Dana Borisova caught on a lie

Mon Aug 18, 2014

It seems that in pursuit of PR, Dana Borisova is ready for anything. Recently
on Instagram the TV presenter shared the news: allegedly soon on
TV channel “Home” will be released a new program, which she will
lead with the famous writer Daria Dontsova. In reinforcement
to her words, she even posted a photo, signing it, which she adores
Dontsova and can not wait for the air.

However, as the channel’s producer was told, there is still no
confidence that the future of the show will be led by Borisov. AT
The present moment is casting and Dana is just one of

It is curious that recently Borisov, wishing once again to
inclined her name, posted on the web their photos in the style of “nude”. True,
guilty of this act she called a certain provincial
boy who somehow managed to shoot her

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