Does a sealed tooth hurt, why and what to do?Can the mistake of the doctor lead to the complete removal of the sealedtooth?

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Pain in a sealed tooth is a frequent occurrence.

Sometimes it passes after a few hours, and sometimes it keeps
several days.

The causes of pain in sealed teeth are many.

A sealed tooth hurts, why and what to do: causes

All causes of toothache of a similar nature can be divided into
two groups: this is the recurrence of caries, or development
new disease.

Some diseases can be distinguished, as a result of which,
sealed teeth begin to hurt badly:

Caries recurrence

Most often, the teeth are sealed to eliminate caries. With his
occurrence, hard tooth tissues are affected. Caries able
penetrate deep into the tooth, sometimes reaches the nerve endings. If a
caries was removed not until the end, after some time may
there is a relapse. This time, the disease is much
dangerous, because there may be serious complications.


Between the cavities in the jaw bone and the tooth itself is
binding layer. Thanks to her, the tooth is in its
place does not falter and does not fall out. If a происходит повторное
the occurrence of caries, the layer may be inflamed.

Purulent education

Cyst and Granuloma are serious enough complications.
character, they arise in case of tooth filling
mistakes were made. There is a pus formation,
due to the fact that harmful bacteria get into the tooth. For their
favorable development, there is not any obstacle. Whole problem
is that detect bacteria in time, practically
is impossible. The only and first symptom is pain. It arises
after an abscess or cyst affect a periodontium or

Allergy to filling

Such a complication is rare, but to mention it
still necessary. Approximately 2% of the total population arises
allergic reaction to the material used in filling
tooth. Allergy is manifested by severe pain and swelling.

Quite often a sealed tooth hurts because of mistakes,
which allowed experts. Unfortunately, they are not insured
not a single patient, but some of them can be identified at the stage

The most common mistakes of doctors are as follows:

The output of the filling material

This deficiency can occur only after
removed nerve endings. In the roots will remain small,
natural opening through which the pulp exited the tooth
and connected to central systems. If a врач удалит нерв и
seals the nerve, the composition of the filling may go a little beyond
hard fabric. The body will react negatively to the presence of foreign
subject, the inflammatory process begins.

Removal of nerve endings incomplete

The structure of the teeth is individual for each person. If a
the dentist will fill the tooth and will not hold the x-ray
examination, then small particles of pulp may remain in the tooth
or nerve endings. Not completely removed nerve, will begin
become inflamed, and the person will feel severe pain.

In the seal of emptiness

This problem occurs only if
Tooth filling was used poor quality material. The first
a sensation of pain, will arise several months after treatment,
when bacteria enter an empty space.

A sealed tooth hurts, why and what to do: first

A tooth treatment that already has a filling and has nerves removed should
produce a doctor. Why? The thing is that the reasons that
caused pain in the sealed tooth, maybe a lot. If a нет
opportunities to visit the dentist at the moment, you can try
relieve pain yourself. Many try to apply heat, considering
that in such a way the pain will recede, do it by no means
can not. In order to alleviate your condition before visiting a doctor,
Follow the following instructions:

1. Take a pain reliever, Ketanov or Nise.

2. After each meal, brush your teeth carefully in order to
to remove all leftover food.

3. Prepare a soda solution and rinse with your mouth. Assign
other drugs are not worth it.

After you do all these procedures, the pain will subside.
In order for it not to occur again, you must visit
specialist and identify the cause of the condition.

A sealed tooth hurts, why and what to do: treatment

Many patients, some time after filling
teeth, again feel severe pain. Do not rush to run to the doctor,
wait a day or two, maybe it came about because of you
just blew. If a спустя это время ничего не изменилось,
be sure to visit the doctor.

If the tooth is not properly filled, the specialist will remove the filling,
treat periodontitis or pulpitis, and re-seal, but
temporary. As a rule, it is placed for two weeks, if for this
time of the patient does not bother, then it is removed and put

If a специалист подозревает, что боль в sealed tooth
caused by an allergic reaction to the material, there will be
test for his test. When confirming suspicion, the seal
have to make from another material.

If pain occurs after filling the canals, dentists
recommend to adhere to proper nutrition, do not eat much
sweet and hard. The first days try not to eat
sealed teeth.

Oral hygiene, in case of pain, is important.
Every time after eating, brush your teeth, if it is not possible, rinse
mouth water

In identifying inflammatory processes, a specialist will appoint
anti-inflammatory drugs in some cases

A sealed tooth hurts – why and what to do: folk

You can select a lot of folk remedies that allow
справиться с болью в sealed teeth. But it is worth noting that
these are temporary measures that allow only some time to ease
condition of the patient.

Toothache pain

Buy Aire can be in any pharmacy. Take the floor of a pack of plants,
put it in a jar and fill it with 0.5 liter of moonshine or vodka.
Put the drug in a dark place for 12 days. At that
the time when the remedy will infuse, take 10 grams
propolis and fill with the same amount of moonshine, put
infuse for 12 days. После того, как оба facilities будут готовы,
Take one spoonful of propolis tincture and two spoons of root
calamus, mix, and store stored in the refrigerator.

Immediately after you have a toothache, take one spoon
facilities и полощите рот в течение 5-10 минут, затем сплюньте. Under
the effect of calamus pain subsides, and propolis is a kind
средством для «пломбирования» tooth.

Propolis for pain relief in sealed

The easiest way to relieve a toothache is to chew on a plant.
a few minutes, then spit it out.

You can make alcohol tincture. Take a small
amount of plant and fill it with vodka. When a strong
pain in the teeth, moisten the cotton wool in the tincture and apply to the patient
place, relief comes quickly enough.


Take one spoon of calendula and fill it with a glass of boiling water.
Immediately after the tincture has cooled, caress her mouth.

Onion and garlic

This method of relieving toothache is perhaps the oldest.
Pass them through a meat grinder or garlic press, then put in
cheesecloth and squeeze juice. In the resulting juice, you can moisten cotton wool,
after which it is placed on a bad tooth.

Essential oils

Essential oils используют в разных целях, как в медицине, так и в
cosmetology. Many of them can help with the occurrence of a strong

You can cook the oil yourself. To do this, take one
part of the Hypericum flowers, and two parts of the Hypericum leaves. Grass
place in a transparent bottle, pour 4 parts of olive on top
oils. Bottle put insist on a sunny place for two
of the week. After that, strain the oil. In order to remove dental
pain, heat the oil a little, moisten a cotton wool in it and apply to
sore tooth.

Toothache is always hard tolerated, regardless of
what it originated. It is necessary to treat the cavity of your mouth very
carefully, visit only good and professional

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