Chicken breast – a unique ingredient for anydishes. How to cook chicken breast: how much time it should be cooked untilreadiness

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It is especially suitable for people who have chosen to
the hard way of proper nutrition. This is the front part of the chicken
carcasses, many consider it most useful.

There are several distinctive features of chicken breast:
white color, fibrous structure and a large amount of protein,
which is part of.

This part of the chicken carcass is used in its menu as
professional athletes as well as ordinary people preferably
choosing for themselves dietary products.

In the process of eating pieces of chicken breast, man
receives such minerals and trace elements: copper and manganese, cobalt and
chromium, fluorine and zinc, sodium and magnesium, iodine and calcium, as well as
vitamins of group B, A, C and H.

In modern reality just need at least 2 times a week
eat chicken meat to get all the substances you need.

How to cook chicken breast

Once you have decided that it is this product you
not enough in your daily diet, you need to choose a way
cooking meat. The most popular is the usual cooking. But
many culinary newbies make a number of mistakes that
lead to the fact that the chicken becomes tough and tasteless, and
sometimes not at all edible.

Every novice cook should prepare before cooking.

Во-первых, мясо необходимо подготовить к
готовке, а, во-вторых, соблюдать строгий порядок

• To thaw chicken breast slowly and gradually,
so microwave defrosting is the worst of all.
all possible. Also, do not use hot water, as
she just washed all the nutrients. Best to leave
fillet on a plate at room temperature, and the defrosting process
will occur naturally;

• After that, pieces of meat at room temperature must be
rinse with cold water to remove all dirt and excess mucus;

• If you are preparing a diet version of the dish, then the skin should be
remove, but you can cook with it. It will not affect the taste and
meat quality. Just for the broth it would be preferable to leave
chicken breast on the bone and with the skin, because it will turn out more
rich and tasty;

• Place the breasts in the pan. Meat is cooked for salads,
pre-fill it with hot water, and for broths – cold.
Just thanks to the hot water all the minerals and vitamins remain.
inside, because protein is denatured (collapses) and does not release them
out. And with the help of cold you can boil chicken, and all substances
go to the soup. Далее просто варите мясо до readiness.

Chicken breasts can be cooked in a regular saucepan, and in
multicooker or steamer.

Сколько по времени до readiness варить куриную грудку

Of course, cooking time depends on the size of the piece.
chicken meat, as well as how well the hotplates on your
the stove is heated by a saucepan. In most cases the chicken will
ready in 30-40 minutes after boiling. Then she needs
stand and cool for a while, and then you can eat it.
If you want to have time to cook chicken breast for maximum
a short time, one little trick can help you:
chop the fillet to pieces 2-4 centimeters wide. Thanks
more hot water contact area minced meat
сварится намного быстрее, чем целые breasts. In addition, you can
reduce cooking time with another trick: just
cut the breast off the bone and peel it off.

How to cook chicken breast: рецепт №1

Thanks этому рецепту мы получим ароматную и аппетитную
chicken breast. For this we need a small set
Ingredients: 2 chicken fillets, salt, spices, garlic and

The first step is to prepare the breasts.
First, defrost the meat and rinse with water. If you not
bought already cut fillet, then you have to do it
independently, separating the meat from the bones and removing the skin. Next you need
make oblique cuts in the breasts along the entire length at a distance of 2-3
centimeters apart. Rub spice all around the breast and
salt, especially pay much attention to the “pockets”: they should be
filled with spices.

Теперь отчищаем чеснок и морковку. They need
cut into plates 3-5 millimeters thick and a maximum of 2
centimeter long. We put them in improvised “pockets”
так, чтобы кусочки моркови и чеснока не торчали и точно не
fell out.

Pour warm water into the pot and set it on
the fire.
There we drop the breasts and boil after boiling more
30-40 minutes. The readiness of the meat can be checked with one simple
way: stick the edge of a knife or fork, if the tip enters easily,
Means fillet is ready. Allow it to cool and proceed.

How to cook chicken breast: рецепт №2

Now let’s talk about other ways to cook chicken
Breasts, for example, cooking in a slow cooker. For this option, we
You will also need 2 chicken fillets, but other than that
oil, sauce (in our case mustard) and spices.

Meat preparation consists of the same steps as in the first
except that we make no cuts,
leaving the chicken breast in one piece. Next, we carefully rub
its spices and grease. Also pour some oil
in the bowl multicooker.

The next question is cooking the sauce. In our case it will be
ready purchase option – mustard. Generously we coat all sides
fillet, as well as add 2-3 tablespoons in the crock-pot to
oil and mix them. Put the missed chicken fillets inside

Next, you need to run the multicooker. To do this, select
mode, if you have a multifunctional multicooker. For her will go
Regimes such as “baking”, “stewing” or “steaming.”
Often breasts are cooked for about 40 minutes, but you can already
30 проверить степень их readiness вилкой. If they are still raw,
steam them 15-20 minutes extra.

How to cook chicken breast: рецепт №3

There is another unusual way to cook chicken breast – in
microwave. No specialized fixtures needed –
just a deep plate and lid.

We prepare the meat according to the plan we already know and rub it in
spice. Put the chicken fillet in a deep plate and pour water
so that it covers it completely. Water add some salt, add
some more spices. Top cover and ship to

First, set the maximum power and in this mode
�“Cook” chicken breast fillets for 10-15 minutes, then set
average power and “finish” another 10 minutes. After that we leave
right in the microwave, without opening the lid, the meat for another 10 minutes,
so that it is infused and juicier. After cooling it can eat
both separately and added to salads.

How to cook chicken breast: рецепт №4

The latest recipe will tell you how to boil broth based
куриной breasts. For this we need onions, potatoes, carrots,
специи и куриные breasts.

Prepare the meat in the standard way, clean the potatoes,
potatoes and onions. Crush them, cut into cubes. Fill in
кастрюлю холодную воду и кладём туда куриные филе и spice. Not
forget to salt the water. Next you need довести филе до кипения и
remove the foam.

Then you can add potatoes, carrots and onions. Cook more
20-30 minutes all together. The longer you cook the chicken fillets from the breasts,
the broth will be nourishing. After that it cools for another 10 minutes and
all: soup is ready!

How to cook chicken breast. Tips hostesses

Every woman has some secrets in her that
help her work wonders in the kitchen. I want to share
several of them:

• Age of chicken meat is very easy to determine if
use a simple trick: young chicken meat shrinks easily, and
the old is almost not amenable to compression;

• To gently cut chicken meat from the bone, you need to lead with a knife
in the direction perpendicular to the meat fibers;

• The old chicken breast is best cooked, cut in half, and
the young – a solid piece;

• Old chicken fillet is better soaked in milk, then it will be
much softer and tastier;

• There is another way to prepare diet meals besides
Cooking is baking. Many recipes for cooking can be redone and
for use in the oven.

• According to the rules of healthy eating as a side dish to the breast.
need carbohydrates – the ideal option would be whole grain pasta
with fried vegetables, rice or mixed vegetables.

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