Chickpeas with natural yogurt, onions and mint

Chickpea, or as it is called, chickpea, exotic, but already
very popular with us product. In all vegetarian cafes you
sure to meet chickpea dishes. This is a great source.
vegetable protein. 100 grams of chickpea contains 20 grams of protein,
almost as much as in meat.

Nutritionally, chickpeas are close to nuts, so eating them is better.
in small portions, otherwise you will greatly increase the calorie content of your
day menu. Today we will prepare a snack of chickpeas with onions, mint
and natural yoghurt.


Step-by-step recipe for chickpeas with onions



– chickpeas – 100g – natural yogurt without additives – 100g – mint –
2-3 leaves – spices (pepper, salt, cardamom, ground nutmeg
etc.) – yellow onion – 30g – sunflower or olive
oil – 0.5 tbsp. spoons

How to cook chickpeas with onions and yogurt?

If you want to cook dishes with chickpeas, then you need to advance
take care of him – soak him in cold water for 6-12 hours.
 The chickpea will increase in size, the nozzles will appear on the beans.


After this procedure, the peas cook rather quickly, but it is important
remember to cook it for salads and other dishes where required
peas, you need no more than 35 minutes, otherwise it will turn into
mashed potatoes / The proportion of water and chickpea should be 2: 1. Excess water
we merge, we throw away peas on a colander.


While delicious chickpeas are boiled, peel the onions, chop them
very thin half rings, send to the pan. Fry
up to transparency in a very small amount of olive or
sunflower oil.


Natural yogurt without any additives is very good.
refueling for this dish, however, you can make a taste of yogurt
more expressive and interesting. To do this, add a little salt and
ground pepper, other spices (nutmeg, cardamom, etc.), and
also mint, which must be very finely chopped. Stir,
refueling ready.


Take a little ready chickpeas-peas (approximately 50-70g per 1
portion), mix it with onions, and then add yogurt.
Mix all these ingredients and the dish is ready.



Serve chickpeas with onions and yogurt in small salad bowls. Can
serve this snack with fresh lozenges. Especially great will be
look on the table a few cups with useful oriental
snacks – chickpeas, hummus, spinach spread, ajapsandal.


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