Consuming fatty fish, you can quickly throwto smoke

Wed, Nov 19, 2014

Scientists from Israel have proven that the introduction of a fatty diet
рыбы способно помочь бросить to smoke или же на крайний случай
reduce the number of daily smoked cigarettes.

As told by the doctor who led the research team, smoking
greatly reduces the level of fats that make up the brain. As a result
disrupted the transmission of nerve impulses between cells, which
leads to disruptions in the work of the brain responsible for
pleasure. As a result, the smoker is constantly experiencing
need for nicotine, which leads to addiction.

However, the omega 3-fatty acids intake in
the composition of any oily fish can break this vicious circle,
allowing a person to experience pleasure without nicotine.
Gradually, the dependence will decrease, the number of smoked
the day of cigarettes decrease and ultimately a person can
completely give up the bad habit.

During the study, volunteers who had great experience
smoking, gave fish oil and placebo for a month. As a result,
for those who consumed fat, the number of smoked cigarettes decreased
from 14 to 2, were calmer than those who took a placebo.

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