Diet (diet) for acne and blackheads

Пт, 05 июн 2015 Автор: Анна Нестеренко

Today we have to figure out how effective dietary
nutrition in the fight against acne, acne. The first thing to determine
a person engaging with skin problems is the cause
their occurrence.

It can be hormonal and non-hormonal. TO
non-hormonal causes of acne, acne include
stresses due to endocrine disruption
glands, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, irregular

But most often acne occurs due to hormonal imbalance. is he
acts on the functioning of the sebaceous, sweat glands, and a failure in
their work is often provoked by the increased development of bacteria, which in
eventually leads to inflammation.


We calculate the problems by the location of the rash

People suffering from acne often self-medicate,
determining the cause of the development of inflammations by their location. TO
For example, they believe that acne on the wings of the nose, cheeks is a signal
о нарушении работы ЖTOТ, на подбородке — спровоцированы
gynecological diseases or pathologies of upper respiratory tract, acne
on the back indicate the excess levels of steroid hormones,
Acne, located on the forehead – the trouble caused by dysbiosis
and constipation. However, such a policy, which dictates to make these or
other manipulations are not as dangerous as complete inaction.

Which leads to the aggravation of the problem.

Why do so many people not try to change the situation and
get rid of, for example, hateful acne? This often happens
due to the formation of a misconception about the occurrence
acne, acne and their treatment. First, people who have suffered for years
Acne, sure that it is impossible to get rid of him, and therefore decide
stay idle.

But there are actually many ways to eliminate acne and
eels. For example, for mild acne, local drugs can help
antibiotics, etc. In the case of the transition of the disease to the next stage
women are often prescribed oral medications, such as
contraceptives and Roaccutane.

Another misconception that exacerbates the course of the disease,
this is what acne is perceived as a youth problem, not
requiring treatment. Such an erroneous belief is dangerous because
the person does not want to drastically influence the situation, he expects that
outgrow and all disappear by itself. Essentially, age is not always
matters, because skin problems appear not only in
adolescents – they can annoy and adults. Their manifestation is often
provokes stress, lifestyle changes, bad environmental
conditions, the use of low-quality cosmetics.

The third problem that worsens the situation is the desire
mask acne or acne, not cure them. Ladies believe that,
using cosmetics, they do not harm the skin, which is
are mistaken. In order not to provoke the occurrence of inflammation,
Use water based products, it does not contain fat
components. And one more rule for girls – never lie down
sleep without taking off makeup.

Nutrition and Acne

So, if your acne is a consequence of the development of problems in
intestine, then diet food required. But to exactly
find out the cause of acne, acne, need to
consult with an endocrinologist, a dermatologist, and
gynecologist, gastroenterologist, nutritionist and even a neurologist, pass
necessary tests, then undergo treatment. TOонечно, в любом
healthy food, especially if you are
активизации заболеваний ЖTOТ.

TOто хочет питаться правильно, тому
it is necessary:

1. To exclude from the diet food, provoking increased work
sebaceous glands and inflammatory processes, beware of cholesterol.
On this basis, it is necessary to forget about fatty meats, sweet,
spicy and fatty foods, sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, smoked foods,
white bread.

2. Replace coffee with green tea, and soda – with conventional distilled
water, it is necessary to drink about 2-3 l / day. Usually all
trying to give up exactly caffeine, which is suspected of
promoting aging of the skin and the development of acne.

3. Do not abuse proteins – stimulants of production
steroid hormones. It turns out that you need to eat less nuts,
dairy and even meat products.

4. Eat a variety of balanced foods: lean fish,
some meat (rabbit, chicken and beef), all kinds of vegetables, not
very sweet fruits and berries, dried fruits (raisins and dried apricots).
It is necessary to ensure that the body regularly receives food,
rich in zinc, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, C and E.

Of course, as vitamin A (carrots, apricots, liver), and
vitamins E and C, which can be found in peanuts, sea buckthorn, soy,
corn, wheat, beans, peas, cabbage (Brussels sprouts, broccoli,
white cabbage), avocado, watermelon, green pepper, parsley, are important for
problem skin. The first – supports the growth of keratinocytes and reduces
sebum production and secretion. The second – promote growth
and proper cell maturation skin and their protection against infectious
troubles. Also important are products containing zinc, for example
wheat germ, calf liver, asparagus, herring. Zinc possesses
amazing bacteriostatic properties and helps fight off

But if skin problems are hormonal in nature, or they do not
связаны с болезнями ЖTOТ, то нет необходимости придерживаться
strict diets. Proper internal / external treatment should
appoint a specialist after a thorough diagnosis and
passing the relevant tests (for demodicosis, the presence
streptococci, staphylococci, antibiotic susceptibility and
etc.). In this case, there is no need to refuse nuts, chocolate,
coffee, alcohol, fried and sweet food. After all, numerous
studies, nevertheless, prove that the direct influence of these
There are no products for the development of acne. The exception is the food
which can cause allergic rashes in certain
men / women, and it should be excluded from the diet.

True, people with skin problems will not hurt to reduce
use of iodine-containing products. Especially dangerous is there such
food on an ongoing basis, because it is she who provokes
rash. Never be fond of lobsters, crabs, shrimps,
spinach, sea kale. This does not mean that after shrimp your
The skin today will react negatively to them. No, iodine is able
provoke the development of a rash only with excessive accumulation in
the body.

But if you want to quickly get rid of black dots and
enlarged pores, then be sure to conduct a mechanical, chemical
face cleaning. Do not forget about regular scrubbing and applying on
skin chemical exfoliants, such as glycolic or salicylic

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