Classic and elegant hairstyle “Shell”: onmedium hair or long. Ease of creating “Seashells”: descriptionstep by step

Вт, 28 фев 2017 Автор: Ирина Тарусова

Perhaps come up with a more elegant hairstyle that would be
known for its simplicity and sophistication, it is quite difficult.

�”Shell” holds the first position in its
femininity for many, many years. This luxurious and eye-catching look,
hairstyle, love women around the world.

Why did this haircut get such a name? The fact is that
If you carefully consider the “curl” hairstyle, it is easy
guess that its shape resembles a sea shell.

Creating hair “seashells” for long hair is given very
a lot of attention. Of course, given the length of the hair, there is something to work with.
What do those lady whose hair can be attributed to the average length and
to choose a hairstyle for them, a little more difficult? Let’s start
Get acquainted with the techniques of creation, in stages.

Hairstyle “Shell”: we form an elegant image

In any case, you need to consider what to form a hair
�”Shell” for medium hair, the easiest way, if they are, previously,
screwed on curling iron or curlers. Use styling mousse,
to give your hair some stiffness, volume and make them more

The main auxiliary materials for fixing hair –
invisible and studs. Then, “Shell” can be decorated with simple or
exquisite accessories that distinguish it from the hairstyles
girlfriends, if this is, for example, a wedding, and all the “buddies” are equally dressed
and combed.

�”Shells” can be diverse – with a bang, without it, with
strands on the sides, with a curl on the back of the head and on the crown, with a tail.
It all depends on your mood and desire. Come up for yourself
the best image and create the version that you like.

The simplest hairstyle – “Shell” for medium hair (photo) –
hair on straight hair

Wash your hair with a suitable shampoo. Dry them. If you decide
eliminate the use of curling to create curls and want
do hair on straight hair, then be sure to dry
hair, use mousse for volume. This irreplaceable assistant
will ease your efforts.

-Click your hair all the way down so that it looks more magnificent.

– Divide your hair into your parting.

– Smoothly put one side of the hair back. Try not to
comb the hair and walk a comb over it.

– Attach the invisible straps laid out so that they are securely
fixed hair on the back of his head.

– Hair from the opposite side is also laid flat
strand and, twisting the edge, form a shell.

– Fasten your hair with hairpins, hiding them in your hair. For
Reliably spray with varnish.

In the case of this variant of hair, bangs can be any or
absent altogether. Hairstyle suitable as an office option.
The main thing is to choose a little time to create it.

We pull out the face contour of the hairstyle “Shell” on medium hair
(a photo)

The previous hairstyle for medium hair can be varied,
creating an additional volume on the top of the head.

This version of the hair style is perfect for women with a round,
square and trapezoidal face shape. Hairstyle visually
pulls out the contour of the face and creates the perfect image.

All the steps are doing, according to the previous photo and a phased description.
The only item is the formation of the bulk

– Separate thick bangs or part of the hair above the forehead;

– Make the basal volume. It is best to make it small
scallop with sparse teeth;

– Take the resulting volume strand back;

– Pin invisible to the back of the head.

All other stages as in the previous photo.

Complete your hair with an elegant long bow hairpin,
which will help to hide the “errors” and studs.

A similar hairstyle can be varied by adding one or
several dressings (ribbons) for its styling to create an effect
�”Greek”. Looking at the photo, you can easily understand how best to fix
gum hoops, and add a special zest to this option.

«Ракушка» step by step на средние волосы , подстриженные лесенкой

Your haircut has different ends because its shape
created to give extra pomp? Fine! These
�”Subtleties” of your everyday image, you can convert to
�”Innovations”, with the help of hairstyle “Shell”.

Pay attention to the photo. And visually imagine that you
you need to form a beautiful hairstyle, complementing it with small
curls. So:

– Wash your head. Dry it with a hair dryer and means for
styling – mousse;

– Separate all the short hair that forms the cap on
top of the head;

– Hair is longer, smoothly comb and move back, forming
curl shells. The edge of the hair can be released up;

– Fasten the bottom of the shell with the studs (you can use
hairpins with decorative elements);

– The top part of the hair and those that are taken out of the shell, finely
cheat on curling;

– Distributing curls, we form a uniform beautiful image;

– Add decorative elements to your hairstyle and get
enthusiastic views of others.

In French: we create the “Shell” on the middle волосы (a photo)

The French “Shell”, in its original version, is not much
different from other hairstyles. Its main advantage is simplicity.
and classic sophistication. This hairstyle is different because
created on the hair of medium and low density or straight hair.
Although, if you do not want to “lose” your natural curls and
align them with a “ironing”, – do it in curls. The result will not
less charming.

– Comb, cleanly washed and dried hair, smoothing them
on the side of the hair, as if “licking.”

– If desired, this hairstyle can be supplemented with the released pair
strands from the frontal or temporal part of the hair.

– Take one part of the hair back. Secure at the base of the neck
long stealth. Enough pairs of pieces if your hair is not
heavily thick.

– Next, grab the hair along the entire length and start scrolling
around its axis towards the invisible, creating a tourniquet.

– Pull the edge of the harness to the top.

– Gradually fasten the hair from the bottom to the top with pins.

– Hide the trailing edge of the hair under the “Shell” or in
head of the hair.

– Attach the invisible.

Released tails in the hair “Shell” on medium hair
(a photo)

Summing up the diversity of hairstyles and their creation, you need
note that the “Shell” hairstyle may have variants with tails,
that do not refuel in the “roller” itself.

In this case, forming the hairstyle itself, its ends are produced
up or down.

The main curl of “Shell” is attached to the head by invisible and
hairpins, and loose hair that forms the tail, can simply
drop along the neck or be twisted and have tight curls or
light waves. The definitive addition will be holiday
hairpins if necessary.

You might want to decorate your hair with fresh flowers that
looks especially gentle.

Whatever hairstyle you choose, one thing is clear – she
absolutely not boring and can add to your young age some
elegance, and in mature – sophistication.

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