Color appearance types – WINTER (photo andspecifications). We study fashion trends for women color type”Winter”: hair, clothes, makeup

Color appearance types - WINTER (photo andspecifications). We study fashion trends for women color type"Winter": hair, clothes, makeup

Winter is a time of cold and uniform colors. Nature is sleeping. Tona
cold and gray smoothly change to white snow. You can also
characterize and the appearance of the girls color type winter. Like them
pick up clothes and makeup? Answers to these questions can be found in this

Winter is the time of the year when people and nature are checked for
strength. Representatives of the same name are the same.
color type. They are rather femme fatal women than faint-hearted simpletons.
There is a spark in the eyes.

Girls color type winter what they are

They have an attractive appearance due to the contrast of skin tone.
and hair. They are characterized by expressiveness and extravagance. Than
different appearance of these girls? Smooth skin, contrast in
complexion and bright, saturated hair strands.

Nature endowed them with subtle beauty:

• Hair: Black, dark brown with an ashy tint, blue

• Eye color: green, black, dark brown, hazel, blue;

• Skin color: porcelain, pink with blush, bluish.

What shades will suit the representatives of the color type
Definitely cold, icy, piercing.
Blue color accompanies them both in makeup and in the selection of clothes.
Using the colors of your palette, you can emphasize expressiveness.
eye, facial contour, lips. Make minor imperfections appearance
almost imperceptible.

If you use a different palette of colors, for example – autumn, then
on the contrary, all the flaws will become apparent. It is also important to remember that
other color palettes can emphasize whiteness and even blueness
faces of winter girl. And this is for her, well, not at all at hand.

Hair color girls winter

This fatal young lady to face even short haircuts, even
asymmetrical hairstyles. They have unlimited field for
experiments. It should be noted that radically change their hair color
can not. It is best to use black and blue black. Also
for girls color type winter are platinum blondes. In nature
This shade of hair is rare, so girls are mostly
use hair coloring to get a platinum shade
fair hair.

Shades of the wardrobe color type winter

Tsvetotip winter boasts that they like no one else
Saturated white and black colors. Other color types
try to avoid these shades, as they worsen their external
look. Winter girls can use a combination of white and black
absolutely free.

They can afford to wear a bright white suit or blue
evening dress and still look more charming and

They can also fill your wardrobe with such clothes.

• Lilac, cherry, lilac;

• Bright pink;

• bright green;

• The color of dark chocolate;

• Blue shade, noble and saturated blue and cold
in blue.

Definitely worth refusing pale shades, warm shades.
– they will spoil the image and external beauty. Even their combination with
basic colors will not give such sophistication and pretentiousness as
the above color palette.

The combination of colors in the wardrobe of the girl of winter

If you really want to experiment with a palette of colors, then
You can use the base color and add contrast to it.
extra shade.

Black will be great to combine with:

• bright green;

• bright pink;

• Yellow, red;

• Indigo and purple flowers.

If you take the blue color for the base, then it’s great
will be combined:

• Silver;

• Bright yellow;

• Red;

• Denim.

You don’t have to wear a colorful costume or dress,
just pick a contrasting accessory.

Makeup girl color type winter

Representatives of the winter color type have white, porcelain skin,
dark, black hair, bright eyes. It is because of this contrast.
makeup is not always necessary. It is used only for the purpose of
emphasize individuality and slightly change the image.

This is a cold type of women, which is why in cosmetic
means it is necessary to choose cold shades.

Tonaльные основы, румяна

First you need to align the tone and structure of the face. For this
ideal tonal framework beige cold shade and
pink. If you choose warm shades – it can only harm
and make the image repulsive, non-engaging. Do not choose
viscous and heavy base. It should be transparent and

The make-up of a winter girl is designed to even out the tone of her face and emphasize
its refinement, aristocracy. It begins with it all
form. Even when applying evening makeup you should not use
warm shades.

Natural blush should be clearly visible through the tonal
the foundation. For this reason, there is almost no need to use
rouge. You can lightly apply pink cold shade
Blush, red cold tones. They should be carefully shaded,
иначе они будут утяжелять form.

Eye shadow mascara

Cold shades should be present in the eye makeup. It is better
use matte dark the shadows. If the color of the eyes is brown – better
apply blue shades of shadows, sea, blue-green, champagne.

Если глаза синие — то подойдут чёрные и насыщенные синие the shadows.
They emphasize the natural beauty of the eyes. If they are green, then
recommend the use of pink shades of shadows, purple, dark
green If the eyes are blue – it is better to use silver shade.
cool shades, bright blue, yellow.

What colors will suit everyone:

• Pink, purple;

• Light purple;

• Brown with gray tint.

Makeup artists recommend winter color type girls to focus on
lips, not eyes. Even the use of cold shadow tones.
should be in moderation. There should not be a bright flicker. To highlight
upper eyelid is better to use a contour pencil or eyeliner.
It is better всего использовать для верхнего века чёрный насыщенный цвет,
and for the bottom – white. Such a contrast can not afford either
one different color type.

Choosing mascara, do not dwell on its black color. Can
use bright colors such as blue, green, purple. They
should be cool shades and should not be brighter than the lips

Lipstick gloss

Eyebrows have congenital expression and beauty. They do not allocate
necessary, you can only align their contour. What you need to highlight
necessarily – lips. Ideal for this rich red
Colour. Also замечательно будет смотреться яркий малиновый оттенок.
The dark shade of purple will emphasize refinement and sophistication.
the appearance of the girl color type winter.

Glitter is better to choose matte, bright shades. About this combination
in make-up many representatives of other color types dream, but
only winter can afford to combine the green shade of the shadows for
century and bright pink lipstick. What is important – the use of “Smokey Aiz”
всегда к лицу девушкам этого color type.

Makeup artists do not recommend drastically changing the image.
представительницам этого color type. They могут утратить свою
uniqueness and sophistication. It is better освежить свой образ яркими
accessories, bright lipstick, rich eye makeup. Wherein
bright can be both day and evening makeup.

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