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Thu, Oct 20 2016

Holidays December 5

International Volunteer Day

At the 40th session of the UN in 1985, the General Assembly proposed
governments to celebrate Volunteer Day in the name of social
and economic development and implement all sorts of measures for
incentives for people to offer their services in various fields
volunteer activities. UN annually per day
the volunteer notes in his messages the high role of volunteering in
modern society.

Day of Military Glory in Russia

December 5th is one of the days marked by the victory.
Russian troops. This day is marked by the beginning of the counteroffensive.
Soviet soldiers against the Germans in the battle of Moscow in 1941. AT
during the counteroffensive, 7 offensive operations were carried out,
as a result, the immediate threat to Moscow was completely
eliminated, and the enemy temporarily lost its motorized corps
– an effective instrument of warfare.

Father’s day in thailand

Father’s day in thailand отмечается в день рождения короля Пумипона
Adunyadeta (Rama IX), who is the direct heir of the dynasty
Chakri, in power since 1782. Bhumibol Adunyadet was
crowned in 1950 and occupies the Thai throne for 60 years. Him
characterize as a talented musician and composer, artist,
the photographer.

Statistics Workers Day in Ukraine

Statistics Workers Day received the status of official
national holiday in 2002. According to the presidential decree,
a new professional holiday was introduced as a tribute for
significant contribution of statisticians to the development of the economy
of the state. The date of the celebration was chosen symbolically – in 2001
году 5 декабря была начата первая ATсеукраинская перепись

December 5 in the national calendar

According to the national calendar of December 5 – Prokopyev day. This
the day honors the memory of the martyr Procopius the Reader, who possessed the gift
healing the obsessed and served as a reader in the Jerusalem church.
According to extant information, the reader is ordered
Palestinian governor grabbed and forced to commit
sacrifice to pagan gods. After the refusal of Procopius, he was

According to the beliefs of our ancestors, from the day of Procopius
a solid sledge path was established. If this day pave
way, it will continue until spring, so on this day
paved the way the whole village, and then arranged a holiday with
plentiful treat.

Historical events of December 5

63 year BC – penalty by Cicero participants
conspiracy of Catiline. This заговор был неудачной попыткой части
Roman nobility capture power. The leader of the conspirators was Lucius
Sergius Catiline. AT результате подавления заговора Марк Туллий
Cicero strengthened his position as an informal Roman leader.

1492 год — Х.Колумб достиг о. Haiti which he
called Espanyola. This happened during the first expedition,
which lasted from August 2, 1492 to March 15, 1493 on
decree of the king of spain. This research expedition put
the beginning of the further expansion of the Spaniards into the New World.

1791 год — ATольфганг закончил «Масонскую
cantata “, which was the basis for the Austrian anthem, adopted
officially October 22, 1946. AT.А. Mozart finished writing
cantatas 15 days before his death. Some musicologists
attributed the authorship of the “Masonic Cantata” to Comrade Mozart by
Masonic Lodge – Johann Holzer.

1859 год — первый концерт организованного А.Г.
Rubinstein Russian Musical Society, which in 1868
It was renamed the Imperial Russian Musical Society.
The society set as its goal the development of talents, the introduction of wide
masses to serious music. Society opened in both capitals – in
Moscow and St. Petersburg. The first department was headed by Nikolai Grigorievich
Rubinstein, and the second – his brother, Anton Grigorevich.

1909 год — дуэль М.А. ATолошина с Н.С. Gumilyov
at the Black River. The reason for the duel was Elizabeth Dmitriyeva, poetess.
С ней ATолошин сочинил литературную мистификацию «Черубина де
Gabriak ”, which has become quite successful.

1925 год — премьера немого кинофильма
�“Battleship Potemkin”, which was shot by director Sergei Eisenstein on
film studio “Mosfilm”. According to the results of various surveys, according to opinions
Directors and critics many times recognized as the best film of all
times and peoples. The film was dedicated to the twentieth Russian
revolution of 1905. The premiere took place at
separately organized musical accompaniment.

