Costumes for newborn knitting:anorak jumpsuit. The scheme of knitting sleeves in a suit for newbornsknitting needles

Пн, 21 ноя 2016 Автор: Ксения Рахимова

In the house of the newborn waiting for a lot of gifts: caps, diapers,
baby’s undershirts, toys, bed with a warm blanket. On a cool day
or the child’s night will warm the knitted product: a cap or blouse.

It is recommended to knit from wool with soft down. For example, from a goat
Angora breed. And in the daytime you can wear out of the rougher
wool. It will not let the newborn sleep at night, constantly
causing a tingling sensation, but in the afternoon – a great solution: massage,
blood circulation acceleration and heat.

Today’s master class is dedicated to making a costume for
новорожденного knitting needles. The costume includes: overalls with sleeves and
shoes on pompoms.

Костюм для новорожденного knitting needles Первая кофточка

Изделие выполнено из белоснежной мягкой wool. Suitable for
kids with sizes of clothes from 68 to 80. The costume is beautiful
stretches and slips.

Materials and tools: yarn 400 gr. or 140 meters,
White buttons 10 pcs., Knitting needles, thread, needle.

Stage 1

For the patent gum recruited an odd number of loops.

In 1 row on the front side – 1p. double crochet like on
the wrong side, 1 person. повторяется и double crochet like on
seamy side.

In the 2nd row on the wrong side – loop and nakid knit together with
facial. 1p. removed from the cap. Repeats and ends.
The loop and nakid fit together on the front edge.

In the 3rd row on the front side there is a hem, a loop with a double back, as in
the wrong side, loop and nakid on the front, repeats and ends.
Одна петелька double crochet like on изнанке, и — кромка. Rows
2 and 3 need to be repeated.

Stage 2

Work with a pattern

For the front row fit in turn: loop front, loop
seamy. The drawing of the wrong side is made from the photo,

For each new row on the face knit loop and vice versa, as in
a photo.

Stage 3

Работа со knitting needles

Panties back right and front are performed entirely by one
pattern. For this recruited 62 (70) loops. Made with rubber in 2
see then performed between the edges. In bevels on the sides for
each row adds 5 (8) to 1 p. Each 4 row will have 3 (5)
on 1 p. And then after 22 (28) cm. from the gum is required to move
loop and start the left half of the leg for the suit for
новорожденного knitting needles.

Panties left back and front are gathered by one cloth and
symmetrically. Also one cloth – the right front shelf and back
before. All available loops are transferred to one of the spokes. AT
the first row fit together 2 middle edges where they connect
pants on the back. The rest is made according to the already familiar
pattern. After 45 (55) cm. Division into 3 parts begins. Armhole
should be closed on 2 hinges on both sides, as well as on the shelves
– 2 p., On the back – 2 row 1 to 1 p.

Stage 4

Work with the back

ATяжется просто, согласно pattern. Nothing changes. Bevels
shoulders close after 58 (70) cm: 9 (10) n. and 1 to 9 (10) n. for
second row. In parallel to the bevels, the necklines are closed –
average 17 (19) p. The two sides are connected separately from each other.
Loops should be from the gum through 59 (71) cm.

Stage 5

Work with shelves

6 row knit gum 1 on 1 plate technique. And after – by
известному pattern. After 54 (66) cm. From the beginning of the gum with
The inner edge closes on the shelves. For making a cutout
necks – 2 (3) p. and for each 2 rows – 3 to 1 p. After 58 (70)
see the bevels on the shoulders are closed symmetrically 9 (10) n. and for the second
ряда — 1 на 9 910) п. ATсе петельки должны быть через 59 (71) см. на
elastic band.

Stage 6

Work with sleeves

Sleeves fit simple. Recruited 36 loops. ATяжутся с
резинкой в 2 см. ATсе полотно изготавливается по знакомому рисунку,
above. To obtain bevels symmetrically on the sides in 6
ряду — 2 (5) на 1 п., в 4 ряду — 2 (1) на 1p. Gum closes
after 16 (21) cm. The oats are closed on both sides – 4 (5) n. and
each 2 row 1 by 3 points, 1 by 4 (5) paragraph. The hinges in the rest are closed
from the gum after 18 (23) cm.

Stage 7

Work with sleeves для девочки костюма для новорожденных
knitting needles

For this recruited 38 loops. Gum is done in 1.5 cm. On
loop fit in 2 pieces. This rule is valid for each loop –
on 2 cm. The front smooth surface, 6 rows of the equipment is used,
drawing, 6 rows of a scarf, front smooth surface 5 cm long. After that
the hem is knitted with 1 by 1 rubber band. It is knit by 2 loops.
The result is a natural reduction of loops in half. Made 3
cm rubber 1 on 1, where symmetrically added in each 2 row 1
(3) by 1 p. After 16 (21) cm. It closes from the elastic. Roll back sleeves
will be 4 (5) loops for each 2 rows 1 by 3 p. and 1 by 4 (5) p.
The hinges are closed after 18 (23) cm., Measuring from the beginning of the gum.

Stage 8

Work with hood

Петли для капюшона для костюма для новорожденных knitting needles
dialed on the neck. It is required to mark the middle loops and
make up to them increase. Even in every 2 row – to the desired width
products. ATсе knit straight. AT трех сантиметрах до конца
several reductions are performed to achieve a rounded shape.
When the needles will be located in the desired location – loop
closed and stitched, or – divided in half and tied
closed in unclosed in a checkerboard pattern.

Stage 9

Final build

ATыполняются плечевые швы и швы рукавичные. Each sleeve
inserted into the product, where the middle of the sleeves is combined with the shoulder

The thread is knitted for knitting the edges of the pants, shelves,
the hood.

Button holes are evenly made. For this
1 p. closes, in the next purl row the base is gathered. On
pants slats front left and right – at 3. Also 1 hole
on the shelf on the right and left. Their location is at the very bottom where
knitting shorts ended, the work moved to 1 knitting needle. So
it turns out a common button for the strip on the right and left, which
connects with pants. 3 button – on the right shelf. ATсе
eyelets close after 2 cm.

Hand-sewn buttons with a needle and thread in a suit for
новорожденного knitting needles.

Stage 10

Work with shoes

On спицу набирается нить 48 п. ATяжется резинкой в 2 см 1 на 1.
After that, fit 12 cm from the beginning of the gum.

It is recommended to weave new yarn colors in the shoes. Then
You need to knit 10 cm white thread and 2 cm – new color.

The central part of the canvas is taken and manufactured from 20
loops of new color. It is knitted exactly 6 cm.

Symmetrically on the sides decreases 3 loops 3 times. The remaining 2
петель добавляется 28 п. вспомогательными knitting needles. Onбирается 20
loops on the sides.

The sole is made with a 3.5 cm hob technique.

ATсе петли закрываются.

Башмачки для костюма для новорожденного knitting needles можно
decorate with pompoms. For this выполняются швы. Sole
crocheted 1 next st / n yarn new color. Band
is put into the gum. On нее закрепляются мягкие и пушистые

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