Contrast shower for weight loss

kontrastnii-dush-dlya-pohudeniyaEveryone who seeks
get rid of excess weight, must necessarily remember: in the fight for
beautiful body can not forget about your health or your

Having lost the joy of life in the process of losing weight, it’s hard to talk about
that the goal has been achieved.

A worsened mood or health problems is inevitable.
lead to the emergence of new kilograms, instead of the lost old ones.

The process of losing weight should really be fun –
and preferably also benefit the body. And here can the rescue
come water No, not the kind of water that is recommended to drink abundantly.
losing weight, and water treatments or douche for weight loss.


What kind of shower will help you lose weight?

Naturally, each of us wash daily. But for weight loss
need a special procedure, known as the contrast shower.
Nothing complicated here, and, in fact, several are known
types of water treatments that can be very useful for

Here are the most effective ones:

  • Charcot’s douche. It is performed by a strong jet of water, which
    sent to the body from a distance of several meters. Renders
    pronounced effect on cellulite, allows you to cope with
    obesity, often used in the treatment of a number of diseases.
  • Scottish shower: similar to Charcot’s soul, but water is used
    contrasting temperature.
  • Circular shower, also known as “Swiss”.
    The jets of water that are sent to the body are very thin, but powerful,
    and served horizontally. As a result, blood circulation is stimulated.
    and cellulite is treated.
  • Vichy shower: for weight loss is used quite often. Is an
    somewhat softer than circular douche.
  • Fan douche: performed using a special nozzle, through
    which water is supplied under pressure.
  • Underwater shower: on the body of a person who is in the bathroom
    there is an additional effect of a strong jet.

It is clear that most of these types of showers at home
take fail. But the contrast shower for weight loss
available to everyone. Its meaning is that the body
the queue is affected by water high and low temperatures.

One of the varieties of the soul of contrast can be considered cold.
shower: under the influence of cold water, in the body significantly
activated processes, including metabolism. A contrast
it can be called because the temperature of such a shower is significantly
different from body temperature.

No doubt, a douche is available in any home environment.
bathroom. And they should not be neglected by anyone, even those who are not
has problems with overweight. After all, a similar effect on the body
very beneficial to overall health.


What can give a shower for weight loss?

First of all, water treatments are fun.
Why not get a charge of good mood in the morning, and not
save it for a whole day, especially since it does not require you
considerable effort and plenty of time?

And those who have problems with excess weight, or the appearance of the skin,
such a shower will bring undoubted benefits. After a short time
it will be noticed that the skin has become younger and more elastic – and
This is without the use of additional cosmetics.

In addition, a contrast shower for weight loss has
positive health effects. And its accessibility allows
use this method literally every day. Besides, one more
The effect of such a soul is to relieve stress and fight depression, which
Often are companions diets.


Like almost any healing method, a douche for
losing weight has certain contraindications.

In particular, these are skin diseases, hypertension, menstrual periods.
women, the presence of inflammatory processes in the body. If available
these and other health problems before starting
use this procedure, it is advisable to consult with
a doctor.

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monthly “.

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