Created bracelet, regulatory processsunbathing

Tue, Mar 25, 2014

Specialists have developed a bracelet that is able to
determine the risk of sunburn. It is useful
the invention will allow lovers to sunbathe in the sun
optimal time for their health. As you know, the sun is capable
how to benefit the human body and harm
his. So, it is an invaluable source of vitamin D, it’s
causes skin cancer. Permanent use
sunscreens tend to reduce the amount of education
vitamin D, which in certain cases can cause it
a shortage.

In order to use the bracelet, you need to know
indicator of human skin sensitivity. In case of excess
radiation on the bracelet begin to flash special LED
light bulbs. The bracelet does not let moisture and pollution. In the market he
appear in the future of May. Its estimated cost will be
50 dollars.

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