Cystitis. A new era of treatment.

Sun, 02 Mar 2014 We have two news – bad and good.
The first is: cystitis occurs in children of all ages, and
is the second most common post-respiratory
diseases. Therefore, every mom, and even dad, should know how
recognize the child’s cystitis, and what to do.

Symptoms of cystitis in children depend on the form of the disease and age

symptoms and signs of acute cystitis in a child’s first
of the year:

  • restlessness or crying before urinating, during and after
  • facial flushing, “grunting”;
  • tension of the suprapubic area;
  • urination in small portions;
  • weakness;
  • intermittent urine stream;
  • the appearance of dark urine (color of urine can be estimated by

preschool children and adolescents the main symptoms
acute cystitis are:

  • increased urination up to 2-3 times per hour;
  • urination in small portions;
  • the occurrence of urinary incontinence (in children who previously did not have this
  • soreness over the bosom. The pains are worse when
  • lumbar pain;
  • turbidity of urine.

If you suspect that your child has cystitis, immediately
consult a doctor. The faster the treatment is started, the higher
вероятность полного излечения baby Be sure to go through
treatment prescribed by a doctor – usually it includes a special
regimen, diet, hygiene, antibiotics in combination with
phytopreparations, symptomatic therapy. In no case
stop treating the child immediately after feeling better.
Cystitis is an insidious disease prone to chronicity.

In chronic cystitis, a child’s symptoms may be
weakly expressed and intensified only in the period of acute illness. AT
such moments the symptoms of chronic cystitis are the same as when
acute cystitis.

Urinary tract infection is not a harmless disease,
especially if not only the lower urinary tract is affected, but also
the kidneys. It can get into the kidneys and cause pyelonephritis.
(inflammation of the kidney tissue). And with further aggravation of the situation – to
chronic renal failure.

But where is the good news?

The good news is: cystitis is cured! But at the same time
a natural question arises – why then are there so many children and
do adults suffer from aggravations every cold season? The thing is
It takes a long time to fully cure cystitis.
complex therapy. Its essential component is
antibiotics, which usually take a short course, 5-7 days. But
eliminating infection with antibiotics is not enough to
eliminate the disease. Usually in addition to antibiotics, doctors
recommend drugs based on medicinal plants that
complement the antibacterial action of antibiotics, and also possess
symptomatic effects (depending on the chosen

If antibiotics are responsible for eliminating the underlying cause of cystitis
(infection), then on the shoulders of herbal remedies falls a very responsible
the task is to finish the disease and prevent it from returning. Obviously
that the requirements for herbal medicine are very high –
Are the “weeds” really responsible for them ?!

Herbal medicine has always been used by people. For many
centuries, the properties of plants were studied, clinical
studies selected the most effective dosages and
combinations of plants. This is hard work, difficult to evaluate,
not being a specialist. That is why people often do not trust
herbal medicines, thinking that they are being offered treatment
outdated grandmothers methods.

Moms who keep up with the times need to know:
Herbal medicine has changed radically when the pharmaceutical
“Bionorica SE” company has developed and patented a new approach
to the creation of drugs from plants – FITONIRING.

Fitoniring – advanced technology in plant

Phytoniring is a whole philosophy of creating drugs based on
medicinal plants. Phytonearing goal – deep comprehensive
study of the plant. Now medicinal plants are applied not
because it is advised by traditional medicine, but because it has been studied
mechanism of action and built the production process from the very beginning.
All stages of production are under control: seed selection, sowing,
growing and collecting plants, extracting active ingredients and
their further processing. ATсё направлено на создание
highly effective and safest drugs.

Fitoniring is a concept that allows you to make modern,
high-tech natural medicine. Please note – this is
the general trend of our modern life: we want our food,
clothing and basic necessities were from natural
components, but met all modern requirements. It turns out
medicine, thanks to phytonearing, can also be in trend.

Канефрон® Н — фитониринговый препарат для лечения

One of the achievements of phytoningo art is the drug
Canephron® N. It was developed specifically for the treatment of infections.
urinary tract. Canephron® N is not easy �”Herbal Collection” – the drug
contains substances in precisely verified proportions, and possesses
clinically proven efficacy making it a cure in
most modern understanding.

Kanefron® N can improve the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy
в острый период cystitis, устранить симптомы cystitis — уменьшить
pain and cramps when urinating.

Plant complex preparationKanefron® N can
counteract urinary bladder infections thanks to
the power of three plants: rosemary, lovage and centaury.
The combination of the active components of these herbs provides
anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action,
antispasmodic and diuretic effect.

It must be remembered that after easing the severity of the disease
should continue treatment with the drug for 2-4 weeks, which
contributes to the preservation of treatment results and reduces the risk
повторного обострения cystitis.

For their children, parents always try to choose the most
modern, the safest, the best. Drugs created by
based on the phytonearing concept, they meet all these requirements.
Welcome to the new era of herbal medicine!

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