Dried apricots for weight loss – a useful sweetness forbodies

every modern lady in the fight against overweight more than once
resorted to using various diets.

But a recent study found that any woman on
the physiological level just can not do without sweet,
deficiency which can affect the activity of functions
brain and metabolic processes.

But what to do if in all diets and other methods
Slimming sugar is simply contraindicated !? Very simple – make your own
opt for dried fruit.

For example, if you decide to bring your figure in full order
without negative consequences for well-being, then replace the acute
the need for sweets is possible with the help of the well-known and such
delicious dried apricots. These fruits of dried apricot can not only
to raise your spirits, but also allow you to quickly achieve the set

What is the essence of dried apricots for weight loss?

The first thing I want to mention is the excellent properties of dried apricots.
It is rich in vitamins and benefits for the human body.
minerals, it contains a huge amount of potassium, which
extremely important for people with heart problems. And also calcium,
carotene, magnesium, fluorite, manganese, molybdenum, iodine, selenium, iron,
chlorine, zinc, copper, cobalt, phosphorus, B vitamins, fiber and
a lot others.

Nutritionists are strongly advised to use dried apricots to people who
suffer from anemia, hypertension and atherosclerosis, as well as women “for
40 ”, as this may help protect their bones from
development of such troubles as osteoporosis.

Due to the high content of potassium in dried apricots, work improves
cardiac muscle and returns to normal water-salt balance. And considerable
its fiber content helps to easily get enough of it and get rid of
sensations of hunger for a rather long period
of time.

In general, dried apricots is the most beautiful way to lose weight
and one of the leaders in the list of sugary foods with which
You can comfortably lose excess weight. Despite its calorie content
(per 100 grams of dried apricot accounts for about 232 kcal), this
energy is considered highly productive helping you to provide
full brain activity. Dried apricots contain large
the amount of glucose, fructose and the complete absence of any fat.
In order for the body to get all the essentials from it, its
should be consumed in moderation, for example, added to
salads, oatmeal or baked meat.

If you stick to three or four meals a day, and
in the break between the main techniques you wanted something
have a snack, eat a little dried apricots to kill your appetite and not
harm your figurine.

Not only does dried apricots help girls to get slim
forms, it also has a slight diuretic and laxative effect,
allowing you to get rid of excess fluid, remove the swelling of the face and
to clean the tortured intestines from slags and toxins.


Diet for dried apricots

We have already found that dried apricots can be effectively replaced by various
sweets. But there are still methods that help burn excess
waist fat that is very easy to apply and very
beneficial to human health at any age.

For example, make a habit of eating porridge on
завтрак, добавляя в нее немного delicious dried apricots. So you
can and saturate the body in the morning with all the necessary
vitamins and minerals, and enjoy the superb flavor of wholesome

But the dried apricot diet will allow you to lose a couple
kilograms in just three days and without the slightest stress for
organism. In addition, it is very useful for anemia and
hypertension, but it is recommended to repeat it not earlier than after

So, you will need: no more than 300 grams. dried apricots (chopped in
blender) and about 400 gr. apricot (squeeze juice out of them). Mix
The resulting mass is divided into 4 servings and a day during the day.
Also drink clean water, at least 1.5 liters per day.

Not recommended, but rather is contraindicated, such a diet for people
suffering from diabetes and kidney disease. After its completion
include a little more protein in your diet than usual, because
as during the diet, the body receives less than the required amount.

Dried apricots can be used alternately with green tea and pure water.
in three days. This method is also effective for
weight loss, but should not be abused and adhered to such
diets over 3 days.

Many girls use porridge for weight loss, so buckwheat
will be an excellent option in combination with dried apricots. This method
allow you to lose kilos without a lack of glucose, so you
you will always be in a good mood, and the headache and weakness of you
absolutely not disturbed.

Fasting days with dried apricots

Today, the use of fasting days has become very fashionable, so
Why not try to spend it with dried apricots. it
allow you to cleanse your body of excess to feel
It is easier and more airy.

So, take 400 grams. previously washed dried apricots, place
in 2 cups, fill them with warm water for the night, and in the morning on an empty stomach
have a drink. The remaining dried apricots divided into 6 equal portions and eat
them during the day.

Recipes with dried apricots:

  • Salad with dried apricots – prepare 100 grams of oatmeal, three
    Spoon dried apricots, 70 grams of low-fat cottage cheese. Soak in the evening
    flakes in cold water, and in the morning mix with cottage cheese and dried apricots.
  • Beet salad with dried apricots – one small beet
    pre-cook until ready and cool. Dried apricots
    Soak in cold water for 40 minutes. Then cut into small
    add beetroot cubes, add dried apricots to it and fill with low-fat
    sour cream.
  • Carrot salad with dried apricots – you will need 300 grams for it
    dried apricots, carrots, half a lemon and low-fat sour cream. Take two
    medium sized carrots, peel and grate. Then
    chop dried apricots into small stripes, add it to the carrots,
    сбрызните полученное соком лимона и заправьте sour cream. Stir
    all good and enjoy your appetite!

Remember – before you buy dried apricots for weight loss, you must
make sure it is dried naturally without adding
any harmful substances to your body. She must have
brownish but not bright orange. Do not buy dried apricots,
which has unnatural brilliance.

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