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Чт, 26 май 2016 Автор: Ксения Рахимова

Ask the little girl about who she wants to be.

And she, for certain, will answer, that the princess.

And the princess definitely needs a crown.

You can make the crown with your own hands at home with the baby.

This will please her and help develop a creative imagination.

Crown DIY Cardboard

Even a child can make a cardboard crown even without
adult assistance. For this you need to take a cardboard format
A4. Elastic meter measured head circumference. If necessary
several sheets of cardboard are glued together in a long rectangular

The pencil on this cardboard draws the shape of the crown, which can
be even of the most unusual form: with sharp teeth, with turrets,
with patterns. After the blank is finished, it is cut.
scissors. The craft is bent in a circle. Both edges fasten together.
stationery stapler. To keep the crown steady
on the children’s head, in two places you can puncture holes,
stretch the gum through them. She will pull under

The resulting cardboard crown is decorated with his own hands. To deal
simple beads, sequins, ribbons and straziki will also go. All this
mounted on glue. After drying the glue base, the product boldly
puts on a children’s head. It is recommended to sew for small
Princess royal dress. This will undoubtedly deliver great
joy to the child.

Crown do it yourself from wire and beads

Over the creation of such an elegant crown will have to work hard
several hours. But it is not so easy to break or mash. One
returning the shape of the crown will return to its original

For the manufacture of the crown do it yourself
бисер-рубка красивого золотистого оттенка (40
grams), beads of a simple golden color (5 grams), glass beads
Golden shade (5 grams), wire with a diameter of 0.3 ml
special for bead weaving, wire with a diameter of 1 ml,
pliers and nippers.

Work begins with a set of beads on a wire. Wire
the one that is thicker is taken. The illustration shows a crown with a little rim
more neck three-liter glass jars. Optionally diameter
rim can be increased.

When the right amount of beads is gathered on the wire, its tips
are twisted.

The next step is weaving the crown petals with your own hands.
Used French weaving technique. By her on the wire
A 70 cm long piece is strung together with 15 pieces of beads. From one
The sides of the future petal form a loop (as indicated by
a photo).

After that, beads are strung again and more is being made.
a loop. Beads trudging along an arc until the moment comes
twist the wire at the base of the resulting leaflet.

At the very top of the petal, the eyelet unfolds. On her
strung beads and glass beads. The tip of the wire does not need to be cut.
It is enough to make a few turns and gently hide it in

According to the scheme described, you need to make five leaves.

After their manufacture, they are attached to the rim on
equidistant distance. Between themselves the leaves are attached with

That turned a little masterpiece – a crown with his own hands out
beads and wire.

Crown DIY Lace

Such a textile crown on the princess will look with
the sides are very graceful. The image will become completely more tender and sweeter.

For the manufacture of lace crown need lace, rhinestones for
decorations, foil and glue.

The required lace length is measured. It is cut. In order to
the crown kept its shape perfectly and did not bend, the lace was put on
foil and on it it is impregnated with white glue. Left to full
drying out (about six hours).

After drying, the lace is decorated with ribbons, rhinestones, beads. They
sit on the glue. It is better to use instantly drying.
colorless glue.

Both ends of the lace are glued together. It should be bright and
charming crown for the girl. Such crafts can be different
thickness and width. The crown of the wider looks magically
laces of the finest weaving.

Crown do it yourself from felt

Making a crown with your own hands out of felt is not difficult. With this
It is a pleasure to work with material. Felt holds the shape perfectly
its density. This is an environmentally friendly material. Felt is not frayed
on the edges, so do not have to handle them.

You just need to cut out the desired pattern of paper and impose
on the fabric. Measure the head circumference of the child in advance.
Cut two pieces to skip gum inside the product.

To give a beautiful shape around the edges it is desirable to lay
line on the sewing machine. Then you need to insert the gum
desired width. Rubber can be put inside with a ruler. If a
the girth of the head is correctly measured, then in the end the gum will not be
peeking from the crown on the head of a child. Otherwise it is
will be ugly. If desired, the gum can be replaced by satin
a ribbon that will be tied behind each time you dress
heads on a bow.

Resulting the crown is decorated with artificial hands
rosettes. In the photo they are made of felt. It is important to choose a firth
for roses pleasant pink and cream shades. For creating
flower cut oval and round shapes, which are then
formed into a bud. They can be stitched and attached to
felt crown.

That turned the crown with his own hands from an unusual material.
This hand made.

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