Christmas mood: 56 ideas of manicure withsnowflakes

Snowflakes – a great decoration for the New Year’s manicure. Despite
that the idea of ​​such a design is used from year to year, it does not
losing its popularity, and constantly improving. Snowflakes,
executed on a light background, will add tenderness to an image, and on dark –
Beautifully complement New Year’s outfit. Regardless of the method of application,
such a manicure always looks festive.

Особенности маникюра со snowflakes

This season, designers offer to decorate the nails with original
snow patterns. Snowflakes can be large and accentuate.
attention on one nail, or small, located on all
nail plates.

From openwork snowflakes of different sizes, sparkling stars, funny
fantastic characters, animal prints can create whole
plot lines.

Оформить зимний нейл-арт со snowflakes можно, используя лаки
different colors.

Today, minimalism is in trend, so milky-pink or light
purple manicure with single patterns will be very relevant.

For women who prefer a bright manicure, stylists recommend

  • red, black or blue as the main background;
  • Contrast combination of the background image;
  • gold or silver plating;
  • mirror or pearl rub;
  • Rhinestones and other brilliant decor.

Наиболее подходящими для зимнего нейл-арта со snowflakes считают
short nails protruding no more than 2-5 millimeters.

Популярные виды нейл-арта со snowflakes

Those who can not decide on the style of holiday manicure,
designers who offer to use fashionable will come to the rescue
trends in winter nail art, for example:

  • Patterns applied with a manicure stamping.
  • Matte finish.
  • Texture painting.
  • Fuzzy nail sweaters (fur manicure).

Mixed design combining some popular rhinestones
Technician: stamping, hand painting, voluminous manicure with transparent
doodles, naked manicure and fuzzy nail sweaters. Manicure with
the image of snowflakes can be harmoniously complemented by decor: rhinestones,
glitter kamifubuki.

The nails decorated in oriental style have a beautiful view.
For example, based on shimmering shellac or gel varnish
place a large stone, and on its edge to place medium-sized
snowflakes made of gold or silver glitter.

С наступлением зимы набирает популярность нейл-арт со snowflakes
and openwork frosty patterns in combination with the effect of broken glass
or imitation of a marble surface.

Френч со snowflakes

In winter, a classic jacket can be slightly varied by highlighting
one or two nails. They are made monochromatic and put an image

Beautifully looks New Year’s French manicure with black,
blue, blue gold or silver smile line. Smile itself
can also be made original, for example, oblique, asymmetric or

Не менее эффектно смотрится обратный френч со snowflakes.

Moon manicure

Moon manicure в этом сезоне не уступает по своей популярности
traditional french

Looks very stylish combination of the moon with the classic
French manicure, decorated with a scattering of small rhinestones.

Inverted jacket can be issued in a fashionable technology “deep design”
(transparent image of figures).

Original looks red, black, dark blue moon
manicure with a large snowflake accent on only one


Women who cannot refuse the radiance of stones
понравится французский маникюр со snowflakes, декорированный
rhinestones, sequins, manicure confetti or stickers
geometric patterns.

Nails of saturated shades, for example, Marsala, Bordeaux,
navy blue always look solemn. And in combination with
traditional or oblique jacket, small sparkling pebble in
the center of the snowflakes, they will have a stunning look.

Inlaid nails with rhinestones look beautiful on the nails
green, blue, white or red, as well as on the background
two-color manicure. Large stones can be placed one per
nail, and rhinestones of small size arbitrary scattering.

Snowflakes, decorated with small rhinestones or
manicure with a concave or convex lunula, lined with small
pebbles. Accent rhinestones can be done on several nails.

Rub in

Оригинально и необычно смотрится зимний маникюр со snowflakes,
made using pearl fashionable this season or
holographic rub.

Snowflakes on a background of manicure-rubbing,
made in bright colors, for example, light blue,
soft pink, milk or coffee. Especially if you add
similar design sparkling powder.

Экстравагантный вид имеет маникюр со snowflakes на фоне черной
glossy rubbing.

A bright mirror will serve as an excellent background for snowflakes.
gradient, gold, silver and white manicure, decorated with different powder
shades. Such nail art will suit any New Year party.

Other options

A great solution for women who love to be in the center.
attention, will become a golden mirror nail art with non-standard
snowflakes. For example, they can be painted with dark varnish, adding
a bit of silver frost.

With evening dress will look beautiful design, combining
rubbed with a pattern, color jacket and kamifubuki, rhinestones with lace or
textured drawings.

Snowflakes – the most popular decoration for winter manicure.
Neatly made, decorated with rhinestones and sparkles, they
perfectly complement New Year’s outfit and create a festive

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