Clothes in the style of rock (glam, gothic, rock and roll,neo-folk punk)

With the emergence in the twentieth century of a new trend in music – rock,
who enthusiastically listened to the youth, appeared and corresponding to him
style – clothes in the style of “rock”. Naturally, the style echoed
music, and every beat of the drums or the screeching of a guitar penetrated into
the smallest detail of clothing.

Appearing like a new trend in music, rock quickly launched its
streams in such forms as rock and roll, hard rock, punk rock. Each of
these cultures began to have their own style of dress. So style
rock and roll was easy on the details, on the contrary, hard rock spoke for itself

There was a unifying component of all three areas – jeans,
leather jacket and heavy soldier boots. Due to the fact that
rock fans were also women
humanity, the style has its feminine accent.

Одежда в стиле рок, фото


Glam rock clothes

The uniqueness of the glam rock style lies in the combination of brutal
foundations and tender femininity. Dominant place in this style in
Women’s wardrobe is black. As for the nuances of style,
the main fabrics are leather and jeans, indispensable parts on clothes
– locks, zippers, rivets, metal jewelry.

Glam rock clothes, фото Today, this style is enough
transformed. Noticeable changes have occurred in both color and
details. So, for example, the flawless image of a glam rock girl –
a red or pink dress on which a jacket
feet – sneakers. The image is complemented with crosses with rhinestones, ornaments in
the form of snakes, skulls. Glam rock does not accept gold bracelets or
rings, but silver is his horse. Despite the cry of the image,
a woman in this style remains a woman and does not lose its natural

Glam rock clothes, фото

Rock and Roll Clothing

The style of rock and roll predetermined many fashion trends in
clothing due to its close ties with the street, official and
subcultural fashion.

Rock and Roll Clothing, фото Female rock and roll style –
These are analog elements of classic rock, where leather and denim reign.
In the specifics of the style dominates such a wardrobe as T-shirts,
hoodies, ripped jeans, jackets, leather jackets, sunglasses and
bandanas. T-shirt is always depicted group, whose fan
is her carrier. A brave girl is wearing a short skirt that
makes her attractive in the feminine sense
men’s items, including leather belt, zippers, signs on
bags, on the body often have such a young lady tattoos.
The enthusiasm of such a girl does not frighten, but attracts.

Rock and Roll Clothing, фото

Punk rock clothes

A popular style of rock – punk rock was discovered by famous
designer and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, who made famous
to the masses this style and used in their collections.

Punk rock clothes, фото

For punk rock, a feature is shocking, as in the details
clothes, and in her. This is shocking, shocking, in
deep culture shock chained to fashion. Required condition
Style – the untidiness of appearance, manifested in torn
stockings and torn things, which in turn are studded with details from
metal, for example, safety pins. The same Westwood was
invented a special hairstyle specially for this style, to this day
called mohawk. Underline the image of punk rock
manifested in defiant, overly bright makeup with different
variations of colors.

Одежда в стиле панк и глэм рок, фото

Gothic clothes

A distinctive feature of the Gothic style in monotony
colors, namely the predominance of black gamma. The style wears
grotesque character, bordering on the poetic art of fashion,
able to from the image of a fragile girl to create an image of an unsightly

Одежда в стиле готика, фото

Gothic clothes, фото This style attracts women
with its fashion specifics: there are dresses with laces, and
corsets, and skirts, and snow-white blouses and all this is done in strict
style, but with undisguised sexual promise. This promise is good
underlined corset, making the figure slim, and his chest raised,
even enlarged and taut. This image gives the woman
piquancy and seductive look, which, albeit shocking, but
certainly attracts male attention. Women’s gothic clothing
similar to the dress of the ladies of the court. Gives a special look.
mystery black umbrella in the hands of a woman.

Gothic clothes, фото

Neofolk clothes

To create a neofolk style, be sure to stock up
Dr. Martens boots or converse. Classic look
Neofolka – T-shirt with checkered or leather trousers or jeans.
Often clothes of this style are torn, cut and stapled.
safety pins.

Shirts are usually decorated with embedded decorative elements.
A light shabby shirt is worn over such a shirt or T-shirt.
Jean jacket. The accent of this style is in some
destructive fashion, the destruction of stamps and orders. Style
neofolk for making skin artificial and worn in
any time of year.

Neofolk clothes, фото

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