Crop varieties of cucumbers – characteristics,description. How to choose a productive variety of cucumbers, methods of sowing and carebehind plants

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People choose high-quality cucumber varieties, following a set of
requirements relevant to the climatic conditions of their region and
product needs. One needs the earliest fresh ones.
cucumbers, for this reason, only early varieties are suitable for them.
Others need a taste of vegetables, for others a long

What you need for a grand harvest of cucumbers?

For a good harvest, how do external conditions affect
plants, do not forget to take them into account when caring for liana.

Heat. Low temperatures are extremely harmful.
cucumbers, especially great harm they cause to seedlings. When lowering
temperatures up to 15 degrees, development almost stops
cucumbers, and they may even die. For this reason, it is too early.
sowing seeds is not worth it. The best time to plant on
The second decade of May is the first decade of June, and when sown in
greenhouse or greenhouse is better to start planting in early May.

Lighting plants. Plot well lit
sun rays are a great choice for creating a bed with
cucumber lianas. In a pinch, a small amount is allowed.
penumbra. Otherwise, the side lashes of the plant will linger in development, and you
be able to get the harvest much later. For the same reason,
it is impossible to plant cucumbers too thickly. Free space
between individual plants – not less than 20 cm.

Moisture. This culture came to us from wet
jungle, and cucumber plants love to drink a lot, it has
tremendous importance during shoot growth and after the start
fruiting Lack of moisture will cause significant
deterioration of the taste and quality of greengrass, for example, they can become
bitter. Water the plants need to be defended with warm water.

Fertilizer plot. The richest are collected on
those beds where many organic fertilizers have been applied in advance
– cow dung, good humus. After this bed of cucumbers,
Additional feeding is desirable, but not necessary.

In addition to these moments, a very important factor is
selection of cucumber varieties.

How to choose the seeds of high-quality varieties of cucumbers

Selection of suitable crop varieties of cucumbers for sowing on your own
garden, perform considering:

1.•Салатные сорта. To make fresh
cucumber salads need to buy seeds of salad varieties, with a strong
aroma and pleasant taste. The fruits of such plants for winter
blanks can not be used. Under the influence of acids used
for preservation, and from the heat they become tasteless and

2.•Сорта для зимних заготовок. If you want to
use cucumbers for canning, then choose the appropriate
for this grade. They will remain crispy, dense and not
will begin to fall apart after heating;

3.•Климатические особенности региоon. Than
North you live, the more closely you need to choose a variety of cucumbers.
Cucumbers destined for the south is simply not enough, time for
Formation of a good harvest for a short northern summer, and
varieties capable of developing in cold climates, guaranteed
will bring you a harvest. Of course there are varieties that can
adapt to certain conditions, but very few;

4.•Место для посева семян. There are 2 options
– sowing or in the greenhouse. To get vegetables without additional
Shelter can sow almost any varieties, and for greenhouses you need to buy
parthenacarpic or self-pollinated hybrids.

For plants of overseas breeding, you need to find a place in the greenhouse.
It will be a pity to waste time and money on plants that are on
usually a bed will give a small crop or die. Cucumber varieties
besides, they are divided into hybrid and varietal, some people
believe that more fruits can be removed from hybrids. But they
unsuitable for own seeds, because hybrids
lost maternal characteristics.

Crop varieties of cucumbers

Pinocchio F1. Vegetation period 44-46 days,
This is a hybrid with a female type of flowering. It can be grown on
ordinary beds or under temporary shelters. Hybrid is beautiful
tolerates cooling, forms a lot of ovaries collected in bouquets,
They contain up to 6 fruits. Zelenets of this variety – dark green
fruit with large tubercles, grows to 8-9 cm in length, weight about
100 gr.

White night F1. Early hybrid, it is planted
under temporary shelters and on a usual bed. First cucumbers can
tear in 42-44 days. Branched plant with many
female flowers. Cabbage leaves are short, cylindrical, practically not
turn yellow until ripening, 8-9 cm long, weight 80-120 g.

Noble F1. Bee pollinating hybrid brings
fruits in 46-48 days. Planted under temporary shelters and on
simple bed Plants with many female inflorescences. Zelentsy –
small light green cylindrical fruits, 10-13 cm long, weight
100-110 gr. This hybrid stands up well to many major

Крепыш F1. Bee pollinating, early hybrid,
the first fruits can be plucked in 43-45 days. Grow mainly
on ordinary garden beds. Short oval fruits, with small
бугорками, масса 70-100 gr.

Emelya F1. One of the varieties for greenhouses, early
hybrid, greenhouses appear in 40-42 days. Vigorous
plant, bush well branched, with many female inflorescences.
Green spindle greens, weight up to 120-150 gr. Stand against
olive spot and cucumber mosaic, immune to root

Dasha F1. Highly productive bee-pollinating
гибрид, выращивают под временными укрытиями и on простых грядках.
The first greenhouses appear after 36-46 days, the fruits are dark green,
small in size with a white fluff. Weight approximately 85-115 gr.,
grow up to 10 cm long. Растения OK противостоят onстоящей
powdery mildew, resistant to bacteriosis.

Summer resident F1. Ранний гибрид, предonзonчен для
посева под временными укрытиями и on ordinary garden beds. First fruits
can be plucked in 43-45 days, a plant of medium height,
branched, forms mainly female inflorescences. Fruit weight
about 70-90 gr.

Viva F1. Medium early hybrid for seeding
временных укрытиях и on обычной грядке. First fruits появляются
after 46-55 days, the bushes are branched, tall, mostly
form female inflorescences. Cereals are cylindrical, with small
tubercles grow to 9-10 cm in length.

F1 cellar. Early bee pollinating hybrid
the first fruits of 43-48 days, mainly forms the female
inflorescences. Grow under temporary shelters. Zelenets with large
tubercles, up to 9-11 cm long, weight about 90-1-gr. OK
confronts most cucumber diseases.

The vegetation period of this heat-loving culture is less than that of
other “garden residents”. Влажное и теплое onчало лета, быстро
gives way to a dry and hot period, for this reason, for
getting a good harvest you need to have time to get the fruits before
растения onчнут гибнуть под палящими лучами.

Если есть стациоonрonя теплица, то многие факторы можно
контролировать и изменять, а on обычных грядках все зависит от
weather conditions. Prevent unwanted developments
will help the selection of climate-suitable varieties that match
условиям вашего региоon.

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