Do slimmers need fat-free foods andfasting days?

Many of my friends switched to low-fat products: cottage cheese 1%,
sour cream 2%, nonfat yogurt. I ask – do you like the taste
of these products? They all answer as one, that the main thing is the benefit.
для здоровья—   Я решила пойти на интервью к знаменитому
nutritionist Alexei Kovalkov, that he allowed my friends
return to normal food.  And at the same time asked the doctor about
water and fasting days.

Do slimmers need fat-free foods andfasting days?

– Alexey, my friends are buying low-fat products. it
good or bad?

– I would say that you can not get involved in low-fat products. WITH
childhood we used to eat dairy products of normal fat. AND
switching to low-fat we break the system that has evolved
for years. I think it’s better to eat foods with normal fat,
but in smaller quantities.  And then, some going to
low-fat products often do the opposite: “Oh, what’s there! Cottage cheese
low fat, you can eat two packs. “

In general, low-fat products are a common commercial move. But
I want to say that the buyer is sometimes misleading. No one
does not actually check the amount of fat in one way or another
skimmed product. For example, during the “Control
purchase “on Channel One, we once took a low-fat cottage cheese. AND
What do you think? By fat it was normal, that is, about

Обезжиренный творог
AND еще один важный момент: кальций, который содержится в молочных
products are 20 times more beneficial than calcium from any dietary supplement.
 And it is absorbed only from fatty products, from fat-free
not digested.

– Clear. А fasting days? WITHкажите, сколько раз в неделю
should they be carried out?

– What does “need” mean? Fasting days are needed when there was
strong body loading. For example, vigorously celebrated the day
birth, ate a lot of excess – you need to unload. But если
the girl is losing weight, and she already has a low-calorie diet
categorically contraindicated fasting days. Moreover, they
just harmful. ANDзвестен такой эффект – когда снижают количество
calories, weight suddenly freezes and does not decrease. Losing weight, losing weight, and
suddenly the weight stopped. And just rebuilt the body: you are less
eat, he spends less. In this case, we need the opposite, boot
days I use this approach in my practice to shift the weight
from a frozen point. But if a woman overeat, then it is useful to her
will sit a few days on vegetables, yogurt, water. For example,
spend a fasting day on kefir in my recipe.

— WITHкажите, а правда ли, что от воды худеют?

– There is no scientific evidence proving that water intake
promotes weight loss. But, мы всегда назначаем достаточное
the amount of water while losing weight. Why? Because exchange products
fatty acids that are lost during weight loss, leave the body
through the liver. AND если человек не пьет достаточно воды, то в печени
gallstones are formed. Therefore, the one who often
sits on diets, not observing the drinking regimen, can lose weight, but
purchase stones in the liver. Only one way out – to drink raw water.

— WITHколько пить, как часто, до или после еды?

– It’s not so much a lot of water that matters
its uniform flow. There was a case when a woman was told to drink
two liters of water per day. She drank at one time and died.
Water hammer, death.

Drink before or after a meal or during? Wash down food as we were taught
in childhood – it is impossible. The fact is that during the meal the stomach
begins to secrete certain enzymes for digestion. If a
drink water, it will wash away these enzymes and the process will take place

If a организм здоровый, ферменты вырабатываются быстро, вреда
special from the water there. But если пищеварение слабое, женщина сидит на
mezime or festal, while washing down the food with water or tea, she
guaranteed to spoil your stomach. Therefore, it is better to drink water
in small sips 20 minutes before meals, then an hour after meals and
a glass during the day. WITHколько вам нужно выпить воды – подскажет
your body. He knows what he needs and is worth it.
to listen.

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