Children’s masturbation: a reason for concern?Why children are prone to masturbation and how to help a child in thissituations?

Пт, 22 июн 2018 Автор: Алёна Рассабина

Children’s onanism is a very frequent problem, which
Unfortunately, is silent. Books and the Internet is not quite full
uncover this phenomenon and make troubled parents
suspect a terrible pathology or pedagogical

But is children’s onanism a cause for concern?

Children’s masturbation: what it is and how it manifests itself

Masturbation – conscious or unconscious irritation of their
genitalia, in order to obtain sexual satisfaction.

After reviewing the scientific definition of masturbation, parents will stand
into a stupor, because “getting sexual satisfaction” is not
peculiar to children.

Consider the situation closer. Children, contrary to general opinion, are not
masturbate like adults do. Child may close
between the legs a pillow, blanket, toy, rub the sexual organs about
furniture, to direct the genitals of the shower jet.

Is child masturbation a cause for concern?

Our world has not always been so tolerant and pedagogically developed. AT
the middle ages of children masturbating cruelly punished. AT качестве
penalties for “wrongdoing” used both circumcision and removal
clitoris, and conclusion in the cage.

But the world does not stand still and already in the nineties of the twentieth
century psychiatrists who have studied this phenomenon have concluded that
masturbation is the norm, and children’s masturbation is just a way to know
yourself or relieve nervous tension.

Thus, we can conclude that children’s masturbation is not
is pathologies. Children two or three years of age doing this unconsciously,
often just to examine your body. Older child
can masturbate with an already established habit.

Causes of child masturbation

To understand why child masturbation is just the answer.
on external and internal disturbances, it is necessary to examine the reasons
who are pushing a child to this occupation. There are a lot of them and
an explanation of craving for an onanism in a particular child is better to trust
profile specialist. Consider them.

Psychological causes of child masturbation:

• Feel lonely, lack of attention

Lack of attention is a common problem in preschool children.
age If a child lives with constant loneliness, then he has
both tearfulness and aggressiveness can develop, including
the habit of giving yourself satisfaction through masturbation.

• rigor in education

A large number of prohibitions, restrictions, constant punishment
also pushing the child to search for a source of pleasant sensations. Not
rarely children raised in severity, dependent on masturbation.

• Notдостаток ласки и любви

When a child is not hugged, not caressed, not loved, avoided with him
physical contact acceptable to the parent and child, then children
again, independently begin to fill the lack of physical
caress with onanism.

• Separation from mother

To masturbation inclined children, from whom in early childhood refused
mother. However, to develop the habit of masturbation is quite simple
to give the child to the nursery at the moment when he is not yet
ready or to shift responsibility for his education to grandmothers,
aunts and other relatives.

• The appearance of a younger child

It is believed that younger children need more attention.
Of course, this is a misconception, but despite this, parents
continue to devote themselves to the youngest child and ignore
needs of a senior. The eldest, in turn, finds in
masturbation outlet.

Other reasons:

Пищевое насилие (кормление против воли)

• Diaper rash and dermatitis

• frequent flushing

• Worms

• Imitation of adults

• Sedentary lifestyle

• Tight clothes

• Urinary tract infections

Thus, children’s masturbation is only a way to escape when
the presence of psychological problems. When masturbation is caused
diseases or other causes then it represents only
the body’s response to inconvenience.

The correct reaction to the children’s onanism

Imagine the situation: you open the door to your room
baby and catch him masturbating. The first reaction is shock. AT
head swarm of thoughts, what to do, how to react correctly?
Ask to stop and explain? Almost impossible, because you are
a fit of indignation. To resort to shouts and punishment? Bad
option, however, it is his parents choose as the first
steps on the way to getting rid of onanism from your child.

Screaming, scolding and punishing, you just focus attention
baby on this action. Not объяснив, почему это плохо и запрещено,
you are stirring up the interest of the child. That is a violent reaction only
strengthen the habit of masturbation.

What to do right? AT момент шока постарайтесь собраться,
nevertheless, you are an adult. Distract the baby, turn it sharply
attention to the sun outside the window or a new toy, discuss with him
nearest plans for the day, week, weekend.

How to help a child who is engaged in masturbation

If masturbation has become a habit in a child, then actions, of course,
will be harder. Notобходимо выяснить причину masturbation
specialist. If masturbation is associated with disease – cure the child.
If the habit develops against adverse
psychological background in the family, then you need to work on yourself and
involve all family members.

First of all, eliminate the frequent and bright conflicts that
develop in front of the baby. Give him enough attention:
walk, party games, mini holidays, bedtime stories and so

Find a child a lesson, he will like the crown: circles,
sections, children’s clubs. Reduce the frequency of hygiene.
A lot is not always good. Stick to the norm in this matter.

In no case do not resort to food abuse. Not обсуждайте
failures of the kid with other people, even relatives. Not осуждайте
child publicly.

Learn to express your positive and negative
emotions. Not допускайте развитие слабой эмоциональности. Child
masturbation often develops against the background of the prohibition to show emotions or
inability to do it right.

AT заключение нужно сказать, что необходимо рассматривать детский
masturbation as a consequence of any reason, and not the absence
morality and education in the child.

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