Delicate nude – beige matte manicure

Everything is natural in fashion – natural face colors, real color
hair (if necessary, slightly adjusted balms and
coloring means more serious), no tan, simple
elegant dresses. Fashion на натуральность коснулась и маникюра: он
I also lost my pretentiousness and pomp. Of course it’s not
means that nails are no longer necessary to paint. Just a color
varnish has become much calmer and more concise. Beige Matte Manicure –
This is what designers offer us this season.

Successful color combinations

By itself, matte manicure in nude tones may seem
somewhat boring, especially if you are used to being bright and
draw attention to themselves. But it is worth bringing a little imagination – and
Immediately everything will change, as if by magic.

First, beige has many shades. let’s
remember at least the most common:

  • ashen;
  • vanilla;
  • cream;
  • peanut.

They can be easily combined with each other – well, if two or three
shades will smoothly flow into each other. Of course, to such
the manicure should be made a little brighter than usual and put on
any expressive dress or costume, otherwise you will
does not seem as natural as possible, but simply pale gray

If you dilute the beige color with other colors – then do
additional accents on makeup or wardrobe details are not
have to. Which nail masters seem to be the most successful in the current

Here is a list of interesting combinations. Connect beige with:

  • ashen pink;
  • soft blue;
  • gold;
  • silver;
  • milk;
  • boiling white;
  • black
  • defiantly red;
  • dark cherry;
  • deep blue;
  • azure

No need to paint each nail with two different
varnishes. Just the opposite: one can become a “highlight” in an image
nail, painted, say, in two colors, while all the others
will be just beige. Not bad also to make one nail, to
example, white or gold, and all the rest left nude.

There is such a proposal from designers: draw gold
vertical stripes on a beige background on each leg. Get
at the same time modest, beautiful and concise. With such a manicure you can
calmly go to work – none of the authorities will arise
claims to appearance.

Golden in general – a win-win. He gets rid of
need to think through a pattern, to depict some kind of picture.
Vertical or horizontal stripes, droplets, peas – and
The image of an elegant, caring lady is ready.

Silver color also gives solemnity and festivity,
but it looks somewhat more modest.

Two dark blue nails on the fingers of each hand, and the rest
beige – and now you are free to choose any kind of wardrobe: from
business suit to a luxurious dress to the floor, designed to
visiting social events.

If you like the image of a romantic, a little naive, a little
soaring in the clouds of a young girl, choose a combination of nude with
pink and pale blue. Then it will be necessary to get dressed
suitable: red pants, sweater on one shoulder and shoes on
high platform will create a clear dissonance with a gentle feminine

White varnish – a win-win option in all cases. he can
to be both a pattern and a second base color along with a nude one.

With black, be careful. Yes, it is a universal color. But
if it is too much, you risk giving the image of gloom, on
which certainly did not count.

Manicure ideas

Well, what are we going to portray on the nails? No need to be
artist to understand that beige is the perfect basis for any
solutions and implementations, from the most simple and modest to the most

  • The first thing that comes to mind is the two favorite masters
    Nail art of all times and peoples of the pattern: moon manicure and french.
  • For lunar the following variations are possible: paint the hole
    gold, and the rest of the space – beige. Or the hole may be
    silver, white, black, pink, bright red, blue.
  • French also suggests various options. Small
    warning: do not make the smile zone black, otherwise it will be created
    effect of “dirty nails”. You do not need anything? Other
    shades from the above list are pertinent and permissible.
  • Black color is perfect for creating thin patterned
    lines. You can draw on a light background twigs, leaves,
    flowers, can imitate black lace. By the way, about
    lace: it is easy to “weave” also with the help of all shades of white.
    The pattern can be placed at the base of the plate or around
    space. You can choose a single finger or cover
    lace all nails. Very romantic and gentle looking white
    petals, white butterflies, unpretentious neat peas.
  • And how do you like the idea to draw an ashen rose on one nail – and not
    just draw and make it bulky with acrylic
  • In winter, the “knitted” pattern is absolutely gorgeous – it is also created
    using acrylic powder. It goes well with thick warm
    a sweater that you like to wear on frosty days.
  • In the summer revive the manicure, “planting” on the nails on a small
    a bright red figure of a ladybug or “raised” by tender
    chamomile. In the fall, red and yellow leaves will do – let them
    decorate not only trees in city parks, but also your well-groomed

Beige manicure conceals a lot of possibilities, it costs only
give free rein to the imagination. It is good for both long and short
nails, with any shape. But имейте в виду: вы должны проявлять
maximum accuracy Remove the cuticle, align the nail
plates, select the brush that is most convenient for you.
Naturalness does not mean negligence. On the contrary, nudes
shades of lacquer oblige the lady to be extremely attentive to her
image: all the flaws will immediately appear in full view.

Let yourself be unique, elegant and truly
beautiful. Beige manicure for this provides all

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