Diet: how to help yourself move it

Fri, 29 Jan 2016

Эта статья о том, как помочь себе вынести диету
morally transform it from a source of stress to a source
pleasure. The hardest thing to make a diet is moral. Even if you
get enough of the necessary body substances, even if you
is not threatened by exhaustion, and physically you feel pretty good, then with
from an emotional point of view things may not be so

You know the feeling when you can not think about anything except
food – and precisely the one that you can not eat on a diet? When the clock
between meals lasts forever, and diet food seems
so unappetizing that I don’t want to even once
to watch, not what to eat? What about the constant measurement of your
weight loss and daily disorders from the fact that it decreases is not so
quickly, as we would like?

However, all these negative emotions can, if not be removed, then at least
would reduce. Скажу по секрету: не всякая диета
suits you. You may have to try several different
diets before any result. But how many diets you may have
tested on yourself, it’s not at all necessary to turn each of them into
cruel ordeal and struggle with yourself. The period of your diet is time
New opportunities and discoveries, so bring in as much as possible
more positive, switch from thoughtful thoughts to something

How to do it?

1. Hobby

If you do not have a hobby, then it’s time to start it. With a diet
each time it seems like a new life begins, so here you
great reason to add something else to it that you still haven’t
have tried.

Take care of what you always wanted, but for some reason you
reasons for postponing it. Try some
needlework, play a video game, start something
collect. If at the same time with a heavily tolerated diet you
start doing something new and pleasant, then your hobby will repay
A good part of the negative feelings from a modified diet.

If you already have a hobby, you can even find something in it.
new, which you have never done. For example, if you
plant flowers, then you can plant something that you have not had. If a
like to take pictures, it’s good to buy some non
your tried lens. Think it over – surely
your existing hobby has some
untouched aspect.

The main thing is to switch attention from the diet to new, pleasant ones.
moments that will give you your hobby.

2. Utensils and utensils

If a уж вам теперь придётся готовить еду, которую не очень-то
If you want to eat, then you should make this process a little nicer, so that
cooking brought more joy.

Treat yourself to new, beautiful dishes, or kitchen utensils, about
which you have been thinking about for a long time, but everything was not going to buy. If a это
some kitchen appliance, then break it in, try
all its features and determine which ones you like the most.
Try to cook food like you have never cooked before:
for example, instead of a simple soup, make a cream soup, or chop vegetables
in the salad interesting figures.

3. New recipes

Surely you got a list of recipes along with a description of your
diet, but it is not necessary to strictly follow it. Write
the list of products you are allowed to eat, and then find
several recipes that are not in the description of the diet.

Try adding spices that you have never had before.
used; or cook food in a new way for you: for example,
Steamed, Oven or Blender.

Search for new recipes and cooking new dishes will not give
you get bored and plunge into serious thoughts about how bad you are without
forbidden food. Products will remain allowed,
dietary, so that new dishes will not harm your figure.

4. Clothing

To use or not to use scales during a diet is
everyone’s personal business. Some advise choosing good scales and
track changes; someone, on the contrary, recommends at all
get rid of the scales and not depend on them.

In any case, a great addition (or even a complete
replacement) for weights can be clothes that you have not yet
can wear. It can be both your things and something.
new that you bought for the future.

Instead of keeping track of your weight, watch your
sizes. Track the course of the diet not in kilograms, but in centimeters;
try on clothes that are not suitable for you and see how
it becomes easier each time to put it on. Try to make
imagine a few sets; buy suitable shoes for these clothes;
pick up things similar to the ones that you wear now, but smaller

Experiments with clothes also bring you a lot of joyful emotions.
and new ideas, which is better than counting hours until the next
eating and wondering if any bun will cause
perceptible harm to your diet.

5. Cosmetics

Together with dietary products it will be nice to buy and
new makeup. It is best to choose the means by which you are up to
this is not used. Let your body rebuilds its
internal processes and learning to burn excess weight; and bye you
Take care of your appearance. Tidy your hair and skin: do
Masks, smear yourself with oils and take aromatic baths.
You can do and massage: do it yourself or walk around
to a specialist, and at the same time look into the solarium.

The effect of this is not long in coming, and even if you diet
not much help, well-groomed skin and hair will not go anywhere.

As you can see, in order not to suffer from the inability to eat
favorite food, you need to switch thoughts to something else, more
nice Diet for many becomes a severe ordeal, but what
more new and joyful activities you will find yourself at this time, those
it will be easier for you to transfer it – after all matters the thoughts about food will depart
into the background, and you yourself will not notice how the diet will end.

Your new classes will help you continue not to be afraid of diets, because
that in your mind they will be associated not only with inconveniences
and internal struggle, but also with something new, pleasant, bringing

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