Dana Borisova’s ex-boyfriend told the truth aboutparting with her

Thu, Jun 26, 2014

The media do not cease to discuss the privacy of TV presenter Dana
Borisovoy. Not long ago, Dana met with businessman Alexey,
a short novel that quickly faded away. It was rumored that
affected the difference of mentalities (Alexey – Balt). However all
It turned out more prosy. As stated by the businessman, Dana is extremely rare.
mercantile person, measuring love only the amount issued to her.
Moreover, producer Borisova is interested in her loneliness.
By provoking the TV presenter to constantly search for the groom, she is
way all the time remains at the hearing.

For his part, Dana’s producer, Tim Bric, is convinced that Alexei
Relations with Borisova are needed solely for your own PR. BUT
poor Borisova was ready for anything, just to have a family and father
his daughter.

Завершила распри сама телеведущая, назвав BUTлексей обычным
�“Calculator” with which it is difficult to build a life together.

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