Do I need to cut a child in a year: get rid ofprejudice, learn to care for children’s hair

Wed, 22 Jul 2015

Admit it, you have already asked yourself more than once questions: should you cut it?
a child per year, or it is absolutely impossible to do it, and if you can –
where and how? There are many opinions on this subject.
occasionally, the exact opposite. Alas, most of them
belong to the category of conjectures and delusions. Let’s go again
forever dispel doubts, get rid of myths and begin correctly
take care of children’s hair.

Cut – you can, if necessary

The opinion that the child must be cut a year,
implanted mainly by the older generation –
grandparents. It is based on ancient superstitions, not
having nothing to do with reality.

So, in the old days the length of hair was traditionally tied
life expectancy, and the density of the hair – with wealth. Here is
why children were cut as early as possible – to save them from
thin and weak fluff covering the head of newborns.
It was believed that as soon as you cut the hair down – immediately
strong adult hair will begin to grow.

Many today seriously believe that haircut strengthens
hair stimulates their growth – however it is not. Cutoff frequency
hairstyles in no way affect her beauty – on the contrary, in
during the haircut there is a risk of damaging the delicate hair follicles,
which, just, and determine the beauty of hair. It is in miniature
rootlets stored genetic information about what should be
a man’s hair. This hereditary code cannot be changed.
no scissors.

In what cases do you need to cut the baby? If the baby was born
bald and by the year just began to grow into hair, you can
do without a haircut – do not hurt the gentle once again
childish psyche. But when a bang climbs into the eyes, interfering with vision, or
sweating head – should take action.

Сразу оговоримся: ни в коем случае нельзя
To cut children bald – all doctors together declare in chorus
taken. Such a radical haircut is a serious stress for
baby In addition, in the process of shaving can damage the roots
hair, and yes – God forbid – bring infection. Therefore not
succumb to anyone’s persuasion – give up the very idea of ​​shaving
baby bald

So, we concluded that the issue with a haircut should be resolved
in each case individually. Hair clipping is not at all
obligatory, but sometimes useful. And most importantly: if you decide
cut, do it right.

Where and how to cut a child a year

What could be better for a child than mom’s tender hands?
Think about it, deciding to take a one-year-old baby in
hair salon Even in the specialized children’s salon of his
waiting for a lot of tests. For example, an unusual setting may
scare or, on the contrary, excite – in both cases, family
campaign will be doomed to failure.

Once in the hands of a hairdresser (even to the most attractive
and charming), a small child is likely to experience stress.
Are you ready to subject him to such punishment?

You can, of course, invite the master home. But still, the best
the decision will be to pull themselves together and, armed with a typewriter and
comb, mow the baby yourself. Let the first time
it will turn out not exactly exactly – be sure, over time you will be able
master even model haircuts. The main thing is to believe in yourself!

How to cut a baby: 5 main rules

You, of course, understand that in the business of cutting a one-year-old child
important accuracy and attentiveness. In no case can not
harm the delicate baby skin, which hides the hair
bulbs. In addition, by injuring the skin, you can hurt your baby and
Permanently adjust it against a haircut. Therefore, the work should
Use only safe tools.

So, the first rule – we use a special children’s typewriter.
Why it is impossible to cut children with adult devices? Yes, because they
not intended for small “customers” at all: their blades
they do not cut at all, but pinch and pull tangled childish hair. Besides
Moreover, adult cars usually make a terrible sound, frightening

Here is почему вам следует потратить немного времени и выбрать
suitable baby model. Suitable, for example, the BabyTreem machine,
specially designed for children’s hair.

And here is the rule two – mow a child with a machine equipped
ceramic knives. Pottery is much safer than iron, and
blunt such blades is almost impossible.

Third. For the first time, choose a time when the baby
eat tight and is in a wonderful mood. Let be
his haircut is associated with pleasant entertainment, a game, but
not with severe torture.

Fourth. Before each procedure, be sure to wear
forehead baby visor. You can make it yourself from improvised.
or buy at the store. Visor protects against hair getting into eyes –
It would seem a trifle, but very important.

Finally, the fifth. Cut, tightly applying the nozzle to the head
baby, but do not push. Work slowly, but methodically. At first
remove hair with the back of the head, moving upwards, and then the same
image from the temples and from the crown.

Oh, and do not forget to thoroughly wipe the knives of the machine every time
at the end of the haircut – so they will last longer.

As you can see, to mow the baby yourself, no
nothing difficult. Everyone can learn this. And if you are afraid
start by asking for help dad.

Caring for the future

Now you know why children are sheared, what to shave a child a year
in no case can be bald, and for cutting should be used
typewriter with ceramic blades. And do not give the baby in
a hairdressing salon – where it is more correct to take matters into your own hands. And who
knows, maybe you will discover a new talent?

Take care of a child’s hair from a very young age, and he
will delight you with a beautiful hairstyle for many, many years!

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