Chicken-mouton – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Wed, Apr 27, 2016

Byтница — это заболевание, характерное для
babies. It occurs as a result of insufficient or
improper hygiene of the baby’s body (in most cases, due to
tight swaddling occurs overheating). Slow evaporation
sweat and increased perspiration lead to the appearance on the skin
coats of small red penetrating rash

Still, prickly heat is not an exclusively childhood disease. In adults,
after applying warming compresses for infectious
diseases, fever, profuse sweating and

Prickly heat – causes

Potem is the result of sweating. AT
in normal condition, sweating increases in adults.
physical exertion or possible reaction to overheating. Also
excessive sweating is characteristic of chronic diseases,
diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems. The chemical composition of sweat
This may change, acquiring an unpleasant smell.

In children, the body’s thermoregulation is not perfect, and if
more precisely, it is adapted for a long time to the aquatic environment.
In adults, the sweat glands react to overheating by sweating,
children’s body can not yet perform such functions. If the baby
hot, then his skin produces a certain secret. If he
Wrapped tightly or on the skin of the child caused too thick a layer of cream
– in this case, the secret is not released on the skin’s surface;
accumulates in the glands. Therefore, there is a metabolic disorder and
skin rash appears.

Prickly heat can occur during the illness of a child. When elevated
the temperature of the baby is sweating and in hard to reach
parts of the body for ventilation (on the elbows, folds on
legs and neck, under the diaper, behind the ears) you can notice pink
мелкую rash.

Sweat – symptoms

In children and adults there are several types of prickly heat, which
among themselves are different symptoms.

Crystalline prickly heat manifests itself on the body as a small
rash and does not cause itching. These bubbles burst quickly, then
dry out and peel off. This kind of prickly heat in most cases
characteristic of severely sweating, febrile, and weakened

AT складках тела появляются красного цвета узелки с пузырьком
inside – so is red prickly heat. It causes severe itching.
and passes in 1-2 weeks. If the infection joins, then
manifestations of rash may be delayed for a month.

Prickly heat – diagnosis

White prickly heat is characterized by the presence of liquid bubbles.
milky white. Pustules form when yellow
yellow, subsequently forming ulcers.

In adults, there are three types of prickly heat. At high temperatures and
acute diseases crystalline develops. Abundant
sweating closes sweat pores and sweat glands
temporary cysts are formed. This prickly heat is diagnosed by small
bubbles that contain clear liquid. They perform
on the skin of the legs, arms, chest and abdomen. In this case, any unpleasant
sensations or itching does not occur. This prickly heat lasts from one day
up to several days, and then she disappears.

Red prickly heat most often appears after prolonged
stay in warm “not breathing” clothes, heavy physical
loads or being in a room with a high temperature. She is
manifested as a reddish rash on the knee and elbows,
and also on the body and does not come down for 2 weeks.

Papular (tropical) prickly heat occurs in tropical
countries. She is свойственна людям, менее приспособленным к жаре. By
symptoms resembles red prickly heat.

Byтница — treatment и профилактика

If you follow the simple rules of hygiene, then prickly heat will pass without
any treatment. But through irritated skin can into the body
get into a variety of harmful bacteria
It is desirable to get rid of as soon as possible.

To heal prickly heat, you first need to get rid of
excessive sweating. For this use formalin solution,
powders and other means. ATозможно применение
physiotherapy, reflexology and soothing
means of relieving nervous tension.

With the help of Botox is treated hyperhidrosis. Poison botulinum toxin affects
paralyzing sweat glands and nerve endings. With the introduction of
skin it acts for several months.

ATозможно и оперативное вмешательство при потливости, приносящей
a lot of inconvenience. ATрач пересекает нерв, который иннервирует потовую
gland, after which sweating disappears.

To avoid prickly heat skin irritations, you need to wear
free clothes from natural fabrics, daily bathing
(with potassium permanganate or herbal) with disinfectants

Also можно применять антигистаминные средства, которые уменьшат
swelling of the skin and ointment (for example, menthol).

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