Cellulose является одним из сложных углеводов.
The human body does not digest fiber, but it increases
intestinal motility and is therefore necessary for proper
digestion. With the help of fiber, cholesterol is excreted from the body.
Insoluble fiber also removes toxins, preventing
contamination of the body with harmful substances. Cellulose присутствует в
vegetables, fruits, wheat bran.

Cellulose образуется из клеточных стенок растений. In the last
years of lack of fiber in the diet is recognized as one of the most important
causes of ill health and obesity. People, in nutrition
which are sufficient plant foods and fiber, much
less susceptible to diseases such as intestinal cancer, and
overweight and obesity.

Coarse vegetable fiber, often called dietary
fiber, contain various components, the most important of which –
cellulose, the main part of the plant cell walls.

Useful properties of fiber

1. The presence of fiber in food implies a long
chewing, which slows down the process of eating, so
saturation is faster and the risk of overeating is reduced. there is
slowly useful for anyone trying to lose weight.

2. High fiber content in food slows down
passage of food from the stomach into the intestine. Gradual digestion
allows you to avoid a sharp increase in blood sugar levels after
food, so that the body provides energy
gradually and for a long time.

3. The inclusion of fiber in the diet contributes to more
the secretion of enzymes, hormones and pancreatic secretions,
необходимых для здорового digestion.

4. Consumption of large amounts of soluble in fiber
removes cholesterol and trihydrides from the blood. This is not only huge
degree reduces the risk of heart disease and disorders
blood circulation but also reduces the chance of turning these
substances in the reserves of fat.

5. High Fiber Meals Favors
healthy bowel function, reducing the likelihood
education constipation and development of hemorrhoids.

6. Due to fiber, the number of acid-loving
bacteria in the colon by reducing harmful species,
producing endotoxins. These acid bacteria are partly
ferment overcooked food, as a result of which they are produced
beneficial short-chain fatty acids for the body,
used by the liver, and energy for the cells of the walls of the colon.
Short-chain fatty acids, namely butyrate, possess
anti-oncogenic effect.

Some forms of fiber may be harmful to people.
experiencing certain difficulties with digestion. In the elderly
too much fiber or certain forms of fiber
may cause increased flatulence or indigestion –
in such conditions, care must be taken when using
fiber. Through trial and error you can determine for yourself which
Fiber-rich foods are right for you and which aren’t.
For example, wheat flakes are not suitable for everyone.

A general recommendation for a healthy adult is
about 30 grams. fiber per day. You can get it by eating
fiber-rich foods such as breakfast cereals, flour bread
wholemeal, brown rice and wholemeal pasta,
fruits, vegetables and salads (vegetables and fruits – at least three portions
daily), and also legumes (lentils, beans, peas, etc.).

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