed. With
dropsy one or two eggs at once can increase in volume. Usually
in this case, it is almost impossible to feel it, while the skin
the scrotum is smoothed. Also with this disease can be
aching pain in the scrotum.

Dropsy – diagnosis

In order to establish the correct diagnosis of the disease,
will definitely have to do some research. For example,
inspection, as well as the feeling of the external genitalia. Need to hold
Ultrasound of the scrotum to eliminate the presence of a hernia.

Such a study makes it possible to accurately determine
volume of fluid in the scrotum. In certain cases, you may need
and additional research with the intention that exclude either,
on the contrary, to confirm other diseases.

Водянка – treatment

To make the treatment of the disease as favorable as possible,
you need to seek medical help as soon as possible. Otherwise
there is a certain probability that violated
spermatogenesis will either begin to develop testicular hypotrophy. This can
to occur when the dropsy is already impressive in size, with
this she was not treated.

Dropsy of the testicle can be observed due to some
diseases. In this case, you need to do first
treatmentм причин, которые способствовали появлению водянки. Also
имеет место быть консервативное treatment, которое подходит для
treatment of reactive dropsy during acute epididymitis. With таком
option dropsy is treated using suspension carrying, while
full rest must be observed.

To stop the accumulation of fluid, apply radical
treatments, for example, Bergman’s surgery and surgery
Winckelmann. The operation of the Lord is more rarely used, but only when
old dropsy. This operation is carried out under local
anesthesia. In some cases, operations are applied that
are similar for hernia repair. In this case, treat
communicating dropsy.

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