Don’t annoy your husband: Top 10 female habitswhich enrage men

Чт, 23 апр 2015 Автор: Яна ATладыка Ты
You can be beautiful, like Brigitte Bardot, smart as Sharon Stone
and modest like Cinderella. But despite all the amazing qualities
it may give rise to the feeling that you are not that beloved, with
which wants to grow old together. But do not rush to join the ranks
Amazons or husbands. Let’s see why
going on.

Of course, your lovely habits will not immediately start to get a man.
This will happen in about a year of living together when hormones
will cease to influence your emotional sphere too violently. In
the time of the candy-bouquet period, any deficiencies of the partner cause
only affection.

But when the raging hormones calm down, the veil from the eyes subsides.
It starts to annoy everything that used to seem so funny.
Therefore, if your faithful made a remark to you, do not rush
throw a tantrum. First find out what caused him
irritation. Some female habits can irritate
any man.


Desire to manipulate a man

Threats, tears, tantrums – men annoy all methods of women
manipulations. Any woman can learn to drive a man. But
Do we need this? Where power begins, love ends.
Any manipulation is an attempt to take power into your own hands. Of course,
There is a type of men, quite easily subordinating to a woman. But у таких
men often have problems with potency and depression. Any
desire to control is associated with uncertainty in the partner and his

When you have the desire to manipulate again, sit down with
husband at the negotiating table. Frankly talk to him about your
желаниях и feelings. Feel free to ask directly for help if
need her. A calm, confidential conversation will have much
better effect than dictatorship.

Chronic jealousy

For a man there is nothing more irritable than causeless
female jealousy. When it arises from scratch, from her
simply impossible to get rid of. A woman may have something to glimpse
followed by hysterical performance. For many couples
jealousy – a fiery cocktail, tonic relationship. But это
possible only when jealousy just tickles your nerves.
Well, when the next attack ends passionate
reconciliation. But очень часто женщины буквально душат своих партнеров
jealousy. This behavior is incredibly annoying men, bringing them
patience to the limit.

Sexual blackmail

Sometimes for refusing to take out the trash a man can lose sex.
Women often use sex as a means of blackmail or revenge. Realizing
all the power of such an instrument, women begin to punish their
partners for even the smallest offenses, blocking access to their
to the body.

Sexual blackmail способен навсегда испортить ваши отношения. AT
the answer to such a manipulation, a man will show not expected
obedience, but only bitterness and discontent. While such a tactic
don’t kill your relationship, give it up forever.

Violation of personal space

Women often try to call a man to a frank conversation,
even if he resists it with all his might. There are topics
which is better not to raise without a partner’s initiative. Relationship in
past marriage, fiasco at work – not every man is eager
discuss it. But некоторые женщины всеми силами пытаются
invade the mental space of a partner, even if
hung a sign “do not disturb.” Every man has
a space in which he will not allow anyone to dig. And
it is important to understand that men are generally much smaller than women
frank conversations and prefer to keep a lot in themselves – so they
are arranged.

It is better to leave attempts to invade the forbidden territory. Neither to
what good such tactics will not lead. Need to accept the fact
that some topics are not negotiable. Surely you have
a secret that you can not even tell your faithful. If a
forbidden information is very important to you, calmly explain it
to my husband Let him decide to confide with you or

Habit to involve outsiders in a dispute

How often do women act when the dispute ends
arguments? Calling a third party to influence
the opinion of the spouse – friends, relatives or parents. And very
in vain. Such tactics are very annoying to men. Сосед ATаня не
will solve your problem. The man thinks that any of your arguments is
purely your business. Should not be involved in this process

ATсегда решай все спорные вопросы только тет-а-тет. Third
only independent information can be a party. For example,
There is no way you can agree on where to spend your vacation – in Italy or
Of Spain. Here, the Internet can only be a good adviser.
stories and facts from travelers.


�“You are a terrible bungler!”, “Why do you not remember anything?” – not
hurry to make trouble when you hear similar phrases from your husband. Maybe you should
watch yourself a little. Absent-mindedness возникает от
overwork, large flow of information, with which brain is not in
able to cope, either because of infantilism. So have to
either reduce the load or grow up.

Try to calmly agree with your husband about who will be
keep receipts and warranty cards for equipment, payment receipts and
other important documents. Decide who will control
timely payments on loans. Learn to work in a team.
Let everyone do his best duties.
total are obtained. If a заранее договариваться о подобных вещах,
You can avoid half the domestic quarrels and troubles.

Habit to be late and long to gather

This question is especially painful for the representatives of the stronger sex. They
already tired of joking: what are the only jokes about women’s long gatherings
did not invent. Psychologists have uncovered the secret of female tardiness.
It turns out that it gives women power. Being late, the woman seems to be
inadvertently shows a man what she commands them. Other
delay can be caused by the usual reluctance to come to this

On the charges you need much more time than a man. it
fact. So start getting ready in advance. Discuss time
exit the house and put a timer. Be sure to agree that before
Timer signal to you should not be any complaints. But если ты
do not have time on time, do not be offended by the comments.


Women often express their claims to men in excessively
rough form. it может проявляться в надутых губках, горделивом
glance, caustic remarks or open scandal. Sometimes they lead
yourself as if a man owed them something. But далеко не каждый
a man is able to endure such royal arrogance. ATедь мальчишки
from the school bench they are very sensitive to criticism and
claims from their girlfriends. Over the years, the situation has not changed. therefore
it is better to blow lips and frown eyebrows dosed without irritating

Habit of interrupting

It doesn’t matter if you put in your favorite sports program or
in conversation – it is incredibly much enrages men. From your point
He may look utter nonsense, but you need to understand that
it’s important to him. If a ситуация не из разряда экстренных,
wait till he is free. If a мужчина занят, не следует
throw him with questions like “did you buy potatoes?” Try
slow down and let a man do something important for him
by deed.

Habit of recalling past negative

ATсе что было в прошлом – осталось в прошлом. So men think.
If a любая конфликтная или негативная ситуация благополучно
resolved – then it is considered exhausted forever. And any
woman’s attempt to the place and out of place to remember the past male
промахи – вызывает определенное irritation. And when like
regular recall becomes part of the relationship – it plunges
man mad! Слова “ATЕЧНО ТЫ…” или “А ATСПОМНИ КАК ТЫ…”
become a red rag able to instantly translate a man into
state of aggressive defense or attack. Avoid this if
don’t want your home turned into a rodeo.

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