Dietary salad with strawberries and arugula

Fresh strawberries are great for low-calorie diets. One
the average berry contains only 4 kcal. Therefore, it is losing weight
can safely and at any time of the day.

With strawberries you can cook dietary desserts, for example,
panna cotta or strawberry sorbet. And of course salads, because this berry
matches perfectly with greens. Today we will prepare a diet
salad with strawberries and arugula.

ruk9 As a protein component, add mozzarella cheese,
and sprinkle the top with pine nuts.

All these ingredients are combined perfectly. Juicy salad with
strawberries, arugula and mozzarella will be a great snack or
full dinner


ruk1 – 80 grams of arugula – 100 grams of strawberries – 150 grams
mozzarella – a handful of pine nuts – 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
– 1 dessert spoon of olive oil


Carefully sort the strawberries, wash and tear off the tails.
ruk2 Arugula rinse under running water, dry completely,
laid out on a woven towel. Cut very long stalks
Place the leaves beautifully in the middle of the flat plate. ruk3 Slice strawberries, carefully lay them on top of
greenery. ruk4 Slice soft mozzarella cheese and also lay on top
on arugula. ruk5 After sprinkle the salad with small pine nuts.
ruk6 Finally pour olive oil, stir not
need to. Squeeze lemon juice on top. If desired, you can salad
salt, but I did not. ruk7 Dietary salad with strawberries and arugula готов. Before
Serve decorate it with mint leaves. ruk10

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