Charlize Theron Diet

Charlize Theron is a reference blonde, the face of Dior and just
beautiful woman with perfect body. For filming the movie “Monster”, for
which she subsequently received the Oscar, Charlize had to recover
on 15 kg. And then, in a matter of days, return the previous form. Diet,
which helped the actress, from that time became almost her
everyday menu.

Charlize Theron Diet
Effect of diet: up to 5 kg per week. Have to forget about french fries and
other fried joys. You can not eat sweet. And so the diet is not
exhausting. Select the right products and use more.
fruits. Even from ice cream twice a week you can
refuse. Charlize made herself a break – she loves
pistachio ice cream.

Charlize Theron Menu

Breakfast: salad of two tomatoes, with olive oil, tuna –
50 gr., Leaf lettuce. bread with bran – 2 slices. Green tea or
mineral water – 1 cup.

Lunch: fish cutlet + tomato sauce – 1 tbsp, green vegetables in
salad with lemon juice. Fruits – pear, apple, orange, plum
or banana. Green tea or a glass of juice.

Lunch: Cabbage salad with celery + vegetable oil.

Dinner: baked chicken or grill – 250 gr., Stewed beans
green with mushrooms and tomatoes, green salad with lemon juice,
potatoes in “uniform” – 125 gr., fresh fruit.

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