Door pins or revengeprovincially

Thu, Feb 26, 2015

It all started with the fact that one morning I found a pin under my
by the door. Did someone drop it? Hmm … on the other hand also a needle.
Masha-confused held? My superstitious brain thought of something else. But
what for? What prompted a taker act?

Why pagan beliefs in gods and evil spirits appeared on
Russ? Because in the caves where people lived, there was no electricity,
there were no iron doors and their forest streets did not patrol
the cops. They also did not have encyclopedias and the Internet, looking into
which, they could find out the reasons for the incomprehensible howling in the pipe,
squeak trees and glowing cat eyes. Nothing to them
it remained, how to betray all scientifically explainable phenomena,
inexplicable mythological meaning.

Let’s go back to the present. Tell me, how long have you been in the province?
Especially in the off season. And in such a remote province, where on the street
– two dim lanterns? Houses, sheds and fences peeled off and turned gray from
of time, crowds of hungry, lame, emaciated dogs run around the streets
and cats and everywhere there are unpleasant-looking, slouching with
grandmother’s distraught gaze in rags. Be sure to hear the noise
the night wind and the howling of stray dogs, the clang of tin on the roof and
cries of drunks, reaching everywhere. Having appeared in similar places,
believing in otherworldly forces is much easier than you could
to assume.

The ancients, remaining in the subcortex of consciousness, beliefs are
the first reason for the spread of superstitions in the boundless Russian
open spaces.

The second reason for the superstitiousness of the provincial people is poverty.
With her, legal insecurity, jealousy, loneliness,
a hazy present and a ghostly future. What kind of nonsense – say
you! Nonsense is nonsense, and not without reason. Why exactly
pervasive poverty is the basis of passion
people in various conspiracies, damage and love spells? When the brain
human, for some reason, can not give a logical
explanation of what is happening – he is looking for “higher” solutions to the problem.
But почему же именно бедность — причина мракобесия? After all, people with
prosperity, too, can do this?

Because in our days, almost all the rich provincials are from
people. This “elite” also knew poverty, therefore, and now
feel their precarious position and suspicious of
to a successful neighbor, Uncle Vasya, will suddenly take the throne?
Based on this, Uncle Petit’s wife, Uncle Vasya’s competitor, has everything
Reason to throw dead mice in Uncle Vasya’s wife’s garden.
Of course, not all provincial residents need to be built.
Inquisitorial fires, but most of them believe in it. Cause malice
and envy can be every little thing, any difference for the better
side: the neighbor car is more expensive, the house is taller, the roses are brighter, the husband is richer,
children are smarter, the milk cow gives more, the chickens rush more often,
Colorado beetles there, etc.

Have you ever listened to the provincial squabbles of your neighbors? Not? In vain
entertaining stories. No enemies meaner than warring
country neighbors! For the fact that someone’s dog ate someone’s chicken –
here a barn can be set on fire, not to mention the damage and the evil eye. If
surveying “chop off” an extra meter from the garden, then a war is declared,
and not some kind of quarrel. Moreover, in military action will be involved
neighbors and begin such a resounding “Babskiy” hassle that any
philologist will rejoice, replenishing their luggage, at least a dozen
new obscene words.

* civilized form of hostility towards neighbors in civilized
countries :)

A special position in the province is enjoyed by men: young, not
drinkers and, in the future, successful. That’s who needs to wear
any amulet – from a love spell. I sometimes get into society
ladies “party” and heard about all the girlish sophistication in
attracting, or keeping a vending man. Of course this
everything is done in secret, under the pretext: “I will tell you, but more
do not tell anybody”. In the end, everyone knows. And if “in the countryside” happens,
that the husband left some aunt, and even with the children, that’s all
surely love spell! How else could he not throw the family himself
another skirt chase. Could not. There is no awareness that
fell in love / out of love – there is only ingrained faith in the intervention
dark forces. By the way, once I read that a bad spell does
from an alcoholic man: so that’s why we have so many drinkers – not
succumbed! I get to sleep, but I will not love kikimoru!

* love spell on the photo :) Provincial ladies in the know …

What is the result? Unconscious faith in the remnants of paganism
supplemented by intractable economic and social difficulties.
Help authorities, doctors, social services to wait a long time, and people go to
gypsies, fortunetellers, etc. Maybe better to church? But с ней «советы»
already tried, so that, in popular opinion, grandmother –

PS: I didn’t find out who put the pin on me, and I don’t
tried to find out. Contradictory attitude to such things. But
I was in a bad mood. Why? … I guess my cat is thicker!

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