Discomfort in the throat: how topick a medicine? A review of the best remedies for pain and sorenessthroat

Пн, 09 июл 2018 Автор: Элла Борисюк

All diseases of the throat are accompanied by a very
unpleasant symptomatology that delivers continuous discomfort.
Это может быть болевой синдром в throat, першение и другие симптомы.
It is necessary to fight such symptoms as early as possible in order not to
provoke complications.



This is a throat medicine that contains only
natural substances. There are no antibiotics that have
negative effects on the body. The active substance of the drug
serves as lysozyme. This substance is characterized by such

– antifungal;

– antiviral;

– antibacterial.

Due to its good composition, the drug improves the effects
used antibacterial drugs and is engaged in the regulation
local immunity. Allowed to use the tool when carrying
baby and at the moment of feeding. It is forbidden to give children up to three
years old.


This is the best throat remedy that comes in the form of
pills. They taste very good. Remedy helps
get rid of sensations that cause discomfort and pain
в throat. In addition, the drug is characterized by such an action:

– antiseptic;

– antibacterial;

– anti-inflammatory.

This лекарство возможно давать малышам старше 6 years old. Also
possible to use when carrying a baby, but it is forbidden to drink when
breastfeeding. The use of this tool does not give any
third-party reactions that could adversely affect
condition of the patient. Adverse reactions can occur only
case you use the medicine not by the guide in the box and
advice of doctors. Использовать Grammeadin возможно при большинстве
патологий, которые сопутствуются болями в throat. Price of medication
is acceptable.

Septolete Neo

This medicine is characterized by a pronounced
antiseptic effect. Most often the tool is used for
relieving an unpleasant symptom. Thanks to its antimicrobial
the effect of the drug allows you to overcome all manifestations
infections locally.

It is possible to use medication not only to eliminate pain.
в throat, но и при островоспалительных процессах на слизистой
the shell of the mouth. With extreme caution, use the drug when
pregnancy and during breastfeeding. It is forbidden to give
лекарство детям до четырех years old.


This is the best remedy for throat, with the occurrence of pain.
The drug is released in the form of an aerosol. Apply to local
drawing. In the composition of the drug is an antibiotic. Thanks
drug may remove discomfort and
cure your throat. Aerosol has such effects as
analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Запрещается использовать средство детям до двух с половиной years old.
Also не стоит лечиться при breastfeeding. When carrying
It is possible for the baby to be treated with the remedy only after the permission of the treating person.
the doctor. This is due to the presence of the antibiotic in the composition.


This is a drug that comes in the form of plates. Serves
the most effective remedy for resolving pain
ощущениях в throat. The medication is characterized by analgesic and
antiseptic effect. Tablets help to overcome pain
syndrome, alleviate it and eliminate all the symptoms of a cold.

As part of lozenges, only natural
components that are not harmful to health. They help with
fight against many diseases. Prescribed medication older children
12 years old and adults. When carrying малыша и кормлении грудью
употреблять только под контролем the doctor.

Tantum Verde

Препарат Tantum Verde характеризуется обезболивающим,
antimicrobial, antiphlogistic actions. To use him
perhaps not only adults, but also kids. Age restrictions
no there is. Also дозволяется использовать Tantum Verde при
вынашивании малыша и breastfeeding.

Substances in the composition help to eliminate pain,
significantly soften it. The tool allows you to effectively
fight infections locally. Medicine is released
only in spray form. Use up to several times a day,
according to the symptoms.

Lugol solution

This is a very effective tool that helps to cope with
болевыми ощущениями в throat. It must be applied to the mucous
the sheath with a cotton swab moistened in solution.
Apply only on the surface where it is present.
acute inflammatory process. As part of the means there is iodine. This
The substance is characterized by an antibacterial effect.

In some cases, after taking the drug pain only
intensified. This is a temporary phenomenon that is associated with drying.
mucous membrane. Also средство имеет некоторые
contraindications that should be considered when compatibility with other
drugs. Also нельзя прибегать к лечению медикаментом при
лактации, чрезмерной чувствительности к йоду, малышам до 5 years old.
Price for drug is minimal.


This is a very good and highly effective medicine against pain.
sensations in the throat. It is released in the form of a spray. Characterized by
very bright antibacterial and antifungal effects.
Used drug not only to combat pain in
throat, но и при островоспалительных процессах при некоторых
dental ailments. Effective use of the drug even
with some ENT diseases. Prescribed medication for adults and
малышам старше четырех years old.

With extreme caution, the medication is prescribed during pregnancy.
малыша и breastfeeding. This is due to the fact that it is very powerful
a drug. If you do not follow the rules of admission,
Tomedikamenta provokes intense irritation. Take only by
recommendations of a specialist after preliminary consultation. But
the cost of the drug is above average.

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