Children and animals: not everything is so harmless

Sat, 10 Jan 2015

Dermatitis, eczema, giardiasis, opisthorchiasis, rabies, versicolor – and this
far from a complete list of the threats that are dear to humans
domestic cat or playful puppy. You are touched by joint photos, on
which babies and pets sleep in an embrace? You firmly
decide your child will grow side by side with a dog, a cat,
birdie or rodent? Sure it won’t hurt? We will not
to dissuade you, but still warn you what is dangerous for a small
little man close contact with animals.


The Internet is replete with loud statements: “American scientists
found that pet owners are 77% less likely
sick with allergies than people without pets. ” Really,
similar studies were conducted more than once, and not only by Americans.
However, even the required 77% is not a complete guarantee that your
the child does not belong to the remaining 23%. Allergy на шерсть — очень
insidious disease, the causes of which you may initially not detect.
And you can treat a baby for colds with weeks without success.
knowing why the nose is actually stuffed and breathing is difficult.

Mode mismatch

Animals over the years even get used to the mode of their day
owners, but still continue to live their lives. Imagine
that the baby finally fell asleep, and then your cat wanted to “sing”
March songs. Or the schedule of walks baby does not coincide with
the schedule on which your dog is used to walking. It’s all
fixable, but why create yourself extra problems?

Dirt and bacteria

There are no absolutely pure animals. No matter how you buy a cat,
she will always be inhabited by dozens of dangerous
microorganisms (and some of them have not yet been fully studied). how
nor clean for the parrot, he will surely quickly chop up from the cage
on the floor grains and residues of life. Emerging
The child’s immunity is not yet ready for such “frontal” bacterial
attacks. You will not have time to turn away, as the baby “kisses” the cat or
pulling into his mouth byaku, found on the floor under the cage of a parrot.

Threat to health and life

And this applies not only to owners of exotic animals and
insects like snakes and spiders. Dog fighting breed a priori not
may be a nanny – not even an hour, and the child can step over
face of what is permitted. The dog will lose control, and … further on
you see. �”Innocent” scratch from the cat, too, can bring a lot
problems: felimoniasis, arising from this, refers to a very
common diseases. Temperature below 39, swelling
lymph nodes, long and difficult treatment – are you ready
Doom your baby?

By the way, not only dogs and cats are a direct threat to health.
Hamsters and guinea pigs can infect children with yersiniosis –
a kind of fever. Pat enough to get infected

Yes, and innocent, seemingly fish can cause severe
allergies. More precisely, not the fish themselves, but their food, which is very
a dangerous allergen for some people. In most cases
feed replacement can solve the problem, however it happens that
aquarium has to give up in favor of normal health

And once again about the birds – just getting dandruff or particles
droppings in the lungs to cause a severe form of allergy, which
may cause suffocation.

Time spent

A child, especially a newborn, requires maximum attention.
Parents know how difficult it is sometimes to find a free hour to rest.
But if there are animals in the house, instead of resting you have to clean up,
walk, clean, bathe, feed … Without normal
relaxation will build up irritability that can
adversely affect family relationships, including with

Instead of an afterword

It would be foolish for these negative factors to cross out
the psychological benefits that pets bring. Simply
need to understand – no contact between them and the baby before
a certain age should not be a priori. Well, not worth it
forget about vaccinations, removal of worms, veterinary examination and
regular pet hygiene. This will protect against many hazards and
child, and adults.

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