Diet for blood type 1 (type O)

dieta-po-gruppe-krovi-1This nutrition program is based on
theory of preservation of health and weight control, developed in 1996
year by an American doctor of naturopathy Peter D’Adamo.

He claims that the best way to lose weight is to become more
energetic and reduce the risks of developing various diseases – this
follow a certain diet depending on your
blood type.

In his book, D’Adamo explains this by saying that as a result of his
numerous studies in genetics, anthropology and
the history of the development of various diseases, he came to the conclusion – the key to
optimal human health is to achieve such
lifestyle that mimics the behavior of his ancestors.

According to D’Adamo, you can identify your genetic
precursors by blood type. People who have blood type O
(1) are the direct descendants of ancient hunters and predators,
professing leadership and aggressiveness.

D’Adamo believes that it is man’s rejection of the necessary
diet, dictated by its biological heritage,
leads to weight gain, thyroid problems,
ulcers of the digestive system, hyperactivity and
destructive behavior.


So what is the diet for blood group 1 (type O)?

Impact of various products


The people denoted by D’Adamo as “hunters” easily reconcile with
high protein diet. Meat способно перевариваться
more efficiently, thanks to the “hardened” digestive tract and
high acidity. Recommended: poultry meat, red meat,
fish and liver. Avoid consumption of bacon, ham and
pork meat Seafood

People with group 1 respond well to fish consumption and
seafood. Many types of seafood contain high levels.
iodine, which helps the thyroid gland to function properly.
Fresh herring, cod and mackerel are your best choice, while
time as barracuda, pickled herring, catfish, caviar and smoked
Salmon should be avoided.

Milk products

You should limit your intake of dairy products and eggs, so
how your body does not digest them well, which can lead to
the appearance of stomach discomfort and weight gain. Soy
milk can be used in food in moderation, but throughout
the rest of the milk has no place in the composition of your menu.

Fruits and vegetables

The best choice of vegetables – lettuce, cabbage, spinach and
broccoli. Corn, because of its effect on insulin production,
Brussels sprouts, cauliflowers, due to reduced functions
thyroid should be avoided.

The best fruits are dark flowers – plums, figs and prunes. Melon
can cause allergies, and oranges, tangerines, blackberries, strawberries
may cause irritation of the stomach, due to increased
acidity content.


Consumption of whole grain products is not recommended. One
of the main reasons – gluten, which is contained in the wheat germ
and leads to slower metabolic processes in the body.

Exercises during the diet

From 30 to 45 is recommended as a physical component.
minutes of aerobic exercise at least four times a week.
These may include swimming, running, martial arts,
cycling, strength training, aerobics and its various

Expert Opinion: Since there is no scientific evidence
the effectiveness of the diet for blood group 1, then experts on nutrition and
Doctors agree on one thing, that consuming healthy foods and regular
playing sports will be a more useful decision in the fight against excess
weight than a diet based on your blood type.

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blood type AB (4). “

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