Celestoderm Ointment Garamicin Ointment – instructions forapplication

Celestoderm ointment is a complex antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drug containing antibiotic. Skin diseases, especially those of an allergic nature, are often accompanied by inflammation. To stop the process and remove painful symptoms use all sorts of medication, the leader among which is the ointment of local action Celestoderm. We learn more about the popular Swiss drug.

Celestoderm Ointment Garamicin Ointment - instructions forapplication


Celestoderm – hormonal or not?

Инструкция по application указывает, что активными веществами Celestoderm are gentamicin and betamethasone. The first component is it is an antibiotic that is used for a wide range impact, and the second – glucocorticosteroid, having antiallergic (antihistamine) action and is used as anti-inflammatory substance. This component is strong glucocorticosteroid, so the ointment is hormonal.

Release form and composition of ointment celestoderm

Ointment Celestoderm produced in aluminum tubes of 15 and 30 grams. Tubes are placed in cardboard boxes, each of which is instruction. The release form of the drug can be in the form of a cream, injected in a volume of 15 and 30 grams. As already mentioned, the main active ingredients in the composition of the drug are gentamicin (in the form of sulfate) and betamethasone (in the form of valerate). It is also in the composition of the ointment Celestoderm garamycin – auxiliary antibacterial agent, the indication of which is inhibit bacterial infections in patients.


pharmachologic effect

The basis of the active substance betamezona mechanisms oppression of inflammatory mediators, reduce vascular permeability, induction of anti-edema processes. Pharmacological properties gentamicin is caused by antibiotic activity against gram-positive bacteria. Its therapeutic concentration stably maintained throughout the treatment. Withdrawal period antibiotic by the kidneys from the patient’s body – 2-3 hours.

От чего помогает мазь: показания к application

Celestoderm Ointment Garamicin Ointment - instructions forapplication

Celestoderm is used to reduce inflammatory dermatoses, which are sensitive to hormones. This drug is shown for external use, prescribed for dermatological pathologies, arising from infection of the epidermis with a secondary infection. Indications к application мази:

  • Eczema (coin-like, children, atopic).
  • Dermatitis (contact, seborrheic, atopic, exfoliative, radiation).
  • Itching (senile, genital, anogenital).
  • Psoriasis.
  • Diaper rash.
  • Children age from 6 months. 

Dosing and Administration

The ointment is applied on the affected surface of the dermis 1-3 times a day. To do this, the drug should be applied in a thin layer or immediately on the skin, or under a waterproof bandage. In acute stage of the disease is allowed to use the tool up to 6 times the day before the symptoms subside. It is important to remember that Celestoderm contains hormones, so with prolonged therapy should be strictly observed indications, dosages, prescribed course of treatment, permissible terms use to avoid side effects.

Contraindications and side effects < / h2>

During treatment with Celestoderm ointment, conditions such as dilatation of the blood vessels, thinning of the dermis, and atrophic changes may occur. Препарат противопоказан к application при розацее, ветряной оспе, угревой сыпи, пузырьковом лишае, туберкулезе эпидермиса, герпесе, при аллергической реакции или повышенной чувствительности к его компонентам.

You can not use the ointment during pregnancy and lactation, skin rash with syphilis, primary viral, fungal or bacterial infections. Judging by the opinions of experts, the side effects of this tool may occur in patients immediately after vaccination, if there was a reaction of the epidermis to the injection.

Special instructions < / h2>

If there is no improvement after 10-14 days of using the ointment, it will be advisable to consult a doctor to clarify the diagnosis. In the presence of side effects from taking the drug, treatment must be stopped or the ointment replaced by another analogue. Because of the increased absorption of Celestoderm, children are more susceptible to it, so if they overdose, they may experience increased intracranial pressure, a decrease in plasma cortisol levels, edema of the optic nerve head, and a slowdown in weight gain.

Price < / h2>

How much does Celestoderm ointment cost? In pharmacies in Russia it is easy to find Celestoderm on sale, because this effective drug is very popular. The price of the tool 30 g varies from 250 to 300 rubles. Drug 15 g will cost up to 200 rubles. Celestoderm cream does not differ in price from ointment.

Which is better than Celestoderm ointment or cream? < / h2>

Both forms of the drug are equally effective. For oily skin or weeping rashes, a cream is recommended, as it is absorbed, leaving no greasy marks. According to patients, the ointment is better suited for scaly lesions, flaky rash, dry skin.

Analogs of Celestoderm ointment < / h2>

  1. Akriderm. Indications к использованию: для пациентов с аллергическими заболеваниями кожи, при контактном, системном, солнечном дерматите. Apply also means at therapy of the dermatosis complicated by a primary or secondary infection (neurodermatitis, pityriasis versicolor, inguinal dermatomycosis and others). < / Li>
  2. Betazon. Used for skin diseases that are sensitive to glucocorticosteroid therapy (psoriasis, atopic eczema). < / Li>
  3. Sinaflan. Known analogue Celestoderm ointment containing hormones. It is used externally for chronic and acute skin inflammations of non-microbial etiology. Apply to the affected areas of the epidermis. (См. подробную инструкцию по application Синафлан мази).
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    Reviews < / h2>

    Marina: < / strong> Although Celestoderm is a hormonal drug, but when I have pink lichen, I was ready for anything to get rid of this problem. Although pink lichen is not contagious, but from an aesthetic point of view it looks awful, especially if it is located in a prominent place (on my stomach and neck). With the ointment I got rid of the lichen for 3 weeks and did not remember about it anymore.

    Valeriy: < / strong> My wife and I often travel to exotic countries, in which there are a great many mosquitoes. After bites of known and unknown insects, Celestoderm always saves us. If applied immediately, then acne and allergic reactions will not be at all.

    Katerina < / strong>: Chronic atopic dermatitis is a hell on your face! It began me long ago, at the time of strong life shocks and since then I have been tormented by it all the time. After stresses, lack of sleep, or even during bad weather, red spots appear on the face. I tried many drugs, but I was afraid of hormones like fire. But the time came, and I decided to buy Celestoderm ointment. It helps after 3 hours of application: stains lose their color, stop itching and peel off. 2-3 days and completely disappear.


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