1931 год — взрыв Храма Христа Спасителя,
located on the left bank of the river. Moscow near the Kremlin.
ATоссоздание храма было произведено в 1990-х. Original
the building was erected in memory of the fallen soldiers during
Napoleonic invasion. The architect of the temple was Konstantin Ton.
The construction of the temple took 44 years.

1936 год — принятие конституции СССР, которая
bore the informal name of “Stalin” or “Constitution
victorious socialism. ” This constitution was valid until 1977.
AT ее создании непосредственное участие принимал И.AT. Stalin.

1941 год — контрнаступление советских войск на
The 167th day of the war, which began on three fronts: Western,
Kalininsky and Southwestern.

1952 год — великий смог в Лондоне, который стал
a real catastrophe and claimed the lives of 12,000 people. This event has given
the beginning of the modern ecological movement. AT первых числах
December 1952 a strong cold fog descended on London and people
began to actively sink coal boilers, which was equipped
almost every London building. AT этот же период в британской
the capital there was a replacement of electric vehicles on diesel buses. AT
due to the lack of air movement due to severe cold
mist, babies, elderly and respiratory sufferers
diseases have become victims of air pollution. This урок
made the world change its attitude to the problem of air pollution and
gave impetus to the adoption of laws restricting the use of dirty
types of fuel.

2003 год — открытие Северо-Муйского тоннеля
Baikal-Amur Mainline. The tunnel passes through the North Muya
mountain range, from where it got its name.

Were born on December 5

F.I. Тютчев (1803-1873 г.г.) — русский поэт,
publicist, diplomat. Him творчество (более 400 стихотворений)
it is customary to divide into 3 stages: the initial one, characterized by the appearance
the first poems in the archaic style; second phase,
characterized by the emergence of original poetics; third stage –
the emergence of political poems and the journal Sovremennik.

A.A. Фет (1820-1891 г.г.) — русский поэт,
memoirist and translator. Творчество A.A. Feta is, above all,
subtle lyrics, an attempt to escape from reality in the created
imagination of the “kingdom of dreams.” The basis of his work are
subtle lyrical works about love and nature.

AT.Ф. Корш (1828-1883 г.г.) — русский журналист,
translator, historian of literature. Since 1863 – editor
«Санкт-Петербургских ведомостей», сотрудничал с журналом «ATестник
Europe. ” AT.Ф. Korsch is the author of numerous articles related to
European politics, literature and history.

G.N. Пильсбери (1872-1906 г.г.) — американский
chess player It is noteworthy that Pilsbury learned to play chess.
only 16 years old. AT 1895 году взял первый приз на международном
chess tournament in Hastings, ahead of many well-known

Уолт Дисней (1901-1966 г.г.) — известнейший
American animator and film director, founder of his own
the company that has now become a media empire. For your
life shot 111 films as a director and another 576 works
released as a producer. Him выдающиеся заслуги
were repeatedly marked by Oscar statuettes and other awards.

ATернер Гейзенберг (1901-1976 г.г.) — немецкий
theoretical physicist, Nobel laureate. AT. Гейзенберг является
one of the founders of quantum mechanics – laid the foundations of the matrix
mechanics, investigated the problems of ferromagnetism using
formalism of quantum mechanics. Tried to develop
unified field theory. Some of his works are devoted to physics.
cosmic rays and nuclear projects.

Gm Тютюнник (1931-1980 г.г.) — украинский
writer, based on the dramatic works of which shot
several movies. The most famous works: “Klimko”,
�”The light is far in the steppe”, “Forest lodge”.

Моше Кацав (1945 г.р.) – восьмой по счету
President of Israel, a prominent statesman. Occupied
presidential post in the period 200-2007. Before that he was a minister
construction, labor, transport as part of various governments.
He became the first president of the right-wing forces.

Хосе Карерас (1945 г.р.) — всемирноизвестный
Spanish tenor. Interpretation brought him wide popularity
классических произведений Джакомо Пуччини и Джузеппе ATерди.

Name Day December 5th

AT этот день именины справляют Архип, Алексей, Афанасий,
ATладимир, ATасилий, Герасим, Илья, Иван, Максим, Михаил, Павел,
Fedor, Thaddeus.

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