Diet during menstruation for weight loss

  • 1 Is it possible to sit on a diet during menstruation?
    • 1.1 Why does weight not go away?
  • 2 Principles of proper nutrition
    • 2.1 Menu for 3 days
  • 3 How during a diet not to lose monthly?

Sitting during menstruation on a diet is an effective way.
throw off extra weight, because in a given period of time
natural cleansing and renewal of the woman’s body, which means
natural weight loss. Eating is necessary to fully process
slimming occurred smoothly and without damage to health. If at
monthly loss was lost, you should immediately contact
to the doctor.

Is it possible to sit on a diet during menstruation?

The body of the girls lives on their own individual schedule,
during which there are complex biochemical processes in
reproductive system. To lose weight by 3-5 kilograms should
садиться на диету во второй половине менструального cycle.
It is enough to calculate it just having a special handy
calendar of critical days. If your body is predisposed to
painful sensations during menstruation, it is best to postpone the diet
for weight loss before the cessation of menstruation.

Is it possible to go on a diet during menstruation for
losing weight?
This question worries most women.
В зависимости от вида диеты, возможно, поlose до 5 килограмм

Food depending on the phase of the menstruation cycle should
to compile:

  • The first phase of critical days. Diet for
    Weight loss during this phase of menstruation should contain: 50
    percent of protein, 20 percent of half-saturated fat. Carbohydrates in
    This time period is best excluded.
  • Second phase Preferably use
    buckwheat or honey diet for weight loss, which is more gentle
    for the body of a woman during the menstrual cycle;
  • Третья фаза. Should use the right
    slow carbohydrates and dried fruits that can be mixed with

Why doesn’t the weight go away?

Do you diet during menstruation and weight does not go away? This
the problem concerns many who have decided to sit down on a limited
nutrition. If the scale is still the same
kilograms are recommended to take such measures:

  • Refuse from coffee and nicotine;
  • Abandon salty and spicy foods;
  • You can use a glass of kefir or ryazhenka before bedtime, this
    helps to accelerate the metabolism and reduce weight;
  • Exclude fruits with a lot of sugar (grapes,

Во время диеты месячные могут проходить менее болезненно,
than on a regular diet.

Principles of proper nutrition

Похудение во время месячных должно происходить правильно.
The menu should contain a maximum of useful substances, nebhodimo
the number of micro and macronutrients. To comply with the menu you need
to paint your own diet in advance.

Proper nutrition during menstruation for weight loss –
grocery list:

  • Fruits and vegetables, except bananas and grapes. These fruits
    able to slightly increase the weight and retain water, thereby
    reaching the opposite effect;
  • Seafood – contains pure protein that is able to reduce
    pain threshold. Also seafood combined with greens and vegetables
    able to saturate the body with iodine, which has a positive effect
    on the thyroid gland;
  • Milk and kefir. Whole glass of milk or dairy
    product can compensate for the deficiency of calcium and iron, which
    intensively leaves the body during this period;
  • Chicken fillet. Pure protein, which is so necessary in critical
    дни организму.

To properly lose weight during the period of menstruation, you need to make
diverse menu, rich not only proteins, but also the right ones
fats that are found in large quantities in fish and eggs. With
похудении в период месячных следует исключить соусы и
marinades, smoked meats and pickles.

Menu for 3 days

Withмерное меню на 3 дня для диеты во время месячных для
losing weight:

1 option:

  • Breakfast – boiled chicken egg, rye toast and a handful of fresh
    seasonal berries or fruits;
  • Lunch – not fatty boiled chicken or turkey meat, vegetables
    for a couple;
  • Dinner – a glass of kefir or milk, a handful of fresh berries or
    dried fruits.

Option 2:

  • Breakfast – 200 grams of cottage cheese, 100 grams of boiled oatmeal;
  • Lunch – steamed fish, light vegetable salad with greens;
  • Dinner – steamed seafood or a light cottage cheese dessert.

3 option:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal on the water with berries according to the season;
  • Lunch – vegetable soup – mashed potatoes;
  • Dinner – fruit salad and a couple of nuts.

It is worth remembering that roasting meat is not recommended, the best way
heat treatments remain: cooking, grilling, baking, cooking on
a couple.

How to not lose your period during the diet?

Monthly disappear most often from a deficiency of beneficial micro and
macronutrients in the body, in particular potassium and magnesium. To
save your period while you are sitting on a restrictive
practice and lose weight, remember that fasting is not extremely
recommended. In the case of a partial or permanent hunger strike
there is a failure in the hormonal system and are not vital
important hormones to maintain normal menstrual

In order to properly lose weight

  • Cereals. This product is perfectly absorbed by the body, helps
    lose weight;
  • A piece of chocolate. It is important to use this portion.
    product to keep clear skin. This product contains
    endorphin, a kind of happiness hormone that supports good
    state of health and mood;
  • Milk products.

To во время диетического питания не поlose менструацию
and lose weight should eliminate any alcoholic beverages, since they
may contribute to hormonal disruption in the body of a woman.

Why during the diet do not go monthly?

During the diet, the delay in menstruation is due to improper
nutrition, which is characterized by a deficient content of vital
important elements and proteins that are required to enter the body

In case you made the decision to diet during menstruation,
it is necessary to eat balanced and properly or to postpone
diet until next month. It is worth remembering that first of all
Chapter cost health, and only then attractive appearance and
slim figure.

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